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Leticia Anthes

Position: Retiring High School Social Worker
School: Hopatcong High School
School District: Hopatcong Borough Schools
City, State: Hopatcong, NJ

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Leticia Anthes was nominated by Joe Anthes, a family member.

"The world is a much better place because Leticia was born," explains Mr. Anthes. "All she ever wanted to do was make the world better for those who it's not."

From her earliest days of high school, she decided to dedicate her life and time to improving the lives and well-being of developing children. After a slight delay in starting a family and raising children of her own, she embarked on her career as a high school social worker in her own community.

As a member of the Child Study Team, she wore many hats and had many responsibilities for services to both students and their respective parents. She developed IEPs (Individual Education Plans), 405 Plans, Out of District Placements, and Behavior Modification Plans. Ms. Anthes provided family counseling, scheduled classes, proctored tests, advised students, and provided social services to students and families. She listened to students' issues and even lent a shoulder to cry on now and then. Ms. Anthes accomplished these duties over 27 dedicated years at the same community high school during school hours, after hours, evenings, and weekends. For her, it was a labor of love provided with sensitivity, respect, and a naturally caring nature. Her always kind, patient, and professional approach instilled trust in her from her students seeking her countenance and their respective parents. It didn't end when her students graduated either, as she continued to listen, advise, visit, and encourage many well into adulthood.

Her dedication and accomplishments were well recognized by her peers and school district, as she was awarded The Governor's Education Award, on three separate occasions, in three different years.

"Although she looks forward to her well-earned retirement, she still worries, cares, supports, and loves her co-workers and students," said Mr. Anthes. "She will miss them dearly, but she thanks them for taking the journey with her to this destination. Again, the world is a better place for it!"

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Michelle Sobieski Posted over a year ago

Leticia is one of the special individuals you meet in life that stand out with their remarkably wholesome ambitions. She cares so deeply for everyone around her; especially those struggling with the unexpected obstacles of life (no matter how great or small). Her compassionate heart drives her to reach out to others to offer her help and guidance to ensure they are on the right path and live a comfortable, joyful life. As I had the pleasure of living next door to her, I can personally say that she truly touched my heart with her kindness, humor, and support. With everything she has done for her family, friends, co-workers, students, and their parents, I forever wish her life to be rewarded with the same contentment she has given others.

Nancy Stephens Posted over a year ago

As the newest member (four years) of the Child Study Team at the High School, Leticia, (Tish) is a great asset to the Hopatcong Borough Schools. She is deserving of the Title of Life Changer! She is a wonderful, trusted colleague and friend to me and to many others. I have had the honnor to work along side her on our team. I have learned so much from her and have grown so much in my role as the Learning Consultant at the High School because of Leticia. She is a fantastic role model for us all. She gave a lot of tough love to students, but also provided a safe place for them to fall. She advocated for students and staff alike. She listened patiently to parents as they discussed trials, tribulations, procgress and successes of their children. I should also mention that she also litened to and advissed fellow staff and colleagues. She provided guidance and support to the families of the students under her caseload in such a personal manner, that inspires me to carry on in the same way. I admire Leticia's fierce protectiveness and love of her family and closest friends. She has a huge heart and shares all of the love she has to give to anyone who is in her life. I am truely grateful to be a part of Leticia's life. I wish her all the best in the nexy chapter of her life. I look forward to hearing about her adventures!

Debbie Grosinski Posted over a year ago

As a friend and next door neighbor I personally know Leticia Anthes has gone above and beyond for her students… still working many days long after her “work day” was done. She not only cared about her students but their parents as well… she also kept in touch with them even after they graduated. I know many of her students personally and they are always telling me she is the reason they succeeded after graduating, if it wasn’t for her they never would have graduated, her genuine care and concern for each and every person (myself included) is extraordinary. As a single woman she is always concerned about my well-being, if she doesn’t hear from me for a day or so she checks in to make sure I am ok or to see if I need anything… being her next door neighbor for 37 years has been wonderful…

