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Ramona Roberts

Position: Special Education Teacher, Transition
School: Jenks High School
School District: Jenks Public Schools
City, State: Jenks, OK

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Ramona Roberts was nominated by Mona Lowe.

“Once in a great while, you meet someone that impacts your life so profoundly that you will never be the same,” explains Lowe. “That person offers direction, shares their insight into an otherwise overwhelming world, and lifts an incredible burden off your shoulders. That is what Ramona Roberts does for her students and families.”

Having a special needs child is, at times, a daunting task. There are many concerns about what a student’s future will hold. Will she attend college? Will she be able to hold down a job? Will she have meaningful employment? Will she always live at home, or are there other options? What classes at school can she take that will keep her on the right track? These are just some of the questions that Ms. Roberts has been able to navigate for families, considering her immense understanding of what it takes to transition a special needs child. She has guided families on this journey where they would otherwise be lost.

Ms. Roberts has sponsored events where keynote speakers have addressed additional concerns. At one meeting, an attorney discussed the difference between Guardianship and Power of Attorney, shedding light on this complex topic. On another occasion, representatives from the Social Security Administration, Department of Rehabilitation Services, and OKDHS (Developmental Disabilities Service) held breakout sessions. Ms. Roberts also hosted representatives from Bridges, Goodwill, and A New Leaf.

“I love her unrelenting drive to keep parents fully informed,” said Lowe. “But her love for special needs kids goes even deeper. She has attended soccer games and birthday dinners, and accompanied students to prom or ‘A Night to Shine.’ She has also found resources to provide families with diapers, dress clothes, shoes, hair cuts, etc. She loves her students and has a huge heart!”

Ms. Roberts also provides training for her colleagues at school and has met with her tribe to assist in helping families. She has been teaching for 26 years and still loves her job!