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Lucas Sullivan

Position: Principal
School: Garden City Achieve
School District: Garden City Public Schools
City, State: Garden City, KS

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Lucas Sullivan was nominated by his colleague, Deanna Clark.

"I have known Lucas Sullivan for six years. He was the assistant principal at Horace Good Middle School for five of the years I taught there, and he is currently my principal at Garden City Achieve, the alternative high school in Garden City, Kansas," said Clark. "Mr. Sullivan is hands down one of the best administrators I've ever worked for. Not only does he work hard to make GC Achieve a welcoming place, but he also builds a sense of family amongst students and staff. We are a small school, but there are still nearly 100 students. Mr. Sullivan knows them all by name. He knows their back stories, families, interests, aspirations, and what they need to achieve to graduate."

"When Mr. Sullivan left Horace Good Middle School in 2021, the dynamic shifted for me," said Clark. "While the new administrators were great, I missed seeing Lucas and his enthusiasm in the halls. He has a dynamic sense of humor that creates relationships with staff and students alike, and you can count on him to be there in both times of victory and in times of trouble...I see him joking with the kids in the halls daily, asking them about their lives and how their classes are going."

"When Mr. Sullivan came to GC Achieve, the graduation rate was relatively dismal. But just last year, over 70% of the students at GC Achieve graduated when they were supposed to," said Clark. "Nearly 1/4 of the graduates in our 6A (huge) district came from our building. I know he strives to get even closer to 100% this year, and we'll achieve that goal as a family."

"I can't recommend Mr. Lucas Sullivan enough for this award. He sets high standards for his students, staff, and himself," said Clark. "He is kind to every person he comes into contact with, working hard to build connections with every student and staff member in the building. Mr. Sullivan cares more than nearly any administrator I've ever come across. He's here long before and after everyone else to ensure this is a home for all of us."

"Lucas Sullivan is a LifeChanger. I see how he's changed the lives of his students, and I know that he's changed mine. I have once again found my passion for teaching after 18 years in education. If anyone deserves an award, it's Mr. Sullivan," said Clark.

Comments (31)

Christina Whitley Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan definitely deserves this award! He has a positive and ambitious vision for our school with high expectations for students and staff alike and is willing to do everything he can to support us in attaining our goals. He genuinely cares about the students and goes that extra mile in building a meaningful bond with them. I also appreciate the opportunity I was given by Mr. Sullivan to teach here at GC Achieve because it has rekindled the joy that I have in my heart for teaching thus changing my life as well.

Breann Dennis Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan was one of my first administrators when I started my career in education. I couldn't ask for a more positive beginning. Thanks Lucas, Congratulations!!

Caitlin Sotelo Posted over a year ago

I just met Mr. Sullivan this past April when I emailed him to ask to learn more about a position he had available in his building. I really didn't think I would make the move, but I ended up leaving the meeting with a transfer paper in hand. Mr. Sullivan stops at nothing to get this building exactly what it needs. Being a very unique building sometimes simple things get looked over and Mr. Sullivan advocates for his staff and his students to have everything they need to be successful as well as everything they would have access to in a regular building. Mr. Sullivan's eagerness to learn how to best support students as well as his willingness to think outside the box is also inspiring. It is very apparent that he loves what he does and it shows through in the students and their relationship with him. I've never seen him walk past a student and not know their name. My students, the youngest in the building eagerly call him Mr. Sully, as he explained to them like Monsters Inc. These small things are all really big things in the eyes of the students and he is a person they all look up to and look forward to see when he often visits the classroom. I am proud to work for him and excited to see all the things our GC Achieve Family, which he has fostered, will accomplish under his leadership.

Armando moya Posted over a year ago

Before mr Sullivan came over to gc achieve it was a mess, after he came more students wanted to graduate and go off to college including myself I didn’t think I would go to college but mr Sullivan made it simple to get to that goal always asking about how automotive was going and what we had been doing.