Kelley Smith Posted over a year ago

Leticia Anthes has walked the walk of what it truly means to be a public servant by selflessly serving her community her entire career. She began her career assisting adult clients in the mental health association and educating the community through outreach. She then served the Hopatcong School District as a case manager on the Child Study Team beginning with elementary students and spending the rest of her career assisting high school students and their families. There is no way to sum up her commitment to helping others. Her goal everyday is to find solutions to problems, in a kind, strong, and committed manner. She has taught me and so many others on a personal and professional level what it takes to help someone. She is committed to serving others, getting the job done the right way, and seeing it through to the end. Perseverance. Selflessness. Strength. Kindness. No problem is too big or too small. Each person is important and deserves respect and support. Each decision makes an impact and a difference in a child's or a family's life. She has led by example and is always willing to serve others in her professional and personal life. She has made a direct impact on her students and their families through her dedication, knowledge, support, and commitment. Working endless hours, letting families ask her work related questions on personal time when she sees them in her daily life in the community, she takes a hands on direct approach to always serve and help others. She has inspired educators, colleagues, friends, and family with her giving and generous spirit to "do good things" in this world and above all serve and help others. She makes time for every person in her life and makes time to solve their problems whether they are a colleague, friend, family member, or student. Her dedication to her students is unmatched. She genuinely cares about their happiness and success and serves each student with patience and kindness. She finds a way to connect with each individual to guide them in a way they can understand and teaches her students how to help themselves succeed confidently. She is a safe haven to talk to and always makes time to help students whether they are in crisis or having a bad day. She is a true life changer and a giver of her time, kindness, and expertise. She does not seek recognition but deserves to be recognized because she has touched and changed thousands of lives.

Vickie Weinland Posted over a year ago

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to show my support and affection for Tish Anthes. Tish is an incredibly kind and generous woman. She is even tempered and strong. A clear thinker! She is such a hard worker and tackles tasks with such energy that she has been nicknamed Tornado Tish. Any student who has the good fortune to receive help from her is lucky indeed. Congratulations on your retirement, Tish. I wish you all the best.

Linda Minervini Posted over a year ago

Tish Anthes is an amazing case mangager. She truly cares about the students she works with. Tish was always there for my daughter for each and every hurdle she faced throughout her time in high school. She always took the time to thoroughly go over my daughter's IEPs and never rushed through a meeting just to get it over with. I can't even imgine how many lives she has touched during her time at Hopatcong High School. It is going to be very difficult to fill her shoes when she retires! Enjoy your well deserved retirement, Tish!

Nancy Goy Posted over a year ago

I am writing today about a person whose life has been all about dedication. This is about Leticia Anthes who I’ve been blessed to know over the past 40 plus years. No matter what aspect of her life you look at she has put all of her love and dedication into it. As you see in her family she has raised 2 beautiful and successful children. She is loved by all her grand children. Her husband adores and so do her siblings and especially so did her parents. Her career has always to do the best she can for each individual she deals with. There have been times in my life she has helped us through some very important life decisions. She is my cousin in law but in a lot of ways has been a sister and advisor. She has changed the lives of so many people through the years and would be so proud to see such a deserving woman receive this honor. Thank you Tish for all you do!

Tiffany Ott Posted over a year ago

Mrs anthes Was the best school counselor. When I arrived I got he'll pack on I was not in a very good emotional space. She help me become more Comfortable in the school and in life. She also helped me Connect with my now fiancé John Perez. And she is a big part of why I choosen Work in the same field as her.

Stephen D. Carey, M.D. Posted over a year ago

In 1985 the Anthes family settled in Hopatcong, NJ and immediately became involved in community life. Leticia, a young mother of two children, eventually answered a call to provide social services in the Hopatcong School District. For 27 years she has been a tireless advocate as a High School Social Worker for the needs of the students and their families in Hopatcong. As part of the Child Study Team, the scope of her work has been extraordinary. Leticia has cared for children with emotional, physical, and social concerns that spanned the full spectrum of life itself. Many of these situations have been difficult and she has guided the children and their families with great wisdom and compassion. She is to many of these families not only an advocate but a lifetime friend. Leticia is now moving towards retirement. It is time for all of us to reflect on her remarkable career. For me, I am moved by her selflessness. Leticia was tireless in her efforts, always making the needs of her students her priority, and working until those needs were fully met. That dedication led to long hours of work and often she was the last person out of the office at day's end. When difficult cases arose, Leticia was the person that was looked to for solutions. The difficulty of some situations led to emotional strain which was dealt with without complaint. Suffice it to say that Leticia has served well and she leaves a legacy that makes her a giant in her field. She will be sorely missed by the Hopatcong School District and very hard to replace! Leticia Anthes is a Life Changer in Hopatcong, NJ!!!!

