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Elizabeth Cubit

Position: Seventh Grade Special Educator
School: Missisquoi Valley Middle/High School
School District: Missisquoi Valley School District
City, State: Swanton, VT

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Elizabeth Cubit was nominated by one of her family members, Cassidy Renfrew.

"Ms. Cubit is worthy of a nomination based on her commitment and the beneficial difference she makes in the lives of the students she works with," explains Renfrew. "She is a strong advocate for keeping the children safe. She encourages them to be their true selves in a safe learning environment that promotes inclusivity, individuality, and the freedom to learn. Ms. Cubit arrives early and departs after hours and has been recognized by her peers and parents for going above and beyond for the students." 

Ms. Cubit works full time, giving 110% while working on her Master's degree to further develop her skills in teaching and assessing. With the hardships that schools faced this year, Ms. Cubit always promoted the well-being of her students and ensured that through their educational plan, their individual and environmental learning needs were met. 

Comments (9)

lexi aldrich Posted 11 months ago

I honestly don’t know where to start when it comes to Mrs. Schultz, she is just so amazing. I definitely got off on the wrong foot with her the first time I met her and at first she was just the corny cat lady who seemed desperate to give me candy over every good action made. She was the first to close my tabs when I was doing anything but my work, the first to notice and lecture me when I was late to a class but most importantly the first person to help me. That’s when I learned she was not only an amazing teacher but a genuinely amazing person and overtime became an amazing friend on top of those things. She helped me break some very bad habits, helped me get better at being on time to all my classes and all and all brought a lot more happiness to my life and I can guarantee you she can make me smile on my worst days and do my work as well. She is always kind to everyone and gives anyone chances to grow as a person and as a learner. Mrs. Schultz is the most driven person I have ever met, she works so much harder than she has to so we can be good people now and even better people when we grow up. She has an amazing personality, the best jokes and of course the best snacks. I don't know where I would be without Mrs. schultz and if anyone deserves this award it is 100% her.

Tania Thomas Posted over a year ago

Ms Cubit is one of those amazing teachers that has a lifelong impact on her students. She meets the child where they are and elevates them to new heights.

Julie Posted over a year ago

Liz has been an integral part of daughter’s education team. Liz has a special way of drawing her in, engaging with her and supporting her. As she worked with Liz our daughter’s confidence increased as did her interest in succeeding in school. We feel very fortunate to have connected with Liz.

Kristina Coan Posted over a year ago

We’ll deserved. The students are lucky to have such a caring, kind and understanding educator.

Vanka Menard Posted over a year ago

What a great Choice! Elizabeth is one of the hardest working special educators that I’ve ever worked for. She is devoted to the kids and their needs and at the same time looking out for her coworkers. Elizabeth is a huge asset to our school.

Aubrey Posted over a year ago

Mrs Schultz’s is a amazing special educator, she makes everyone happy and gives kids compliments.

Pam young Posted over a year ago

Cant think of anyone more deserving. She has a genuine love for what she does and her patience and empathy are unsurpassed. I wish all teachers had her dedication

Aunt Jess Posted over a year ago

Bravo young lady bravo Hugs of love!

Carlene Posted over a year ago

Always been proud of you and your dedication to children.