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Dejunava Caldwell

Position: Sixth Grade ELA Teacher
School: River Oaks Elementary School
School District: Harrison County School District
City, State: Gulfport, MS

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Dejunava Caldwell was nominated by her friend, Nakia Sibley.

"Mrs. Caldwell is the epitome of overcoming adversity," explains Sibley. "She is like the phoenix who rose from the ashes. Despite the many hardships thrown her way, she never wavered in her love for her kids. The countless hours spent preparing lessons and spending money to ensure her students had the best is all I've ever known of her."

Mrs. Caldwell has been a mentor for troubled youth and has even taken some into her own home and church to help provide a stable environment for those in need. She is committed to providing a nurturing and safe environment and has volunteered to tutor, both at work and in the community. Mrs. Caldwell has won various awards over the years, the most recent being Teacher of the Month. She desires to lead and is currently working on an administration degree.

"Mrs. Caldwell is a team player and constant motivator for her coworkers and students," said Sibley. "It is with great pleasure that I nominate my friend Dejunava Caldwell for the LifeChanger of the Year Award!"

Comments (5)

JaRai Posted 6 days ago

Not only the best teacher I know, but also my favorite aunt!

Jermaine reed Posted 8 days ago

Ms.Caldwell is the definition of a true friend.(25 years strong)

Nekeisha White Posted 8 days ago

DeJuanava Caldwell has been one of my best friends and an awesome steadfast educator. She is such an amazing teacher.

Willie Ashley Posted 8 days ago

Awesome Educator

Nakia d Sibley Posted 10 days ago

Awesome educator and friend!! Love ya DJ