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Diane McCleery

Position: High School Biomedical Sciences Teacher
School: St. Luke's Episcopal School
School District: St. Luke's Episcopal School
City, State: Mobile, AL

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Diane McCleery was nominated by her colleague, Angela Abel.

"It is an honor to offer the nomination and earnest recommendation for Diane McCleery as LifeChanger of the Year," said Abel. "Diane is the founder and chair of St. Luke's Episcopal School's Biomedical Sciences Program, a four-year program for high school students interested in exploring health sciences. The program will graduate its 10th class this year, and it's likely that Diane still maintains a personal relationship with each student who has passed through this program."

The Biomedical Sciences Program, affectionately referred to as simply Biomed, started with an idea. St. Luke's is a small school in a small Gulf Coast city. Mobile boasts a medical university with a teaching hospital at the University of South Alabama, a college with the highest medical school acceptance rate in the state at Spring Hill College, and a university with a state-of-the-art nursing program at the University of Mobile. Ms. McCleery's vision was clear: take one of her community's strengths and develop an academic program around it. Make no mistake: this is no pre-health vocational program you would find at any given high school.

Ms. McCleery wanted students to not only learn about medicine, healthcare, and technology; she wanted them to experience it. She has created a program where students practice critical thinking alongside service to the community, developing generous and brilliant young life changes along the way. Ms. McCleery is relentless in her pursuit of professional mentors and real-world experiences for her students. The students' passions become her own, resulting in experiences unheard of for high school students. 

"How many high school students get the opportunity to observe a joint replacement surgery next to the doctor in the operating theater (post-Covid!) or bag a non-ambulatory patient during a rush in the ER? How many students do you know who have engineered child-sized prosthetic hands that are usable and affordable and then turned them into an annual service project for children all over the world? How many high school students have helped diagnose a rare ophthalmic disease whose discovery completely transformed a child's future? How many students do you know who were offered a competitive lab assistantship job at a medical university before they'd even graduated from high school? I know a few, but Diane McCleery knows them all," said Abel. "Diane is not merely a life changer; she is a life-giver in many ways. Her love of her students drives her, and seeing them discover their passion inspires us all."

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Brian Knotts Posted 9 months ago

Diane McCleery is one of the most dedicated, resourceful teachers I know. Seeing a biomed program built from scratch to what it is today is absolutely amazing. No matter what the task might be, Diane is always positive and a great motivator. St Luke's is very fortunate to have such a Great Teacher to motivate and prepare our students for the next chapter in their life! We are so thankful for all the hats you wear at St Luke's!!

Joslyn Upshaw Posted 9 months ago

Throughout my time at St. Luke's, I have participated in all three years of Biomedical Sciences. I have had Mrs. McCleery for two of the three years, which have definitely been the best. Mrs. McCleery is the reason this program is known throughout the state. She dedicates every day to improve and grow the program. Her passion is unmatched, and I truly feel she is one of the most influential teachers in the school. As a teacher, Mrs. McCleery has always been one of my favorites. She never fails to help a student in need, and she always knows exactly what to say. Her background in medicine shines through as she teaches us the vital skills in medicine. She deeply cares for her students, and as a senior, her dedication to expose us to college experiences has helped me so much. As a person, she is kind, forgiving, and always a pleasure to interact with. If anyone deserves the title of a lifechanger, I can say with full confidence it should be her. Every member of our senior Biomed class will miss you dearly when we graduate, and I can't thank you enough for all you have given me.

Jordan Odom Posted 9 months ago

I first met Mrs. McCleery in high school at St. Luke’s. I instantly recognized her passion for teaching. I am blessed to have had her as my teacher as she went above and beyond her necessary responsibilities. I remember her taking the time after school to meet with students regarding their assignments and any further questions they had. Mrs. McCleery always made me feel welcomed and important. Mrs. McCleery enabled her students to gain experience in any area of medicine they were interested in by setting up shadowing with physicians and departmental rotations. Additionally, she reached out to healthcare professionals in the community so they could speak to the class about their career and give students more insight. I appreciate Mrs. McCleery immensely as she has played a pivotal role in my decision to pursue becoming a physician and my recent acceptance to medical school. Thank you Mrs. McCleery.

Caitlin Posted 9 months ago

Through the Biomedical Science program, Mrs. McCleery inspired me to pursue a career in health care. Through the shadowing opportunities, mentors, speakers, and projects, I was able to explore all areas of health care before going to college. Each year, I have seen how Mrs. McCleery has worked hard to improve the curriculum and opportunities for her students. Not only does Mrs. McCleery go above and beyond in the classroom, but she has continued to offer advice and assistance since I graduated in 2017. Through providing information on training courses, providing contacts for shadowing, and connecting us to advisors for graduate programs, it is clear Mrs. McCleery truly cares about her students success. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been taught by Mrs. McCleery in high school and I appreciate her continued support!