Melissa Stein Posted over a year ago

Tish is an amazing person and well deserving of the term "Lifechanger"! I've had the pleasure of working with Tish this year and she has been a great mentor and a supportive friend. She is always there to lend an ear, offer advice, and help anyone in need. Tish is happy to answer questions and brainstorm ideas to help our students and district. She always goes above and beyond and will be missed in her retirement!

Emily Taylor Posted over a year ago

I was lucky enough to have the honor of working with Tish during my first year at the school this year - I am beyond thankful that I was able to work with her before she retired! Tish has such a kind soul - she cares so deeply for her students and their families, as well as her fellow staff members. As a new employee to this district, Tish really took me under her wing and was ALWAYS there for me: from answering questions to helping me problem solve. Tish gave all of herself and more to this school. She never stopped trying to find ways to help her students and their families. Somehow, Tish is able to also give her all to her family as well - amazing! Tish also has such a gift with encouraging people and building them up - she never holds back compliments to encourage her fellow staff members in their professional and personal growth. This school won't be the same without her!

Jaclyn DiBrienza-Cikovic Posted over a year ago

I've worked with Tish Anthes for over 10 years and I am forever grateful to have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity. Tish's knowledge is only surpassed by the size of her heart. She has undoubtable made an impact on countless lives and never gives up hope even through the toughest of circumstances. She has been a leader and staple in the community for years and she will truly be missed. There is no one more deserving of this award.

Dominick Spuckes Posted over a year ago

Tish is an amazing case manager and will be missed by the students and staff. She is a great friend and yes definitely a "LIfe Changer". It would be almost impossible to replace someone who cares so much about the well being of the students and colleagues she works with.

LaRosa Kathleen Posted over a year ago

What are we going to do without Tish in our building? She has been a true friend for the past 27 years. Besides helping the kids in the school, and in the community, Tish has always supported the faculty and staff. Anytime I had a problem, whether it be personal or professional, Tish was there to listen and help. She will be sorely missed. Enjoy your retirement, you deserve all the best.

Denise Gaccione Posted over a year ago

Mrs Anthens was a life changer for my son. She will be missed.

Pam Sinegra Posted over a year ago

Leticia- Best wishes on your retirement! We could never express how much we have appreciated all the time and energy you put into supporting and guiding my children through their good times and bad! You have been an amazing influence on all and we will miss you terribly! Enjoy your well deserved retirement!!!! Sinegra family

Dell Fe6 Posted over a year ago

Words can not express what kind of a person Tish (Leticia)is. I have not only been a co worker of Tish but also a personal friend! As a Social Worker she is always there for her students, no matter what time of day to help and do what she can. She never let's let's them down! As a friend she is exactly the same way! There have been numerous times that Tish and her family have gone above and beyond to help me out whenever necessary with several personal problems! If she didn't have the answer for me she would find it! She is someone you can always count on! School and friendship! Wonderful person and a wonderful family! Leticia deserves this award and so much more!

Kurt Zimmermann Posted over a year ago

Leticia Anthes is one of the most dedicated, thorough, tough, and loving educators I ever had the pleasure of which to work. Although in my role as a high school disciplinarian has been only a year, in that time I watched multiple students and their families touched and changed for the better. She expects responsibility and accountability from her students, and they love and respect her for it. The lessons learned will only grow in time, and they will forever look to her as being a crucial part of their high school success. Her retirement is well deserved but will leave a large hole in our school that will be difficult to fill!

