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Sunta Harris

Position: English Teacher
School: Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School
School District: Prince George's County Public Schools
City, State: Upper Marlboro, MD

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Sunta Harris was nominated by an anonymous student.

Mrs. Harris exhibits professionalism and has a vast knowledge of the subjects she teaches. She looks for new, innovative ways to motivate her students continuously. Mrs. Harris goes the extra mile to encourage her students to take an interest in their studies and to understand the impact it will have on their futures. She gives special attention to students who need more help, but she never loses focus on her other pupils.

Mrs. Harris continues to show enthusiasm while teaching her skills and showing her love for her students. She often encourages her students to strive for more in their oral dissertations and informal writing. She wants them to stretch their imaginations and examine, investigate, analyze, and scrutinize their writing techniques.

Mrs. Harris provides tutoring for her students during lunch. She works on Saturdays preparing the students for upcoming tests that will impact their quest for higher education. Mrs. Harris also chairs various after-school programs, including, but not limited to, the Parent Teacher Association, Cheerleading, and Muse Machine.

"Mrs. Harris is a LifeChanger, and we should feel fortunate to have her teaching our children," said her nominator.

Comments (2)

Memunatu Kanu Posted 8 months ago

I recently transferred from Meade high school November 11,2022. Mrs. Harris in particular has been one of the most unique teachers I’ve ever came across. Transferring from Meade high I was struggling in World History tremendously, I had nothing above a 54% . I was on the verge of failing. I felt incomplete because I’ve been in honors and Ap classes all my life, this is the first year I’ve been out of it. My teachers were a lot more reserved. I wasn’t engaged in learning, I would be on my phone or talking to friends, the lessons were very short and we were handed a paper. Mrs. Harris on the other hand taught with passion, she was eager in helping us and was very strict. Harris made sure we were focused in every lesson. In result, by the end of the Quarter my grade went up to a 94%. History was never a fascination , but I’m confident now knowing that circumstances can change. That was a big improvement in just One quarter. I’ve used this discipline technique in my other classes, & this has been a huge shift in my learning.

Jaylen Posted 8 months ago

She is a beacon of light in who i want to be in school and my community