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Christal Mitchell

Position: Seventh Grade Science Teacher
School: West Wortham Middle
School District: Harrison County School District
City, State: Saucier , MS

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Christal Mitchell was nominated by her assistant principal, Amy Bosarge.

Ms. Mitchell continues to dedicate herself to her students. Through adversity and personal struggle, she continues to show positivity and love to all of her students. On days when she needs encouragement, she encourages others.  You can find her each and every morning standing at her classroom door smiling and greeting each and every student that enters her sanctuary.  No adult can hold a conversation with her during this time because as former students walk by, they want to talk to her and feel loved before going to class. 

Ms. Mitchell takes her science lessons seriously, and she's very dedicated to the goals of her school. She happily works with the eighth grade science teachers to ensure that her students will be ready for the eighth-grade state assessment when they leave her class. 

“I'm honored to be her assistant principal, and I am confident she will leave a legacy of compassion, love, and service,” said Bosarge.