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Bradly Kreiner

Position: English Language Arts / Mythology Teacher
School: Port Huron High School
School District: Port Huron Schools
City, State: Port Huron, MI

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Bradley Kreiner was nominated by Marilyn Kreiner, a family member.

"Mr. Kreiner. His name alone sounds so helpful, encouraging, genuine, and full of compassion, doesn't it? He never veers from his motto: 'The only thing we have control over is how we treat other people. Be kind because that may be all that person needs to move forward, once again," said Mrs. Kreiner.

Mr. Kreiner has touched more students in his small hometown. He has numerous stories spotlighting hundreds of students who have helped him tremendously, including a roof installer, a car salesman, an electrician, and a paramedic who drove him and his family in an ambulance. Each encounter reflects the same response, "Hi, Mr. Kreiner! Remember me?" Mr. Kreiner has a memory of an elephant, recalling his students' names accurately and in a timely fashion. His magnetism, encouraging words of wisdom, and genuine, humble demeanor, are part of what makes him a LifeChanger.

During the 2020-2021 school year, Mr. Kreiner took over for an abandoned Senior Advisory position. He nurtured all of his Seniors to March and sat side-by-side next to each one to see that they completed their credits and graduated on time with Pride. Mr. Kreiner delivered a Senior speech at Commencement that left all jaws dropped in astonishment at his "motto" message. Once again, he made a huge difference for young students, their families, and friends. His message resonated throughout the PHHS hallways after that year and through last year. In three weeks, Mr. Kreiner's legacy of kindness will begin once again.

Outside the classroom, Mr. Kreiner is a father to four daughters aged 13-35.

"Go, Big Reds, Mr. Kreiner, and our educators everywhere," said Mrs. Kreiner.

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