Keri Bryant Posted 9 months ago

I have had the honor and privilege of working with Diane for the last three years, involving the Biomedical Program and Trauma week at St. Luke’s Episcopal School. Her commitment to the students and the school are hard to beat. Every time I come to the program, a new aspect has been added, from 3D printing bones and splints to applying moulage to patients for disaster week and burn scenarios. She genuinely tries to make the most real scenarios for her students to participate in. The program continues to expand and pull in more modalities from all areas of the medical field, all thanks to Diane. To my knowledge there is not another program like this in our area. This type of exposure, for these students, allows them to make better decisions when choosing collegiate careers. It also exposes others to these opportunities, that might not have considered the Medical field. Diane sets the bar high for all educators. I’m so glad that I get to be a part of this program, thanks to her. She is an amazing asset to St. Lukes Episcopal school.

Tara Lockett Posted 9 months ago

Diane McCleery’s innovative biomedical class is the first of its kind in this area. Her contributions to St. Luke’s are immeasurable. Our kids are excited to take her class and look forward to the opportunity. She gives students an opportunity to experience the medical field and because of her after high school many decide to pursue medicine, but others decide they want to pursue something else which also is immeasurable as they can go into careers they will love and not waste precious time and MONEY in college.

Michelle Bentley Posted 9 months ago

There are no better words to describe Diane McCleery than Life Changer! I have witnessed Mrs. McCleery birth the Biomedical Sciences Program at St. Luke’s and saw first-hand her impact on so many young lives who experienced all her program offers. She pours her heart and soul into each student who participates in the program. Not only is Mrs. McCleery a colleague of mine, but she also taught my oldest daughter, who graduated last year, and is currently teaching my youngest daughter. My oldest daughter completed three years of the program during high school. Although she was unable to shadow a mentor in her chosen field of interest due to Covid protocols while in school, Mrs. McCleery arranged a physician for her to shadow after she had graduated, once Covid restrictions eased, so that she could have the experience she deserved. Mrs. McCleery is 100% committed to the success of each one of her students, even after high school. We are so blessed to have Mrs. McCleery at St. Luke’s!

Susan Gaston-Jones Posted 9 months ago

Diane is a gem and our school is blessed to have her brilliant mind and active resolve as she seeks to revolutionize the high school experience with regards to science and an interest in the medical field beyond high school. I’m privileged to work with her on particular projects and have always found her engaging, supportive and open to ideas. This award is well deserved!

Greg Sykes Posted 9 months ago

Diane has developed a program that provides students interested in the medical field with real-world experience. One true measure of success in such an undertaking is observing the students as they present what they have learned under the tutelage of Diane and local medical professionals. One of my favorite activities as a teacher is observing Diane as she leads critiques of students practicing for presentations of final projects in the their areas of interest. Through the preparations for these presentations, students develop skills in public speaking, effective body language, and personal confidence that are essential to success in any future pursuit. As an English teacher, I am gratified immensely by the emphasis Diane places on professional writing skills that all students need to realize their full potential in academic life. Diane empowers students to explore and make viable choices that will have lasting positive impacts on their futures. Her unique combination of knowledge, experience, ability, and empathy makes Diane an exceptional teacher and advocate for students and colleagues.

Shea Sadler Posted 9 months ago

Diane has been so inspirational to so many students, my daughter included. She took her biomedical sciences class to tour a hospice center last year and my daughter was so touched by it, she has been volunteering there ever since. It has had a profound impact on her in so many ways. I’ve watched her grow and mature in ways I would have never expected at her age. Diane’s program is providing these learning opportunities for so many young students at St. Luke’s and is helping them develop skills that will set the stage for their future careers.

Laura Stevens Posted 9 months ago

St. Luke’s is very fortunate to have Mrs. Cleery as a teacher.

Cain Matthews Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. McCleery is my teacher. In the Innovations class, she does a good job of training us and keeping us interested with hands-on projects. She comes up with new and fun ways for us to understand medical practices and the human body. She definitely deserves the award, and I look forward to continuing in her Biomedical Sciences program.

Lexi Garside Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. McCleery is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Without her, I would not be the person I am today. She makes her class enjoyable, and does everything she can to help her students. She helped me choose my career path and major for college, and is always there to help me if I ever need anything. She makes Biomed a fun learning environment for all of her students. She supports all of us and is always there to help me with anything. I have never had a teacher that cares more for their students than her. She puts us first and is always our biggest advocate. She works incredibly hard to allow us to have the best events and speakers to help educate us on any field of medicine that we could pursue. She does so much work behind the scenes, and I could not have asked for a better role model.

