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Michelle Phillips

Position: Technology Teacher
School: Chickasaw Middle/High School
School District: Chickasaw City Schools
City, State: Chickasaw , AL

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Michelle Phillips was nominated by an anonymous student.

"She always helps students and makes sure we have what we need. In her classroom, she has stuff for kids that can't afford shampoo, toothpaste, female stuff, etc. She wants the best for us. She watches out for us. Her classroom is somewhere you can calm down and not be stressed out. She does whatever she can to help us," said the student.

Comments (6)

Samantha Posted over a year ago

Michelle is such a kind hearted and caring person. She truly puts so much passion into teaching her students and always tries to come up with new and creative ways to encourage and inspire them. She consistently goes above and beyond to make her students feel important and heard. I can’t think of a better nominee for this award.

Stephanie Nyman Posted over a year ago

Hi, My name is Stephanie, I am Michelle Phillips Aunt. I was 50 years old when I decided to go to college and it just so happened to be at the same time as Michelle and the same college. We were student leaders together in Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Here, I was able to work closely with her doing many impactful community service projects. During this time, I learned a lot about Michelle's work ethic, her ability to be creative, her commitment to learning, her ability to lead others and just her overall passion to enrich the life of other's. I remember Michelle's first teaching job. It was mid-year and she was taking over a class from someone after a school break. The classroom was a mess but we rolled up our sleeves and cleaned and decorated it for when the kids came back. I was so proud of her when she realized that a few naughty kids were separated from the rest of the class and when we put all the desk back I asked her, what do you want to do with the desks in the corners? She answered with "put them in with everyone else, no one will sit on the sidelines in my classroom"! I knew right then that Michelle would be a Life Changer! It's now been many years and no matter where she is or what class she is teaching she continues to inspire youth to be all they can be by supporting them anyway she can. She is selfless and never hesitates to give of herself for other's to succeed.

Amanda Wilson Posted over a year ago

Michelle has always been an exceptional person! I've known her for more than half my life (30 years), and she has always been the person to stand up for those who couldn't or wouldn't stand up for themselves. She would give the shirt off her back and the last dollar she has to ensure someone else has everything they need. Her care, compassion and empathy goes beyond the call of duty for her, it is a way of life. No one will care more about you than Michelle. She may not believe she deserves this, but I know she does.

Chaunice Brinkley Posted over a year ago

Awesome! Congratulations!!!

Joshua Posted over a year ago

vote for michelle

Vanessa Posted over a year ago

Michelle was a teacher here before relocating. She always went above and beyond for her students. If someone needed something she always made sure they had it. She could always tell if a student had something going on at home and would reach out to them with complete care and understanding. She was an amazing asset to the students as well as their families. Her job doesn't stop when the bell rings. She is always doing something for others at home and on her free time.