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Patty Shaffer

Position: Instructional Aide
School: LaVille Elementary School
School District: Union-North United School Corporation
City, State: Lakeville, IN

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Patty Shaffer was nominated by her principal, Hope Amor.

"Many people underestimate the role of instructional aide," explains Amor. "Instructional aides pull small groups, cover lunch and recess duties, serve as substitutes, and step up to the plate whenever there's help needed. They are the people behind the scenes that keep the school running smoothly."

"Patty Shaffer is one of LaVille Elementary's instructional aides, and she is more than worthy of this LifeChanger Award. We believe it's time to put her in the limelight," said Amor.

"Patty has worked for Union-North United School Corporation as an instructional aide for ten years. She has devoted much of her life to serving our students and staff. Recently, Patty developed breast cancer and is currently battling it. When I visited her this week, she shared that she couldn't wait to come back to her 'beloved job' and continues to appreciate the little things. Her work is a huge chunk of her heart, and we cannot wait to welcome her back," said Amor.

"Based on the many years of service, the battle she is currently fighting, and the positive outlook she continues to have, she would be honored and deserving of this recognition," said Amor.

Comments (5)

Leigha Hathaway Posted over a year ago

You’re amazing, Patty! So glad to know you and your family- who are a reflection of the care you put into the world. Congrats and thanks for all of your hard work!

Sarah Amor Posted over a year ago

You’re amazing at your job and we miss you terribly! The school wouldn’t be what it is today without your support and love for the children! We can’t wait to have you back Patricia! I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award!

Ken Shirley Posted over a year ago

Every administrator wants a school full of Patty Shaffer’s. I was fortunate to be an administrator that worked with Patty for 8 years. What I loved about her was how she always put the students first. Patty rarely had a day where her schedule was followed the entire day because we were always asking her cover this or that, help this teacher out or work with this student which wasn’t in her normal schedule. Patty may not have always liked it, but she did it and did it 100%. She volunteered at many extra curricular events and always asked how she could help. I was fortunate to visit Patty a few times since her diagnosis. She was so positive and mentioned numerous times how she couldn’t wait to get back to school. She misses the students and staff, but I know the staff and students miss her even more as they all know Patty Shaffer is a true LifeChanger and a very important piece of the educational journey for the students at LaVille Elementary.

Janie Capps Posted over a year ago

I’m proud to say Patty is my baby sister. This award doesn’t surprise me. She has always been very special. Just to name a few, she has a big loving heart, she’s selfless and has always put others first. She put her own life on hold to care for our aging parents and for this I will always be grateful. I know she loves working with the children just by listening to her. To make a child’s life better in anyway is priceless to her. I love her very much and blessed to be apart of her life. Congratulations baby sister!

Mary McBride Posted over a year ago

Sorry to hear that you fighting breast cancer. I will put you on my prayer list. I always enjoyed having you as my aide. You were great with the kids. Keeping you in my prayers and keep me updated on your progress.