Dana Thompson Posted 9 months ago

No question, Diane McCleery is a life changer. Having known Diane for over 15 years, she has consistently proven to be dedicated to excellence, teeming with innovation and exudes a positive aire that is (medically speaking) wonderfully contagious. I am the lower school science lab teacher and Diane has been instrumental in the development and nurturing of the lower school BioMed Lab. She arranges for her BioMed students to regularly visit and share their areas of expertise to our budding medical professionals. Whether it is participating in the heart rhythm dance, glitter germ demonstration, or dental hygiene instruction, her contributions to our students on the lower campus allow them to continually be fascinated by this exclusive world of medical training. The world is bigger, brighter and better because of Diane McCleery.

Ty McCleery Posted 9 months ago

Proud of Diane McCleery, nominated as Lifechanger of the Year for cultivating the minds and skills of high school students in her Biomedical Science Program for 10 years! Diane is my mom, and I have seen her tireless dedication to this program, which she dreamt up, found funding for, and has developed and taught. I was a graduate student in biophysics at Vanderbilt when she started. She and I would talk late into the night every time I came home about all things biophysics and biomedical engineering. Her appetite for learning about the research and applications was insatiable. She crafted lessons around the research, then invited me and several other graduate students to be guest speakers and do demonstrations on topics like laser microscopy of the cellular mechanics of wound healing and robotic prosthetic hands to help amputees. She loved getting research assistants less than 10 years older than her own students to talk so they could see themselves in a few years achieving their own goals. Years later, she is still always bringing in research scientists who can clearly explain what they study and how it impacts people. These efforts have paid off! I have had multiple professors of medicine talk highly about how well prepared her students are as they apply for medical school. Her passion to bring hands-on learning into her skills lab is such a benefit to everyone she teaches! #LCOY

Dawn McLaughlin Posted 9 months ago

My daughter was able to attend Diane's Mini Med Enrichment class as a Kindergarten student at St. Luke's and we were blown away by what she was taught. Who knew Diane could teach a five year old how to do stitches on a banana. I was lucky enough to receive a tour of the Bio-Med lab by Diane earlier this year. Her love and passion for the program certainly radiated during our tour. That passion and love for what she does is a huge asset to the St. Luke's Community. I can't wait for my daughter's to enter the Bio-Med Program.

Amanda Freyaldenhoven Posted 9 months ago

Diane McCleery is an amazing teacher that has made an impact on so many students. She connects with students year after year to help them discover their purpose and help guide them to find themselves. She puts countless hours into the work she does for her students and for the school. I have only known Diane a few months and I can already see what an incredible difference she is making in the lives of our students. Thank you!

Paige Moore Posted 9 months ago

Good luck Diane! Outstanding educator with a true passion for her students!

Laura Posted 9 months ago

She is always so friendly and works so hard for our school. We are lucky to have her!!

dana thompson Posted 9 months ago

No question, Diane McCleery is a life changer. Having known Diane for over 15 years, she has consistently proven to be dedicated to excellence, teeming with innovation and exudes a positive aire that is (medically speaking) wonderfully contagious. I am the lower school science lab teacher and Diane has been instrumental in the development and nurturing of the lower school BioMed Lab. She arranges for her BioMed students to regularly visit and share their areas of expertise to our budding medical professionals. Whether it is participating in the heart rhythm dance, glitter germ demonstration, or dental hygiene instruction, her contributions to our students on the lower campus allow them to continually be fascinated by this exclusive world of medical training. The world is bigger, brighter and better because of Diane McCleery.

DeAnna Liwe Posted 9 months ago

Diane McCleery is an amazing asset to St. Luke’s and the Biomedical Science program. Any student that has the opportunity to be taught or guided by her is extremely fortunate. I am the proud Mom of a nurse that she helped find her passion. I can’t thank Mrs. McCleery enough for her dedication to the school and her students.

Andrew Le Posted 9 months ago

Mrs. McCleery has made an impact during my time in the Biomedical Science Program. She is one of the hardworking teachers that I’ve ever known and she continues to strive to help students find their passion in the health care profession. She even helped me develop a passion for healthcare as well! She is truly a life changer because without her I wouldn’t have planned to major in health sciences in college. I am so glad that she was my Biomedical Science teacher during my time at St. Luke’s! Thank you Mrs. McCleery for all you have done!

