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Christine Vallon

Position: Health Teacher
School: Raymond, Baker, and Davis Schools
School District: Brockton Public Schools
City, State: Brockton, MA

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Christine Vallon was nominated by a former colleague, Robert Howard, Jr.

"Honestly, if I had known about this program, I would have done this years ago," explains Howard. "Mrs. Vallon taught her health classes in my room when I started in Brockton in 2006. I was struggling to adjust to going from private to public school teaching. Those were some of the toughest kids I had seen at that time."

"I saw she had those same kids, and there was a calm in the room. I quickly realized they trusted her. Mrs. Vallon talked about some of the toughest issues that kids face. I would sit sometimes and listen to what she and the students discussed. They opened up to her about the impact that drugs, single-parent households, homelessness, race, gender identity, and suicide had on their lives. Yet, they left feeling reassured! They related to her and she to them," said Howard.

"Mrs. Vallon became a go-to. I knew then and now where her heart lies. She believes in coming together to provide the best opportunity for kids to learn and grow," said Howard. "Those kids are young adults now who have started their own families and will have in the back of their minds the teachings, love, and respect she demonstrated daily. Mrs. Vallon changed lives, and she still does to this day! I nominate her with all the respect in the world. All we need is more people like her."