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Peter Stratman

Position: Middle School Social Studies/ELA Teacher
School: Cabot School
School District: Caledonia Central Supervisory Union
City, State: Cabot, VT

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Peter Stratman was nominated by one of his students.

"Peter Stratman is not only a teacher; He was my coach, mentor, and friend," explains the student. "There's no better teacher I've had during my time at Cabot School than Peter Stratman. He's one of the people who helped me find myself as a leader and student. He put me and my classmates through so many amazing experiences that I never thought I'd be able to do, except that I did do them! When I look back at my first day of 7th and 8th grade, I was terrified to go to 7th and 8th grade after hearing what they did, but I did it all! I climbed the rock wall, went canoeing, and went to D.C. on a plane, which used to terrify me. And now, I know how to get past my fears, and that is Mr. Stratman's doing."

"When I got to high school, he became my soccer coach, and that relationship we built just grew," said the student. "There's no better teacher in the world that will teach you leadership skills and that will teach you how to find yourself. And that is what teachers are supposed to do, to help you find yourself. They are also supposed to teach you; he did an amazing job. Teachers are supposed to put you in an avenue where you need to go in your next life after middle/high school. No other teacher I've had can do that like Peter Stratman."

"I have so many classmates who continue to say that Mr. Stratman is an absolutely amazing person who helps us in so many ways. Peter Stratman deserves this award," said the student.

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