Rosemarie McMullen Posted over a year ago

I’ve seen Tish help kids with a number of things through the years. School, personal ect. On a personal level, I have no Idea what I would have done without her! I’ve raised 3 grandchildren 2 with learning disabilities 1 of them is bipolar (I’m an employee of the District) Tish has advised me since he was a little boy. He was difficult. Tish has helped my family in so many ways. I could go to her for an ear, for advice, to find out who to reach out to for the help I needed. I was never turned away instead I was given her personal phone number. She has been a gift in my family’s life! Tish is going to be missed by so many people! I truly don’t have the words to thank her for all she’s done for my family!

Dina Emerling Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this award than Leticia Anthes. She has dedicated countless hours to the support and well-being of children and families in the community over the years I have known her. She is a genuinely a selfless person who provides direction, services, guidance, and a helping hand without hesitation every day. Her knowledge and dedication will be missed by our community in the years to come.

Linda Padula Posted over a year ago

I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Leticia (Tish) Anthes for 7 years. Tish's main focus is on helping her students. She is a strong advocate for them when they are in need and she genuinely cares for each and every student on her caseload. Tish has been a great help to me, especially when I was new to the district. I can always count on Tish when I have a question about policy or state requirements. More importantly, I can count on Tish to help me help my students. Personally, I am blessed to call Tish a friend.

Nancy Duffy Posted over a year ago

Leticia (TIsh) Anthes has helped so many students in our school, that you can't even quantify it. Lifechanger of the 21st century is more like it! Not to mention, she is an amazing colleague as well. Vote for Tish!

Karen Cubberly, Ph. D. Posted over a year ago

Leticia (Tish) has not only been a phenomenal case manager here in the high school but she has been a good friend since my transfer to the high school over 15 years ago. She takes the time to get to know not only her students but also the staff and their relationships with her students and also becomes familiar with the students that her fellow case managers have. She is a great resource for all staff and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and is very willing to help where and when she can. She goes way above and beyond the duties that are in her job description. She will truly be missed not only as my co-worker but especially as my friend that I get to see every day.

Stephanie Martinez Posted over a year ago

Tish embodies the term "lifechanger". She is a fierce advocate for not just her students but for all of the students of Hopatcong. Her advocacy, love, and concern extend beyond the school day; she works around the clock to ensure the needs of her "kids" are met. Tish is not only a life changer but a life saver, her guidance, assistance, and follow-through have provided countless students and families with the tools they needed to navigate sometimes difficult circumstances. Tish is a good friend to all and I will personally miss her and the work she does when she retires.

Tammy Miller Posted over a year ago

I am blessed to have worked with Leticia (Tish) for the past 15 years as the Director of Special Services. She has proven to be an excellent Social Worker who excelled in communication skills, compassion, determination, drive, and knowledge. She possesses the following qualities: strong work ethic, proactive thinker, team player, student advocate, and willingness to always help others. On a personal note, Tish has been my go-to person when I needed to bounce ideas off of someone or to strategize an approach of how to help a student. She will definitely be missed in the Hopatcong School District. I wish her all the best during her well-earned retirement years!!

Kristen Carey Rock Posted over a year ago

Social workers are the unsung heroes of our hospitals and schools. Their work is less a job than a vocation. They work with the most vulnerable and marginal in our society, day in and day out, for little pay nor recognition. Yet the impact they can make on a life is enormous. They care when the world does not. Let's recognize Mrs. Leticia Anthes for her life's work in her community. She was there for hundreds of children for nearly three decades. In this world where we have declared a youth mental health crisis and children and teachers are no longer safe in our most hallowed of places, we need to celebrate and support our social workers more than ever. They may be the difference in preventing then next mass shooting or child suicide. Thank you, Mrs. Anthes.

Erica Carey Posted over a year ago

Leticia Anthes is and has been without a doubt, a "Life Changer" for so many students and their families. During her twenty-seven years as a social worker with the Hopatcong School District, she has touched many lives. She has dedicated her life to her students and has viewed her work as a social worker her true vocation. When I think of Leticia, the words that come to mind are selflessness and resilience. She gives everything to her students to try and help them achieve to their highest abilities. Along with the student, she guides their family. Every one is then working towards the greater goals of fulfilling the student's true potential academically, socially and health wise. Sometimes the obstacles are huge as she tries to obtain the necessary resources and services for the student, but her resilience then becomes even stronger. She perseveres until the needs of the child are met. Leticia Anthes has lovingly touched and with true compassion, changed many lives. Her students needed an advocate and she was theirs. She has led a life of service to her fellowman and thus is truly a LIFE CHANGER!