Elizabeth Boone Posted 9 months ago

Diane is amazing. The BioMed program that she started and has continued to build is top notch. I have been involved as a parent, a guest speaker and as a presenter during Trauma Week. I am so thankful for this program that is like The work she does from a development standpoint for the school and the BioMed program are one of a kind. We are blessed to have Diane at St. Luke's and she is a Life Charger without a doubt.

Doris VanCourt Posted 9 months ago

Thank you, Diane, for all you do for these students. Your hard work has been so beneficial for Allie. We appreciate your dedication.

Brian Trammell Posted 9 months ago

Thank you Diane for everything you do for our school.

Devan Bailey Posted 9 months ago

As a student in Mrs.McCleery’s senior interventions class, she has shown a whole other side to medicine I would never even thought about! Mrs.McCleery has become family to us. From the amazing people she brings in to talk to us, to trauma and forensics week! She puts 110% into everything she does and takes the time to actually get to know us as students unlike you get at most schools. At the beginning of the year I had one solid route for college and my future and just speaking to Mrs.McCleery about it I have changed that route and never been more sure of it. She has opened so many doors and even helped my get a job working in my future career! We love Mrs.M so much and don’t know what we would do without her!!!

Ashton Roach Posted 10 months ago

Without a doubt I can say that Mrs. McCleery is one of the best teachers that I will ever have. She is a honest, hardworking women and I have never seen someone care for her students like she does. Having gone through the Biomedical Sciences curriculum I was blessed to be taught by her my junior and senior year of highschool. The program she has crafted provides students with endless opportunities and connections outside of the classroom while winding through every aspect of the different types of medical fields inside the classroom. My senior year in the program Mrs. McCleery was able to help me navigate what I wanted to do for my senior project and choosing to focus on emergency medicine she was able to put me in contact with several people which resulted in me getting to shadow all different kinds of professionals within the field and have opportunities that could not of happened without her. Not only that but I have not met someone that cares for her students like Mrs. McCleery does. Whether it was her bringing donuts to class, making us her delicious homemade chili, or simply just taking the time out of her day to hear about ours, she makes everyone feel welcome. No matter what or how crazy they seemed, Mrs. McCleery always supported a new idea or lifelong goal I had. She continues to be an inspiration to me and many others of what we can create and how we can influence others. Simply put, there is no one more deserving than her.

Reagan Warner Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. McCleery truly is a life changer. I was in biomed for three years and loved every moment of it. There isn’t a day where I don’t miss being in her class. She’s an amazing teacher who truly cares about her students. She’s so passionate about her work and loves getting students excited about biomed

Patricia Bertagnolli Anderson Posted 10 months ago

Diane McCleery is one of the best teachers. She has executed a innovative way to teach young adults what to expect with a profession in a medical field. #LCOY

Haley Patterson Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. McCleery is very dedicated to her all of her students. I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to participate in her Biomed program for the past 3 years. She has been very supportive of me and has helped guide me through my last year at St. Luke's.

Jaye B Patterson Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. McClerry's dedication and love for St. Luke's is evident in the countless hours that she has invested of her time at St. Luke's . She has been involved with St. Luke's for over 30 years, however the past 10 years she has been instrumental in the growth of the Biomedical Sciences program for our students. Mrs. McCleery has not only has grown and expanded course offerings for the Biomed program she has remained the Director of Development for St. Luke's the past 10 years. She is key to the yearly fundraising campaigns which are vital for the sustainability of private schools. We are extremely proud and thankful to have Diane on our team at St, Luke's and we look forward to future expansions of her Biomedical Sciences program. She is truly a Life Changer.

Rachel McCleery Posted 10 months ago

Diane works incredibly hard to plan the best lessons and activities for her students. Every night, weekend, and school break she’s planning for how she can bring new exciting medical things into the classroom. Her biomed class is her favorite topic of conversation and you can tell how proud she is of the program!

Michelle Bentley Posted 10 months ago

There are no better words to describe Diane McCleery than Life Changer! I witnessed Mrs. McCleery birth the Biomedical Sciences Program at St. Luke’s and saw first-hand her impact on so many young lives who have experienced all her program offers. She pours her heart and soul into each student who participates in the program. Not only is Mrs. McCleery a colleague of mine, but she also taught my oldest daughter who graduated last year and is currently teaching my youngest daughter. My oldest daughter completed three years of the program during high school. Although she was unable to shadow a mentor in her chosen field of interest due to Covid protocols while in high school, Mrs. McCleery scheduled a physician for her to shadow even after she had graduated, now that Covid restrictions have been eased, so that she could have the experience she deserved. She is 100% committed to the success of each one of her students, even after high school. We are so blessed to have Mrs. McCleery at St. Luke’s!

