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Angelo Marocco Jr

Position: Dropout Prevention Officer
School: Plainfield High School
School District: Plainfield Public School District
City, State: Plainfield, NJ

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Angelo Marocco Jr was nominated by his colleague, Corey Tucker.

"Mr. Marocco is an educator, coach, and person with the highest caliber of character at all times possible," explains Tucker. "Mr. Marocco works with the students who need the most guidance possible as a Dropout Prevention Officer. He's also the High School Executive Officer for our Education Association and a Varsity Assistant Head Football Coach. In all three capacities, I, along with many others, have seen Mr. Marocco positively change so many lives for the better."

As the Dropout Prevention Officer, Mr. Marocco has helped countless students graduate high school and, more importantly, either attend postsecondary schooling or obtain high-paying jobs. Mr. Marocco was the profound leader who took it upon himself to conduct over 500 home visits in one year during the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many people were begging not to come back to their workplace, Mr. Marocco worked 100% of the time from his building despite being given the opportunity to work from home.

Out of many examples, there's one that speaks volumes about what Mr. Marocco does on a daily basis. He paid for the flight for a student who ran away to another state to come back and reunite with their loved ones. Not only was the student back with their family, who missed them dearly, but they were also set to graduate and attend a postsecondary educational institution through Mr. Marocco's guidance. Again, this is just one of the many examples of what Mr. Marocco does daily.

Coaching the game of football is another area in which Mr. Marocco correlates life lessons onto the practice/game field. In his capacity as a varsity football coach for 10+ years, there has not been any player Mr. Marocco has coached that hasn't graduated high school. Every student-athlete Mr. Marocco has had the opportunity to mentor has either joined the military or furthered their education at a 2-year or 4-year college or technical/trade school. This accomplishment proves that the game of life is far more important than any other competition for Mr. Marocco.

As an Educational Leader for his Union, Mr. Marocco has helped many educators overcome adverse situations, from drug/alcohol addictions to poor evaluations. Mr. Marocco has found resources such as professional development sessions, rehabilitation centers, etc., to help educators in need. Mr. Marocco can allocate resources efficiently due to his unique ability to work well with his district's administrators.

The last of an endless amount of examples of how Mr. Marocco changes lives happened when his colleagues didn't receive a district-issued device. The district ran out of devices and wasn't giving any more out for the remainder of the year. Mr. Marocco took it upon himself to give his district device to a colleague who did not have their own so that they had something to work with. This type of kindness is not random for Mr. Marocco; he does things like this every day.