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Cora Rankins

Position: Inclusive Teacher
School: Socrum Elementary School
School District: Polk County Public Schools
City, State: Lakeland, FL

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Cora Rankins was nominated by her colleague, Suzanne McGinnis.

"Mrs. Cora Rankins inspires me every day," explains McGinnis.  "She inspires me every day to love others, embrace our differences, and give to those in need.  My colleague and friend inspires me to be a better person by ensuring that everyone feels they are valued, accepted, and loved.  Sometimes, that is all it takes to win over children and inspire them to be lifelong learners.  I am privileged to be working alongside Mrs. Rankins to illuminate our campus with the teachings of those who paved the road to equality.  I am forever changed and have a deeper understanding of racism, equity, and ensuring that we continue to 'check ourselves' to create the most positive culture for children of every race.  We have a lot more work to do,  but Mrs. Rankins is not afraid to continue the 'fight to do what is right.'  I will be right there fighting alongside her."

Comments (2)

Melissa Colorado Posted 3 months ago

Mrs. Rankins is not just an amazing colleague, she's a wonderful human being that lights up our campus with her big smile, infectious energy and enthusiasm! She always takes the time to give of herself in whatever capacity she can...and then some. She is the embodiment of love, compassion, joy, dedication and hope that she gives not only to her colleagues, but instills in our students every single day. I know, my life is better today because of Mrs. Rankins, she is truly a Godsend to those that know her. Melissa Colorado Clinic Nurse Socrum Elementary School

KIM WAGNER Posted 3 months ago

Mrs. Rankin is such a wonderful person. I have only known her a short time but, she is a shining light for students. I enjoy working with her and I KNOW she is the right person for this nomination.