Kristen Duke Posted 10 months ago

Thank your for the investment that you continue to make in the lives of each student that you teach. You are helping lay the foundation for so many students that have, are, and will fulfill their calling.

Brooke Etheredge Posted 10 months ago

Diane is an amazing teacher. I have been blessed that she has been able to teach my children. The heart she has for her students is awesome and she does an amazing job with our biomed program at the school. She is one of the best!

Daniel Driskell Posted 10 months ago

Go Diane! Thank you for everything you do for these kids.

Kim Gray Posted 10 months ago

Diane works tirelessly to help raise funds for our small private school in addition to her teaching responsibilities. She does a phenomenal job teaching the biomedical program and ensuring that our students get real life experiences in the medical field. My daughter is excited about getting to take her classes next year as a freshman.

Abby Williamson Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. McCleery had such an impact on my future while I was in high school in the St. Luke’s Biomedical Sciences program. Because of the opportunities and teaching I received while in the program I am now one year away from graduating with my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing at SHC. I am incredibly grateful to Mrs. McCleery and all of the hard work she puts in to teaching her students!

Rhonda Stevens Posted 10 months ago

I believe St. Luke’s is very fortunate to have Mrs. Cleery on staff. She is responsible for growing the biomedical program that my daughter enjoys. She has such positive energy and seeks grants that our school can use to further education resources.

Glenn D. Kossow Posted 10 months ago

She is the reason so many of St. Luke's graduates go on to medical careers and are so successful in their life after getting their education. Please recognize Diane McCleery as Lifechanger of the year, very deserving. Thank You!

Kaleb Garb Posted 10 months ago

She’s the best teacher ever!!! She just isn’t a teacher but family. She just doesn’t teach but prepares us for the road ahead.

Jennifer Posted 10 months ago

Diane is an amazing friend, mentor, biomedical teacher, and director of development. Not only is she a life-changer, she is a life-giver. St. Luke’s and it’s community is honored to have her. She is a true asset.

Jennifer Posted 10 months ago

Diane is an incredible teacher, mentor, nurse, and director of development. She is an asset to the community and St.Luke’s.

Carley McCleery Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. McCleery is one of the best teachers I know! She goes above and beyond for her students and is more than deserving of this award!!!

Brooke Posted 10 months ago


Allie Champagne Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. McCleery is one of the most encouraging and supportive teachers I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I was a part of the Biomedical Sciences program for three years during my time at St. Luke’s and I could not thank Mrs. McCleery enough for the experiences I had. While many of the lessons were geared towards human medicine, Mrs. McCleery worked to allow me to entertain my interest in veterinary medicine. I was able to apply the lessons we learned to the animal world as well as get a mentor in and do research on veterinary medicine. It is very easy to see how passionate Mrs. McCleery is about the biomedical sciences program as well as how passionate she is about each of her students achieving their goals. She works hard to support all of her students and does everything she can to provide them with all opportunities possible.

Jeannie Austin Posted 10 months ago

McCleery not only impacts the lives of her students but the lives of future generations to come. She has amazing love for her medical care but of the students who learn from her.

Matt Liistro Posted 10 months ago

Diane is a bright spirit who is always going the extra mile to help!

Mitzi Pate Posted 10 months ago

She is truly a special person in every respect! All students who have experienced her exuberance in the classroom know just how blessed they are!

Amber Martenstein Posted 10 months ago

Diane has given so much to st Luke’s, but most important is her commitment to our bio med program - because of Diane so many of our students have pursued careers related to their studies in the bio med program. Diane has such a passion for this program-always looking for ways to bring new things to the program. She works non stop! She is a life changer for many students

Mary Page Martin Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. McCleery is one of the best teachers I have ever had! She works so diligently to ensure that all of her students have opportunities to see and experience things that others may not. I am currently in school for the career that I studied in high school with Mrs. McCleery. If I had not had Mrs. McCleery as a teacher I do not know if I would be in the position that I am today.

