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Rachel Williams

Position: Librarian
School: Gautier Middle School
School District: Pascagoula Gautier School District
City, State: Gautier, MS

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Rachel Williams was nominated by her colleague, Louise Smith.

Mrs. Williams is a phenomenal LifeChanger in her school! She works hard to find books and foster a love of reading in her students. Mrs. Williams meets the students where they're at in their reading abilities and finds ways to support them in their reading goals. Whether it's buying books that appeal to them, implementing new programs that draw kids into the library, or counseling students to discover their interests, she's always striving to find better ways to reach students. In addition, Mrs. Williams supports everyone in creating a positive culture at her school.

"If I need something, I know I can ask Mrs. Williams, and she'll know the answer or provide what I need," said Smith. "Because of her work, she's recently been named the District Librarian. She works with librarians from around the district, so she can impact all of the schools around our district. Mrs. Williams is amazing and deserving of every recognition given to her!"

Comments (9)

Caitlyn Parker Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Williams provides for all students’ and teachers’ needs! She finds a way to provide resources for everyone at her school!

meggan reisch Posted over a year ago

She is an amazing person. She helps the students and faculty of our district any way that she can.

Beverly Hatten Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Mrs. Williams for many years, and she goes above and beyond as our school librarian! She is always a trusted resource to turn to. Mrs. Williams is an exemplary Life-changer!

Autumn Parrish Posted over a year ago

I've worked with a few librarians throughout my 18 years of teaching, and I can honestly say I've worked with a better librarian than Mrs. Williams. She is always willing to help, not only students, but teachers as well. From my point of view, she, hands down, truly deserves this award!!

Elizabeth Griggs Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Williams goes above and beyond for the entire staff and student body at Gautier Middle School. She is involved in many aspects of the school, not just the library. She is wonderful at coming up with ideas to help motivate, excite, and inspire students. She spends her days helping to create a positive space for students to read, explore, create, and learn in the library. Her use of technology has not only streamlined procedures around GMS, it has also helped to increase our social media presence for the school and community. She works hard to make GMS a better place and we would be lost without her!

Marie Bond Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Williams is truly a life changer! She takes care of all of the students, staff and faculty at GMS!

Beverly McInnis Posted over a year ago

I would like to extend my accolades to Rachel Williams.  She is a great resource to other librarians and she's always willing to help others.  She is deserving of this recognition. 

Rebecca Robinson Posted over a year ago

She’s the best librarian I’ve ever worked with!! She is truly amazing!!

Cliffey Roberts Posted over a year ago

Rachel Williams Deserves this award for hard work and dedication.