Ruth DeSalvia Posted over a year ago

Tish is all around amazing to work with. She is one of the most supportive CST members we have had. She has always been dedicated to being the best advocate for her students. She works hard with teachers to develop and implement a program that works best for our students. We will miss her dearly.

Liz Kaminaki-Filipovsky Posted over a year ago

I can’t think of a better person so deserving of this award! Where do I start? Leticia has been a part of our family starting so many years ago, roughly 20 or so, she has without a doubt gone over and above helping with our special needs daughter, who is now 31, and continued with my other 2 children throughout their school years. She was always there when needed, whether professionally or personally. A VERY caring, compassionate, loving and nurturing lady! Throughout hard times in our home, medically for our special needs daughter, holidays, no matter what the reason Leticia was so supportive through it all. This woman is of the rarest breeds when it comes to dependability and honor, very family oriented. I honestly do not know how we would have made it through some really rough spots in our life if it wasn’t for Leticia! I never felt like a burden or in any way a nuisance. Always had ideas and solutions to any situation, making transitioning for all our kids so much easier in any of their journeys in their lives. Leticia has always been my “go to” in our school district because I knew I could depend on her and receive the best advice possible. This lady is so special to us. Now a days it’s so hard to find dedicated people like Leticia who genuinely love their jobs, the people she works with and the school kids she meets and works with on a daily basis. I most definitely encourage anyone to consider this awesome award to this unique woman for so many reasons! Leticia has been a huge blessing to our family for sure and I’m sure 100’s of people would agree with me! ??

Mary Ellen Fata Posted over a year ago

Leticia (Tish) Anthes has been a coworker and friend of mine for the past 27 years. As a school social worker and member of the community she has dedicated her time to improve the lives of her students, their families and our community as a whole. Tish is extremely professional and knowledgeable about resources which can aid in the assistance of those in need. Tish is the coworker that I go to for advice and guidance. She is known by her colleagues as “the hub of the wheel.” The glue that helps strengthen our resolve to be the best advocates we can be. Tish works tirelessly as an advocate for all and endlessly gives her time, dedication and compassion to others. She will truly be missed as an every day colleague but her advocacy will continue. I feel very fortunate to have Tish in my life.

Joseph Anthes Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Anthes has given decades of service to the School District of Hopatcong. Her selflessness, dedication, empathy, and professionalism throughout her career have helped countless students, families, and fellow educators. She has a unique ability to find students' strengths and embrace their uniqueness as assets to help them succeed. Her work has inspired many family members, friends, and former students to enter the field of education or related fields of human service. She is a model educator and one who will not easily be replaced. Her impact on students and families is immeasurable. She will be greatly missed following her retirement but has made her community a better place. Those who know her best can feel nothing but pride and admiration for an incredible career of service to others.

Susan Pallotta Posted over a year ago

23 years ago I begged the Hopatcong Director of Special Services to let me complete my Masters of Social Work internship in the district. Thankfully, Mrs. Anthes agreed to be my field supervisor. Even better, as a result of that opportunity, I was hired by the district at the end of my internship and have worked as a Social Worker there ever since! Mrs Anthes (Tish) has been a wonderful mentor, knowledge resource, inspirational role model and a trusted colleague. Her dedication to her school community has been unwavering. I will miss her as my CST teammate but I am glad I get to keep her as my friend :)

Lorraine Panetta Posted over a year ago

Leticia is an amazing person. We could be talking about almost anything but she always brings up something about her students and her concerns. Her mind is always on solutions for her kids. With family she's a miracle worker. When my Dad died she was just a kid but she was there pulling us through a difficult time. This is an example of how a star is born. My song for Leticia would be "You Are My Hero". She deserves recognition for her selflessness and caring for all of the students that were privileged to have met her.

Karen Rosado Posted over a year ago

I had the privilege of working with Tish at Hopatcong High School. She is a dedicated member of the child study team who went above and beyond for her students. No matter the barrier she was faced with, she put the needs of her students above all else. She is a kind and compassionate person who I am very honored to call my friend. Tish is very deserving of this honor as she has been a life changer for all of her students. Even though retirement is the next leg of her life’s journey, her drive to continue to better the lives of others will continue. I am so lucky to have worked with Tish and honored to be able to share what a truly special person she is.