Zach McCleery Posted 10 months ago

I would first like to start off and say that, yes, Mrs. McCleery is my mother. I honestly could have not asked for a more caring and supportive mom whose love is unconditional. Never have I seen another person so dedicated and motivated to see not only her own goals, but also those of everyone whom she cares about come to fruition. Back when I was in high school I can not tell you how many nights, after her work day was officially over, she would stay up well into the night working. She would go over and beyond her required tasks to help others in their pursuit of knowledge and success. All of that being said, for the rest of this comment I will be speaking from a student's point of view. (Since my mom was also one of my high school teachers). Mrs. McCleery was in charge of creating and teaching an elective program that would be the first of its kind in the South East of the U.S. This program is known as the Biomedical Sciences Program, or as we called it: Biomed. Biomed is incredibly unique and helpful for students due to the curriculum and resources that Mrs. McCleery has gathered. It allows high school students to be exposed to the medical science world prior to college. Which in turn helps them make informed decisions without the cost of wasting time and money. Also, Mrs. McCleery has set up a vast network of medical professionals that are not only willing to come to speak to her students, but also take them to their work and mentor them. This was by far the most memorable set of courses that I had the privilege to take throughout my high school career, and it is the biggest factor as to why I chose to get a bachelor's degree in emergency medical services. Mrs. McCleery also used this course to teach her students important life skills. For example APA style writing, the importance of public speaking, how to organize your goals, and the process of holding yourself accountable to achieving them. Through Mrs. McCleery's hard work and excellent guidance, each of her students is prepared to write a 25-page APA paper and give a medical presentation in a field of their choosing before hundreds of fellow peers. The point of this whole comment is to say that through her love of education and countless hours of hard work, Mrs. McCleery has given every single student of St. Luke's Episcopal school a chance to explore the world of medical sciences and prepare for future success.

Tami Windham Posted 10 months ago

Diane Mccleery had the foresight several years ago to start a Biomedical program at the high school level ensuring enrichment to this level of students interested in the medical field. Many students have followed this pathway and become health care professionals thanks the exposure provided through this program. She is stellar to say the least.

Angela Dixon Posted 10 months ago

I have known Diane for 20 years as a school nurse, development director and fellow educator. Her mission has always been to provide health education for students and parents, whether it was the paren of a three year old who needed guidance on managing her child’s diabetes or the high school biomedical health program that she spearheaded. Diane always has her students in mind, their education, their future and their best interest.

Debra Chapman Posted 10 months ago

Diane McCleery has been committed to St. Luke's School and the biomed program for many many years. She has built it from the ground up into an amazing one-of-a-kind opportunity for student to determine at a young age if they would be interested in pursing a career in a medical field. She has help many student discover a love for medicine and helping others, and has (just as importantly) allowed middle/high school kids to learn that a medical career is not for them, potentially saving them thousands of dollars in tuition. Diana is a total life-changer for so many kids each and every year. Once the program was up and running she could have sat back and watched it, but she didn't. She continues to work hard every year to make the boimed program stronger and better for the kids (and their parents). She is truly remarkable.

Michael Notaro Posted 10 months ago

As a Headmaster, having teachers and staff members of the highest quality sure makes their job a good bit easier. I was fortunate that Diane McCleery was already doing her exceptional work at St. Lukes Episcopal School, in Mobile, Alabama. I have been fortunate in my 45+ years in education to be associated with countless great educators and I must say, Mrs. McCleery was without question in my top 10! Her loyalty, care and sincere dedication to her students and program is beyond reproach. A true Master Teacher in all aspects! One of the very best! Mike Notaro Headmaster Retired

Shelly Posted 10 months ago

Love this teacher!

Kathleen Anne Bennett Hammons Posted 10 months ago

Many people who have passed through St. Luke’s are fortunate enough to know Mrs. Diane, but not many of them are fortunate enough to grow up with her the way I did. My mom took a job at St. Luke’s when I was still a baby and immediately formed a relationship with Diane. However, that relationship stemmed further than my mother. She formed a relationship with our whole family. Her daughter, Mandy, babysat my brother and I while we were growing up and we spent a lot of our time at their house just hanging out with family. One thing I never felt around them was out of place. Even with four kids of her own, Mrs. Diane made sure my brother and I were included and knew we could come to her or her husband in the same way that her kids could. I remember when she and my mom would work during summers and my mom would have a meeting she would take me to lunch with her if I was with my mom that day or bring my lunch if I had stayed home that day. She never wanted me to feel different around her, she wanted me to know she was always there. Some of my fondest memories growing up include her and members of her family. My childhood memories would not have been the same without Mrs. Diane. She acted as a second mom and still does to this day even if I am 20 years old and a college student. Asking my mom about me and always catching up with me and everything going on in life when we do get to see each other. She has change not only my life, but so many lives of other students who have passed through St. Luke’s. The world is truly a better place with her in it ??

Karen Oberkirch Posted 10 months ago

We are so blessed to have Diane McCleery at St. Luke’s. She is such an inspiration for our students and her Biomed class has been an exceptional program that has guided many students in choosing a medical profession. I love watching the students walk to class in their medical scrubs excited to attend her class. It is a wonderful educational experience.