Sandra Goytia Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan is truly deserving of this award. He changes lives every day with his energy, optimism and willingness to make his school, students and staff better.

Jane /Schneider Posted over a year ago

Lucas Sullivan is not only a great administrator, he is a great person! Our students, like the students of any district flourish under him. He cares about the teachers in his building, in addition to the buildings he was involved in before. We are so blessed that he has stayed in Garden City! JS

Kristina Younkman Posted over a year ago

This is my second year to work with Mr. Sullivan at Garden City Achieve. Words can’t even express how deserving he is of this award. When he became our building principal, the culture and attitude in our building changed 100%. Students and staff desire to come to school and he makes everyone feel important and appreciated. He is always willing to listen and if he doesn’t know the answer, he figures it out and gets back with you. He has a giving heart and wants the best for his staff and students. GC Achieve is beyond blessed to have him as a leader and he truly deserves this LifeChanger of the Year award!

Brittney Kuhlman Posted over a year ago

Congrats Lucas! You deserve it!

Abbie Posted over a year ago

Lucas does a wonderful job

Brenda Piester Posted over a year ago

I have known Lucas since he was in elementary school--one of my students in gifted education. He can make a room light up with his personality! As a student, he was inquisitive and sought answers to questions. in high school, he participated in Scholars' Bowl, science competitions, and so much more. He overcame a serious health issue, and there was not a dry eye in the stands when he was allowed to play a set of downs his senior year in high school and scored a touchdown! Lucas and our son were best friends through high school and college. People loved to hang out with Lucas--he has a quick wit and truly cares for each individual in his sphere of influence To read how he is influencing the lives of his students does not surprise me at all. When I occasionally see him, he tells me what's going on at school and is so enthusiastic about his job--but for him, it is more than work, it is a calling to teach and lead. I am so proud of the man and administrator he has become! Congratulations, Lucas! Proud of you and your impact on the lives of young adults!

Megan Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Lucas!!

Colleen Cook Posted over a year ago

I have worked for the district 25yr as a para. I met Lucas when he became a para at Abe Hubert when it was a middle school. He also coached my grandson. We then moved over to Horace Good and I had the privilege of being a para in Lucas Social Studies class. He was a good teacher because he explained things in detail to students along with hands on projects. Everyone respected him. He then became assistant principle. He was always kind, caring, and cheerful when greeting him in the hallway. If you had a problem, he made you feel comfortable in talking to him. When he informed us he was moving on I was saddened but happy for him. I told him that I knew he would be very good at that job. I have spoke to him since and heard of his many accomplishments. I couldn't be prouder of Lucas and all the lives he has changed. Mr Sullivan deserves this award.

Melissa sullivan Posted over a year ago

We told Lucas a long time ago that it doesn’t matter what you get a degree in you have be able to manage people understand them meet them were they are at and go from there he has done that and much more!

Fern Hess Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan’s nomination narrative and the subsequent comments from both students and fellow educators are an inspiration. He is clearly an individual who emboldens others and uses the process to change lives for the better.

Diana Hemphill Posted over a year ago

I have known Lucas since he was in Jr. High. Lucas had a health issue that prevented him from continuing in his high school sports career. That certainly did not stop him from being there and supporting and encouraging his peers at every game. He is still supporting and encouraging his students in the same way. Congratulations on this nomination, Lucas!

Dennis Hearn Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! You have always been great with kids!!

Donita Espinoza Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan most definitely deserves this award even as a parent I seen how him and faculty pushes these kids to do better and he doesn’t give up on any of them he is was always there to help them no matter how much he has to fight for these kids to understand he has never left anyone hanging on there own. Mr Sullivan does an absolute amazing job as a principal and working with these kids.