Carl Procario-Foley Posted over a year ago

Ms Leticia Anthes is a exemplary school social worker who has with extraordinary competence and compassion dedicated her career to young people of Hopatcong, NJ. She changes lives, one at a time, in her grassroots, no nonsense commitment to helping kids address their life obstacles and succeed. She suffers when her students suffer but she remains for them a steady, focused beacon of hope ready and willing to help countless youth make positive strides in their lives.

jessica nardi Posted over a year ago

Ms. Anthes has always operated with students at the forefront of all decisions. She has worked hard to meet the needs of the diverse learners. She promotes positive interpersonal relationships with the students and their families. She always works hard to develop a good rapport with the students and families, and it shows in the mutual respect they have for each other. This is clearly a sign of her caring and commitment to them. She is a wonderful colleague, always willing to share ideas and resources. She stands out from her peers in her ability to relate positively and calmly to others in many different situations. She is able to put problems in perspective, she has a wonderful sense of humor, and she is always willing and able to spend the time and effort necessary to work out the best outcomes for her students. She demonstrates great professionalism and collegiality toward all staff members, students and families.

Chris Colao Posted over a year ago

Letitia Anthes has dedicated her life to the service of others. Her dedication and commitment to her students extends to all aspects of her life, friends and family included. The Life Changer of the Year Award would be a fitting end to her illustrious career.

Andrea Colao, Esq. Posted over a year ago

Leticia Anthes has indeed changed innumerable lives during her almost thirty-year career. She has invested herself in the lives of her students, always being available to them and to their families whenever needed, nights and weekends included. Her unparalled compassion, relentless selflessness, unyielding devotion, and skilled expertise has helped innumerable students to achieve their potential and become their best selves. She is a quintessential holistic healer, counseling and helping the parents, siblings and grandparents of her students. She never refuses a request for help and goes 100+ extra miles to achieve the best for her students. She is a profoundly dedicated social worker whose loving impact has now been felt by generations of families in Hopatcong. Leticia embodies the title of Life Changer of the Year.

Amanda Addvensky Posted over a year ago

Leticia Anthes has inspired me personally for years. As a teacher of early education, Leticia has given me advice as to the rights of parents and students in Special Education and guided me through helping families through the evaluation process. Her wisdom, knowledge, and kindness has time and time again been the qualities that separate her from other high school social workers. Whether she is taking phone calls from distraught parents, driving hours to look into out of district placements, or just being a shoulder to cry on for teenagers growing up in such a difficult time, Leticia goes above and beyond for her students.

Dr. Elena Procario-Foley, PhD Posted over a year ago

The nomination of Leticia Anthes as Life Changer of the Year is inspired. The committee can do no better than to choose Leticia Anthes who year after year has done the difficult and noble work of a social worker in a high school. She has worked miracles with little funding. She has saved young lives and saved entire families through her work. She has mentored new, young social workers and consoled colleagues and students during school tragedies. For almost 30 years, Leticia Anthes has given her students and colleagues 1,000 percent, going above and beyond every day. The best testament is the students who seek her out years later to thank her! Leticia has indeed changed and saved lives on a regular basis, grinding it out day after day and year after year. But she will only simply say that she was just doing her job. Leticia Anthes IS the Lifechanger of the Year!!

Joe Anthes Posted over a year ago

Please support my wife, Leticia and her long standing 27 years of dedicated service to her students and staff at Hopatcong High School. Not only does she freely extend her time and caring to everyone she comes in contact with...she does it always with a smile! Her natural caring nature for her students, staff, and friends... has always extended beyond school hours and she has always made herself available to provide solutions to any problem, issue, or situation that presents itself. She truly represents the meaning of "LifeChanger", as she has had such a profound impact on so many of her current and former students that she has influenced in such a positive manner throughout her 27 years of "my door is always open" interaction! Please help her feel "the love" that she has given selflessly, for her entire career as a Social Worker, at her own community Hopatcong High School.