Michele Uptigrove Posted 10 months ago

Diane has put her heart into developing a program that gives real access to students curious about healthcare careers. She connects students to potential career options and mentors who can answer questions about daily experiences and educational paths. The opportunity to compare professions in healthcare gives these students a huge benefit when choosing a career and planning their path to a successful college experience.

Julia Posted 10 months ago

Diane McCleery is the absolute best! She truly cares for her students and has a passion for teaching others! #LCOY

Tonya Scott Posted 10 months ago

We are so lucky to have Diane McCleery and the incredible Biomedical Sciences Program at St. Luke's Episcopal School. This class is a Game Changer for our students and provides them with real-world experiences in the medical field while still in High School! Congratulations on this well-deserved nomination! #LCOY

Windy Bitzer Posted 10 months ago

Ms. McCleery's innovation in creating and continued passion for the Biomed program at St. Luke's Episcopal School is a gift - a gift to our students and our community. The program is unlike any other in our region, and the students love it and her. The experiences she has created through the program have encouraged students to explore new interests, further their education, and contemplate health services career options. And wearing scrubs to school is really cool! Ms. McCleery is a difference maker and life changer!

Sarah Zaccaro Posted 10 months ago

St. Luke's students are thankful for you!

Gracie Wallace Posted 10 months ago

truly a life changer. i would not be where i am today without Mrs. McCleery’s unconditional support and love. she is the hardest working person and so much of her hard work goes unseen! the most deserving lady and such a light in so many lives!!!!

Lauren Bailey Posted 10 months ago

Mrs McCleery is a great teacher. I am so thankful to have learned from her during my time in Biomed. The passion for healthcare she helped me discover in myself is still alive today, and I am so thankful for that! Although I may no longer be a student of hers, she is still so encouraging and a resource whenever she can help. She is very appreciated.

Jennifer McGinnis Posted 10 months ago

Diane, you are so incredibly deserving of this honor!

Kristi Champagne Posted 10 months ago

My daughter was fortunate enough to participate in the Biomed program under Diane. There are not enough incredible words to describe the knowledge, experience, and wisdom that she gained from this class and from Diane. When class assignments did not cover her specific field of interest, Diane would tweak the lesson for her specifically. To say Diane is amazing is an understatement! My daughter recently finished her first semester of college and told us that most of the things they learned in her biology classes had already been taught in Biomed. I feel so fortunate that she had this step above. Thanks Diane! We love you!

Garrett Dolbear Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. McCleery has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on the topics in which I am the most interested. She has gone as far to pick up an extra class for me during the day that is not even apart of the standard biomedical curriculum. I came to her one day to let her know that I wasn’t necessarily Interested in the the standard biomedical comparative body systems class and that I was more interested in the biomedical aspect of the medical feild. After this she took me out of that class and has let me experiment and learn with the equipment that the school has to offer. She has helped me get involved with a program called Enable, with this program we have 3D printed and assembled prosthetic hands that are sent out to children and adults who have a difficult time accessing prosthetics. Mrs. McClear truly entertains all of the crazy ideas that I come to her with, with all of her support. Her actions have helped me steer what I want to do in life and has opened my eyes to the world of biomedical technologies and helping others.

Julie Volk Posted 10 months ago

I am always in awe of the exceptional programs and opportunities Diane has created for her students. I don’t know of any other school offering a similar curriculum. The life experiences and knowledge acquired are far beyond the normal high school education and prepare her students for a successful transition into a variety of health related college majors. Beyond this, Diane has always been a wonderful daughter, sister, wife, mother, Grandmother and friend. She will be an excellent recipient for your award and will make the most of any resources given which that honor brings to her and her biomedical program

Taylor Jackson Posted 10 months ago

Highschool can be a confusing time figuring out what you want you the rest of your life to look like. Without a doubt, the biomedical science program that Mrs. McCleery has carefully and passionately constructed has helped me solidify my love of all things medicine. Out of my whole day of classes, I know that when I walk into biomed for the day, I will be met by one of the most carefully thought out lessons and a supportive teacher. I’ve been able to do things that the average high schooler hasn’t been able to see through job shadowing, trauma week, and so many more experiences. Those would not have been capable without Mrs. McCleery and her love for not only Biomed, but us as students. She goes above and beyond to make sure we will be prepared for our future. This program is one of the most unique and rewarding things I’ve ever been a part of.

Sandra Mann Posted 10 months ago

Diane’s out of the box thinking has brought a new perspective to education!

