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Carlos Fairley

Position: LCDR,US Navy(Retired),Sr. Naval Science Instructor
School: Pascagoula High School
School District: Pascagoula-Gautier School District
City, State: Pascagoula, MS

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Lieutenant Commander Carlos S. Fairley was nominated buy one of his students.

"Commander has helped me become the young lady I am today," explains the student. "When I first started high school, he saw that I wasn't very confident with myself, so he would give me pep talks and put me in positions where I had to believe in myself to grow my confidence. Commander is like a father figure to me. He looks after me and helps me stay on the right track to accomplish my goals. For example, when I get a poor grade in one of my classes, Commander talks to me about it, then tells me the steps I need to take to succeed in that class. I know I can go to him for help if I need advice on anything, and he genuinely cares."

"He's very passionate about his job, and he loves to motivate his students. He pushes me to always give my 100% in everything I do. He not only talks about serious stuff, but he's also funny and makes jokes with his students. For instance, I laugh at the inside jokes we share at random times. Respect and integrity are very important to Commander. He routinely shares lessons about respecting others, especially our parents, and doing the right thing, even when nobody's watching. When I'm struggling with something, I think about his words of wisdom, and it motivates me," said the student.

"When I think back to who I was on the first day of high school, I am proud of who I am now. I have grown so much because of Commander, and I know he is proud of me, too. I am more confident, and I can clearly see my life goals. I'm ready to take on what the world has to offer, overcome obstacles, and continue to give my best effort. I know if I ever need Commander for anything, he will be there to help," said the student.