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Alexandria Dawson

Position: Social Worker
School: Mountain View Elementary School
School District: Putnam County Schools
City, State: Hurricane, WV

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Ali Dawson was nominated by her colleague, Brenda Doss.

Ms. Dawson is one amazing young lady. Her role is social worker, but what she gives back far exceeds her job title. Ms. Dawson gives to her students and community because she loves them greatly and wants to see them become the best individuals possible.

Ms. Dawson is a planner, and she tackles any task in front of her. She will use all resources to meet students' needs. For example, her school often receives shoes requested for needy students. She has a clothing closet in her office that she has organized to provide students with clothing at any given time. She's so committed to providing a safe environment for students that she has gone to a student's home, cleaned their apartment, and provided the student with new bedding to give them a clean, safe environment.

Ms. Dawson continually shows great compassion for disadvantaged students, whether they are socially, emotionally, or economically lacking. Her acts of service to her students, school, and community are inspiring and encouraging. Her bright smile, encouraging words, and good work positively influence all those she encounters.

"She is a dynamic social worker for our schools and is most deserving of this award. Whether Ali receives this award, I know she will continue to give guidance and ethical direction to those most in need. We love our Ali Fisher Dawson," said Doss.

Comments (3)

Nicholas Dawson Posted over a year ago

I might be a little biased, but my wife Ali has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. The compassion she shows towards the kids in need in Putnam County is above and beyond. She is constantly sourcing food, clothing, and other needs for less fortunate children - many times from her own pocket. She steps in to help families clean their homes, drive kids to doctor appointments that otherwise wouldn't be able to make it, help underprivileged families connect with assistance programs, and many other things beyond the scope of her duties. Her capacity for love and compassion is unmatched, and I admire her so much.

Charity Matney Posted over a year ago

Ali is a good friend of mine and an amazing social worker! She has taught me so much about the art of social work. She truly has a helping and people-oriented heart! Everyone who meets her agrees, it's hard not to love her :)

Shayna Foreman Posted over a year ago

Well deserved!!! Ali is an exceptional social worker, and her compassion for students is infectious! ????