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Carlito Weaver

Position: Assistant Principal
School: Champion High School at the Keith Center
School District: Brockton Public Schools
City, State: Brockton, MA

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Carlito Weaver was nominated by his colleague, Robert Howard.

"I've been fortunate over the years to build a bond with Mr. Weaver," explains Howard. "When we first met, he was an MTA, substitute teacher, and wore many other hats. I watched him get a Master's degree, become a Therapeutic Support Specialist, and go from a freshman coach to Defensive Coordinator for Brockton High School. He is now an Assistant Principal in an alternative school in the district!"

Mr. Weaver is a native of Brockton and serves the community as well as any person could. He has dug into his pockets, rearranged his schedule, and given his all to help, support, and develop young people. There is nowhere you can go in the City of Champions without someone wanting a little of his time and/or attention.

"I'm nominating him out of genuine respect," said Howard. "I am proud of him and his accomplishments, including his latest, 2022 Brockton High School Distinguished Alumni Award. Congratulations!"

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Riley Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Lito on your nomination! You've been a great mentor to me and have given me a lot of great advice when I needed it most. I'm so proud of you for this nomination!