Lanie Bates Posted over a year ago

I cannot speak highly enough of Lucas Sullivan. The work he has managed in just a year at Garden City Achieve, starting with its rebranding from a dumping ground of behavior problems to an absolutely valid alternative choice to our large high school, is utterly jawdropping when considered. Every time I see Lucas, he has a big smile on his face and boundless enthusiasm and advocacy for his students...some of which have had very few adults in their lives who supported them unconditionally as Lucas does.

Christine Lightner Posted over a year ago

I had the opportunity to interview Lucas Sullivan as part of my Masters of Ed. program (in Neuroscience and Trauma) - and was very impressed. His understanding of what his students need and his commitment to provide the best environment for them, was encouraging. I am glad to see this nomination.

sheila alba Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan was an amazing principle to the class of 2022. He helped each and everyone of us to graduate on time. He gave us all of his support and never stopped believing in us. When i was at my lowest he helped me up and cared about my education like no other. I really thank him for everything.

Violet Dubois Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan deserves this award more than anyone. He is an outstanding principal and I have had the honor to work for him and beside him. He is so dedicated to his students, staff, and school. He has changed the lives of so many and it is because he truly cares, respects, and appreciates everyone. He creates an environment that people get excited to be a part of. He shows students through his actions how committed he is to help every student succeed. It is apparent to all students that he is there for them. That is exceptional and that is exactly what Mr. Sullivan is. Absolutely exceptional.

Donna Gerstner Posted over a year ago

I met Mr Sullivan this past school year when his school applied for the Echo project. I served on his commitee. His work to help students understand the effects of vaping and work to change the attitudes of students to become advocates against vaping was amazing to see. He understood the importance of keeping students in school that had been caught vaping and get them help insted. Many administrators take the easy way out and don't offer to help with the problem but just get rid of it by suspension. He helps the student and truely cares.

Mandy Fritz Posted over a year ago

Lucas coaches my son and has touched his life by being a positive male influence that my son really needs. Thank you Lucas!

Ryon Lanigan Posted over a year ago

I gotta say, he is hands down the best principle I have personally known. Even though we met in not so good moments, I now see that he only wanted to follow district rules, and I totally respect that. He not only changed me, but to every single student, personally and emotionally. He is so freaking cool, I personally call him the coolest principals in the entire district! Never doubt him, once he's met you and get to know you, he WILL try his absolute best to not only help and support your school journey, but to help the best he can to get you a phenomenal graduation. I literally never met a man in my entire 16 years of living who not only challenges students to get better, but he challenges HIMSELF to get better! All the reasons why he is THE best principal in the school district, and why he is hands-down a phenomenal person in my books! Great job Mr. Sullivan, and I know for a fact I will graduate with you by my side! Keep doing great, can't say it enough!

Kathleen Moorman Posted over a year ago

Congratulations, Lucas!

Brooklen Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan has been the most supportive principal I have worked under. He never fails to go out of his way for others. He makes sure all of us teachers are taken care of and that we have the tools and support in the classroom that is needed. Mr. Sullivan makes the staff feel like a family and looks after the kiddos like they are his own. He has also gone above and beyond in helping me secure a full time position here. He really cares for the kids and staff in our building.

Katina Hager Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan is an outstanding principal! Somehow he knew that I would be better suited for the job I have now than the one I was hired for. I thank him greatly for that. In all my years of being a student and para I have never had a principal like him. I really hope he gets this award because he most definitely deserves it! Congratulations on the nomination! I’m rooting for you Mr. Sullivan.

Jay Edwards Posted over a year ago

Rokar! Congratulations!

R Cessna Posted over a year ago


Glenda Gibson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan is an outstanding educator who has gone above and beyond to change our school for the better. He has implemented programs that support our diverse and significantly at risk student population. He has supported staff and made sure we have what we need to be able to support our students while engaging them in curriculum. He has supported food programs for our students who live in homes with severe poverty and food scarcity. He has truly changed lives for the better in our school.

Deanna Clark Posted over a year ago

Mr. Sullivan greatly deserves this award! He is a fantastic administrator who builds relationships with his students and staff.