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Erick Alfonso

Position: Principal
School: Bogota Middle School
School District: Bogota Public Schools
City, State: Bogota, NJ

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Dr. Erick Alfonso was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

"I have been working with Dr. Alfonso for the last four years," explains his colleague. "Throughout this time, I have seen him impact an entire community like no other." 

Being the first Hispanic principal in his district, Dr. Alfonso was a critical piece of the puzzle of the community. He has connected with hundreds of students throughout his time in Bogota, both at the high school and middle school levels, and several hundred more throughout his previous districts. He has several students who need a male role model and father figure in their lives. Dr. Alfonso has risen to the challenge and exceeded all expectations by being a consistent role model for students with very inconsistent lives. 

Last year, Bogota Public Schools added a new building to the district, and the administration asked Dr. Alfonso to lead the opening as its principal. He not only successfully opened the new school, which has become a positive attribute to the community, but he rolled up his sleeves, grabbed a paintbrush, and helped paint the building. Dr. Alfonso is very hands-on, always present, first in and last out, and most importantly, leads by example. 

"Very few can say they have positively affected as many children and continue to do so on a daily basis as Dr. Alfonso. He is without a doubt a LifeChanger," said his colleague.

Comments (69)

Enrique Ramirez Posted 11 months ago

As parents raising children to be responsible and engaged students that are independent, contributing members of a dynamic community, it is a blessing to have Dr. Alfonso as a partner in that journey. We’ve seen firsthand how Dr. Alfonso connects with the kids, but in a way that makes them, and us, feel like they are vitally important. He holds himself accountable to his school community and families, earning our respect and trust. He has proven time and again to be caring, selfless, and determined to inspire. Congratulations on your nomination for LifeChanger of the Year. You absolutely are.

Vesna Cabana Posted 11 months ago

Dr. Alfonso is a great principal for the Bogota Middle School. He has the ability to have a perfect balance discipline and fun with the students. It is due to that balance, he has earned the respect and admiration of his students, current and past.

Mike Cabana Posted 11 months ago

I have known Dr. Alfonso since he was teenager. I had the privilege of coaching him in baseball. He was not the biggest or most talented player on the team but was committed to working hard and getting better everyday. The hard work paid off as he helped lead the team all the way to the Sandy Koufax World Series. This dedication to achieve greatness is something that he possessed as a child and is passing along to the students of Bogota. Dr. Alfonso is a Principal respected by students and staff. He has created an educational environment where all students can thrive.

Taylor Cabana Posted 11 months ago

Dr. Alfonso is one of the best administrators I've ever had. He strives to connect with all his students and make them feel welcome within his school. Within his first few months at Bogota Jr./Sr. High School as Vice Principal, I only ever heard good things about him from my fellow students. Dr. Alfonso cares so much about his students and he deserves recognition for all he has done for the community. He is a life changer and I wish him the best of luck in winning this award. He truly deserves it!

Vesna Cabana Posted 11 months ago

Dr. Alfonso is a great principal for the Bogota Middle School. He has the ability to have a perfect balance discipline and fun with the students. It is due to that balance, he has earned the respect and admiration of his students, current and past.

David Alfonso Posted 11 months ago

Erick motivates everyone around him with his perseverance and dedication to everything he does. There is no doubt he is destined to be a community leader. His willingness to be a role model for both his students and his peers says alot about his character. His Hudson County roots allow him to understand students of all backgrounds and that makes him a life changer.

David Alfonso Posted 11 months ago

Erick motivates everyone around him with his perseverance and dedication to everything he does. There is no doubt he is destined to be a community leader. His willingness to be a role model for both his students and his peers says alot about his character. His Hudson County roots allow him to understand students of all backgrounds and that makes him a life changer.

Gilberto G. Posted 12 months ago

I’ve known Erick since he was a toddler. I can first-hand say he has surmounted some very difficult hurdles that life has put in his way. Whenever we speak of those times, he mentions that it was his preparation to serve his higher calling. He attributes his successes and ability to connect with his students to those difficult times. He’s told me, “Sometimes the children with the hardest exteriors are the ones who need the most love. They feel everyone has given up on them. I refuse to and they know it.” For this reason right there, Dr. Alfonso should be your LIFE CHANGER. He’s already everyone else’s.

Judith Matos Posted over a year ago

I have know Erick on a personal level and as a colleague. Erick is the most caring, outstanding educator and person I know. Erick is a dedicated and selfless individual that makes a positive impact on the lives of students and everyone around him. He exemplifies the perfect example of a role model to all his past and current students. Mr. Alfonso has never failed to support my daughter in all her academic endeavors and has aided her when she needed it most. I have witnessed first hand how impactul Erick's presence has been in the lives of his students, especially my daughter and I will forever be grateful for his commitment as an educator. I believe that Mr. Alfonso is more than worthy of receiving this extraordinary award.

olga bello Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your achievements. You have made us all proud. Great job keep it up.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso… my guardian angel. I was born into a family that weren’t exactly the best role models. For many of them it wasn’t their fault, they were born into it too. One day I got a phone call but my cousin was shot and then that group was looking for family members to take out to. I came to school shook and the only person who realized there was something wrong with me was Dr. Alfonso. He brought me to the office and kept chipping away until I finally opened up and told him what happened. I told him I might be next and was scared to walk home. Dr. Alfonso heard me n said everything was going to be OK. He called the cops to let them know what I had told him. He then told me at the end of the day to come see him before I left. At the end of the day when I went to see him he walked me home. He walked me home for a couple weeks so that I feel safe. I’m not sure he really understands how much that meant to me because for him is seems like a normal thing to do. People like Alfonso don’t come around too often. He is my guardian angel and definitely a life changer. I’m glad he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso has every quality that is needed to be a life-changing leader for our children. One day I received a call from Dr. Alfonso to come in because my child was involved in a situation. Without getting into specifics, he had with me one of the most difficult conversations I have ever had to have about my child. He was able to calmly communicate with me and and help me process things. He assured me things would be OK and that my child would get the help she needed. In retrospect, I don’t think many people have the ability or even care enough to make sure that parents are OK just as much as the students. It isn’t just a job for him. He has been a blessing to our community.

