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Samantha Mehrmann

Position: Special Education Teacher
School: Oliver Parks 6th Grade Center
School District: Cahokia Unit School District #187
City, State: Cahokia, IL

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Samantha Mehrmann was nominated by her friend, Anita Brown.

"Miss Mehrmann is a dedicated individual in all that she does," explains Brown.  "When I worked with her, she was my mentor; she does so much for the students, and way beyond what is expected from a teacher!  She is a single mom with amazing parenting skills, and she saves time for the students' needs after school.  She continued her schooling and has earned a doctorate in education. On top of that, she volunteers at a woman's shelter, and makes time for a relationship!  The world needs more people like Miss Mehrmann in it!  She is definitely one of a kind!"


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Samantha Mehrmann Posted over a year ago

Thank you Anita for such kind words. Also, small change to this beautiful sentiment. I am currently still in my doctoral studies.