Kim Dolbear Posted 10 months ago

Wow! Mrs. McCleery has developed an amazing biomed program for our school. Her energy and passion for exposing our students to the medical field is unmatchable. She has even pushed this program down to our youngest students in our pre K program. On day one of the class my son came home knowing how to take someone’s pulse and blood pressure! Mrs. McCleery is a gem that has truly left her mark on St. Luke’s and each of her students AND the medical community.

Kennedy Johnson Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. McCleery has made me want to be a part of a future medical program!! I never saw myself wanting to go into the medical field if it was not for her!! She had taught me everything that I know and I have never been so honored to have her has my Biomedical Health Sciences teacher!!

Carley McCleery Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Diane truly cares about her students!!! She does all that she can to make sure her students succeed and have the tools they need for future success! Everyone who interacts with her is lucky! She is so deserving!

Jeanne Hammons Posted 10 months ago

Having worked with Diane I can attest to her complete dedication to this program and to each and every student. It was not only her vision to create this amazing program, she has almost single-handedly raised every dollar to fund the program, solicited every medical professional who participates in the program and continually creates and develops the most innovative concepts to keep it thriving. Her students gain real life experience as well as knowledge and she continues to mentor them long after their high school graduation. She is a life changer…not only for the students who will graduate the program, but the lives they will be affecting in the course of their medical professions!

Missy Wallace Posted 10 months ago

Diane is indeed a life changer. Not only is she my rock as my co-worker, but I have seen her change my daughter’s life through our biomedical program. My daughter has blossomed and thrived under Diane’s leadership and teaching and is going to college to be a nurse. She has my son next semester, and he can’t wait to be a part of her program! She’s the best!

Katrina Busby Posted 10 months ago

Diane has done so much for St. Luke's Episcopal school from the beginning. She works non stop to ensure that every detail is done correctly. The passion that she has for our students, teachers, faculty and staff is praiseworthy. Thank you Diane and for all of you who recognize her effort and passion for not only our school but the community as well.

Catriena Daniel Posted 10 months ago

I have worked with Diane for 12 years before I retired. She is one of the most thoughtful people I know. She gives it her all for everything she does. Diane is definitely a life changer, not only in her students lives but for everyone she comes in contact with.

Alicia Matthews Posted 10 months ago

In addition to serving the school through the development department and grant writing team, Mrs. McCleery’s Biomedical Sciences Program is absolutely indescribable (although Mrs. Abel did a pretty phenomenal job of hitting the high points in the nomination)! The students who she has touched through her program are some of the most impressive examples of a St. Luke’s student. Capstone Presentations are the culmination of the Biomed Program and are a public discussion of the students’ 25 page research paper that includes information gained through their studies as well as shadow experiences and interviews with medical professionals. The ability to compose and present this information is invaluable to the development of students who will, as our mission states, “thrive in college and in life.” Dianne is an absolute treasure, and St. Luke’s would not be the same without her. I consider myself lucky to have children who will benefit from her service and dedication.

Debbie Cummings Posted 10 months ago

Diane is a teacher who is invested in her students for the long term. She went out of her way to provide my High School Jr. with an experience of a lifetime. How many high school students have the opportunity to sit in on a day of observing a surgery in person? I am amazed at the opportunities that she is able to arrange for these students to get behind the scenes to see what different jobs in the medical field are like from day to to day. Thank you Diane for your commitment to our students at SLES to engage them today with experiences that will help shape their decisions for the future.

Sadie Buchanan Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. McCleery is so deserving of this award. She is not only an amazing teacher but also an amazing person.

Jared Posted 10 months ago

What a special lady and program. This is why we chose this school.

Jonah Dominescy Posted 10 months ago

Am amazing teacher who I believe deserves the award and praise.

Kenneth Johnston Posted 10 months ago

Let's go wildcats

Miranda Smith Posted 10 months ago

Congratulations on this achievement!

Connie Jackson Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. McCleery means so much to my family. My oldest daughter is a senior and has been inspired by the Biomed program to become a physician. Through this program, she has been given the BEST opportunities that amaze me everyday. She has shadowed an OB-GYN in the hospital, a dermatologist in his office and will be shadowing a surgeon in the burn unit during Christmas break! She has been on countless field trips and been exposed to hundreds of guest speakers. The most fascinating thing is that my daughter doesn't have to really "guess" what she wants to do with her life. She can confidently go to college knowing pre-med is for her. Mrs. McCleery is beyond passionate about her program and has so much excitement for these students as they discover their own passions. I know, without a doubt, that Mrs. McCleery will always be there to cheer on my daughter and mentor her as needed. She has been my daughter's biggest "life changer" - guiding her and preparing her for college and life! I couldn't be more thankful.