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Kristina Younkman

Position: School Counselor
School: Garden City Achieve
School District: Garden City Public Schools
City, State: Garden City, KS

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Kristina Younkman was nominated by her colleague, Glenda Gibson.

“I think Kristina is the very definition of a ‘LifeChanger,’” explains Gibson.  “She is always working hard to make sure every student is included and has opportunities to thrive in our school.  We work with extremely at-risk students, and she has gone above and beyond to find ways to provide extra food, toiletries, and opportunities that can level the playing field for these students.  She has put numerous hours into fighting for and creating alternative curriculum that will better serve the life needs of our students, as well.  She is always here working early and late to provide our students with a safe space to grow and learn, and they love her for it!”

Comments (15)

Lucas Sullivan Posted over a year ago

I have worked with Kristina the last two years at GC Achieve as the building principal. She has been a joy to work with and has many different hats in our building as counselor, lead teacher, BLT member, and STUCO sponsor. Kristina works very hard to make sure every student graduates and succeeds at Achieve. She is an amazing person and definitely has changed the life of many students in our community.

Christina Whitley Posted over a year ago

Ms. Younkman is a truly caring person; her empathy and understanding with our students and staff make a world of difference. She has touched and changed the lives of many and is very deserving of this award.

Shelley Stroup Posted over a year ago

GC Achieve has made wonderful growths and improvements since Kristina came on board!

Lara Blake Bors Posted over a year ago

As a former school board member, I truly appreciated all of the hard work and dedication that Kristina has put into her kids and school. As an attorney who deals with a lot of truancy cases and children who have been abused and neglected, I knew that if they were in Kristina's school, hands down, they were in great hands! I truly appreciate all that Kristina does for our school district. She is definitely a life changer for so many! She is always willing to listen and her blessings cabinet is a tremendous benefit.

Brandon L. Fisher Posted over a year ago

Well deserved, she did a great job at GCHS and was a very good leader. She has excelled since moving to GC Achieve. Thanks for all you do.

Zoelly Posted over a year ago

Zoelly says she is a cool counselor!

Jerri f mcghee Posted over a year ago

Kristina younkman is a Wonderful counselor. She does eveything with a full heart an is always there for anyone in school an out of school!

Tammy Wallace Posted over a year ago

Kristina is such a great kind hearted counselor who cares about her students, families and coworkers!

Kelly Parson Posted over a year ago

Kristina deserves this award because she is awesome.

Vickie Newsome Posted over a year ago

Kristina Younkman congratulations. She hands down deserves this. She is great.

Mary Newsome Posted over a year ago

Kristina has helped my daughter tremendously for the last few years. No matter what time it is I know I can count on her to keep me updated. She has become someone that my daughter is able to go to and trust. I believe Kristina has had a huge impact on my daughters mental health, she always supports her while also guiding her down the right path. I honestly couldn't ask for a better school counselor for these students.

Martha Lisk Posted over a year ago

Kristina, congratulations on the recognition of your talent and dedication to working with students who are at risk. Thank you for going the extra mile to help students that many people do not understand or care about. You are an excellent advocate for students in need.

Roy Cessna Posted over a year ago


Glenda Gibson Posted over a year ago

I so appreciate how Kristina is always looking for ways to even the playing field for our students with challenges. She is a rock star at making sure everyone is included in school activities. She also goes above and beyond in ensuring our students needs are being met both at school and at home.

Deanna Clark Posted over a year ago

Ms. Younkman is outstanding at her job! She has such a caring heart, and she builds real relationships with her students.