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Susan Treloar

Position: Math Teacher / Dance Coach
School: Brandon High School
School District: Rankin County School District
City, State: Brandon, MS

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Music that Describes Susan

Susan Treloar was nominated by her colleague, Rebecca Russell.

"Dr. Treloar holds many titles: teacher, mentor, coach, mother, role model, club sponsor, school leader, counselor, and countless others. She definitely deserves to own the title of LifeChanger of the Year," said Russell. "I honestly don't know how she wears as many hats and successfully gets everything accomplished as she does. Dr. Treloar is a wonderful teacher who embodies all the positive qualities most educators hope to personify."

The quote that personifies Dr. Treloar is, "Sometimes the only positive role model a student has in their life is their teacher. Be the light in the darkness."

Dr. Treloar always has an open door and a listening ear. She is a magnet for all students, even those who aren't in her class. Dr. Treloar has a welcoming personality, which is exactly what teenagers need. She's an extremely positive teacher in a group of 130 teachers.

This year, Dr. Treloar teaches SREB math and Essentials for Math, which are college preparatory classes. She makes learning fun and engaging. She does a stellar job of explaining her content to students of every level, which is an extraordinary task.

In addition to being a helpful teacher, she also coaches the award-winning dance team at her high school. That job alone takes an enormous amount of hard work, planning, and patience. Dr. Treloar does an extraordinary job being a mother, role model, counselor, and coach to these young people. She's also in charge of the big BOE club, which handles countless activities that bring spirit to the students, staff, school, and community.

"She really 'does it all' here at Brandon High School and deserves to be recognized as a LifeChanger every day. Todd Whitaker probably said it best, "The best thing about being a teacher is that it matters. The hardest thing about being a teacher is that it matters every day." Dr. Treloar wakes up daily with a smile, ready to change the world," said Russell.