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David Grabowski

Position: Principal
School: Soroco High School
School District: South Routt School District R-3
City, State: Oak Creek, CO

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David Grabowski was nominated by his colleague, Elise Lovato.

"David Grabowski deserves this award for many reasons," said Lovato. "I had the honor of working with him for the 2021-2022 school year. During that time, he helped foster positive relationships with students, staff, and families within our community, and he had clear visions and expectations for us all. He always encouraged us to do our best and brought new ideas to our district. He held our students and staff accountable but in a positive manner. He built on our curriculum so teachers had more ideas for resources, and he helped bridge the gap between middle and high school by providing curriculum days by subject area."

Mr. Grabowski provides an environment where students feel safe and welcome. He's always building relationships in the hallways, in classes, and at extracurricular events. Students and staff know they can joke with him and that he'll be there to help them, no matter what's going on. When Mr. Grabowski's with students, he always smiles and expresses his belief in all students. When things may be difficult for some, he has creative and helpful ideas to ensure students get what they need while still meeting their expectations. He advocates for the profession of school counseling and stresses its importance. 

"During that time, I also felt like I gained a friend and mentor," said Lovato. "I have always wanted to be a principal, but he helped me believe in myself and encouraged me to pursue options on obtaining my license. On a more personal note, when my grandfather passed away, I truly felt supported by the office staff during that difficult time, much of which Grabowski put into motion. Not only did he make sure to send my family flowers for the funeral, but he also provided a meal. In my twelve years as a school counselor, I can honestly say I have never worked under a better principal. He knows his job (and then some), promotes a positive and structured environment, and has wonderful ideas and a sense of humor. Now that he has moved onto a different school district, I know I can still turn to him if I have questions. He is a wonderful individual, and I wish him the best on his new adventure."

Comments (2)

Bob Kiser Posted 6 months ago

Nice job David! Glad to see that you are being recognized for all your hard work!

Rebecka Posted 6 months ago

Congratulations! You deserve this award more than anyone I know!!