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Catherine Maiella

Position: Fifth Grade Special Education Teacher
School: West Intermediate School
School District: Wilmington Public Schools
City, State: Wilmington, MA

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Catherine Maiella was nominated by her friend, Tisha Janigan.

"Ms. Maiella has been a teacher for many years, and I speak to her daily," said Janigan. "You can feel the passion and commitment she has to her students. Wilmington is a fairly small community, so she sees students at local stores as they've grown up. They always comment and say how much she helped them. She shares these moments with me with tears in her eyes because she was so happy to hear that she had made an impact on them."

"Catherine truly cares for each and every one of her students. I wish for every child to have a teacher like Catherine in their lives because she is the type of woman who will make a positive impression on every person she comes in touch with," said Janigan. "Catherine battled breast cancer a little over five years ago but did not skip a beat. She shaved her head, continued teaching, and used her situation to teach her students about cancer. Catherine is truly a fighter for all things good. She recently volunteered with her school to help young girls who want to get into running. She is passionate about running, fitness, and giving back to the community. Her family also offers scholarships to students in memory of her father, who passed away from cancer. Catherine Maiella is the most compassionate teacher I've ever known."

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Tisha Janigian Posted over a year ago

Catherine is truly an inspiration and has made a difference in my life! Very thankful for her!