AMAURY LINARES Posted over a year ago


Dopico Posted over a year ago

Known the Doctor since 2001 when we met in High school . We both grew up a little differently coming from the same town and no matter the choices or circumstances of our lives Dr. Alfonzo aka Big E had always shown non judgmental genuine love with respect anytime we had a conversation from life to sports to him asking about what makes you think the way you think. He may not know it but his kindness , his wanting to be a friend and his ability to listen helped me get through one of the most darkest times in my life . Eric i thank you so much man . I am honored and grateful to sit here today to be able say Thank you Doctor Alfonzo . You truly Deserve it all brother . Thank you for always treating me like a human being first . May god bless you and i look forward to one having my kids be your students .

Courtney Toribio Posted over a year ago

Dr. Erick Alfonso defines an exemplary educator. I had the pleasure of working with Erick in Union City School District. He always filled our school with positivity while impacting every student. He will forever make a difference in education.

Tristian cox Posted over a year ago

Bring it home!

Maria E Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso is a great principal for the Bogotá Middle School, he has a perfect balance between aurhority and closeness with the students, and thanks to this he knows how to earn their respect, affection and admiración. He also built a great educational community in which the joy of learning prevails.

Jonathan C Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso's dedication to his students and their well being is unmatched. He is a leader who truly inspires those around him and makes a positive impact on all of those around him.

Dr. Jasmine Valentin Posted over a year ago

In working with Dr. Alfonso, I have come to recognize his innate ability to positively impact those around him. The initiatives and goals he sets for his school are always established with needs of the entire community in mind. This is why he has been able to impart positive changes that propagate through entire districts and transcend cultural boundaries. He truly believes that education goes beyond the confines of the classroom and strives to create an environment where all students have the opportunity to be successful both in the classroom and in the real-world. Dr. Alfonso has honed his skills in identifying the broader impacts of his decisions and initiatives, and this is what makes him a successful "Life Changer" & "Change Leader".

Nitza Delgado Posted over a year ago

Despite his young age, Dr. Alfonso is an example to follow. His dedication to the needs of his students is remarkable. His professionalism and good heart makes him an excellent educator and leader. Dr. Alfonso is a great motivator who is hard-working, kind and he is always thinking how he can improve his school. Without a doubt, Dr. Alfonso us the type of principal that any district should and would like to have. Very well deserved nomination Dr. Alfonso.

María Alícia Menendez Posted over a year ago

Eric is a wonderful young man who is always willing to help everyone in his community. He is a self starter and never backs down from a challenge. He truly is a life changer, positively affecting people and students within the Bogota Middle School. No one is more deserving than him for this award!

Carmen E Guerra Posted over a year ago

I have known Erick Alfonso since he was born. Then, I had the pleasure of seeing his interaction at the high school where I teach and where he is now an alumni of, Memorial High School in the West New York School District. The Bogota Middle School is lucky to have Dr. Erick Alfonso, as their principal, a young man with integrity. Dr. Alfonso’s work ethic speaks loud and clear of the type of leadership he projects. His organizational skills facilitates a well-run school. He is articulate and diligent, as he had shown these qualities throughout his high school years. He is definitely a team player going above and beyond the call of duty. I am honored and proud to know this caring kindhearted individual. He is a role to follow and is so well deserving of this prestigious award.

Derek Acosta Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso is a class act and there is no better person to be a leader for the kids in the community.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso has always put his students first. The amount of hours he puts in even after school shows how much he truly cares for his school building. He is everything these children need in a world of uncertainty. The middle school and the community of Bogota is truly lucky to have a principal like him.

Dr. Malcolm Lash Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso Is a charismatic and dedicated leader that prides himself on inspiring his students and staff. He exhibits passion and confidence to help push achievement in Bogota Middle School.

Wilson Martinez Posted over a year ago

When I first met Dr.Alfonso I was beginning my first year as a sophomore at Bogota High school. Alfonso has been a great impact in my life, he has always been my go to person if I needed help with anything. If you ever needed help with anything school related or personal problems Alfonso will always have his door open at anytime of the day. Even if he is in a meeting he will always find a time to chat with you. I’m happy to say that Dr.Alfonso was my vice principal at B.H.S. Miss you man

Christopher M. Kelemen Posted over a year ago

The day I was introduced to Dr. Alfonso I knew a real winner entered our community. Since he arrived at Bogota he continues to receive high marks from parents, his colleagues and most importantly his students. He proudly leads an immaculate and positive school showcasing creativity, leadership, pride and plenty of school spirit. Also, Dr. Alfonso has proven to be a great role model and positive leader to those who surround him daily. I am very proud of the contributions he has brought to the Bogota school district and to our borough. He certainly defines the meaning of a genuine “LifeChanger” and certainly deserves my high marks and nothing but the very best.

Dave Naimaister Posted over a year ago

Dr.Alfonso prides himself on being the hardest worker in the room and it shows every day in the way the kids and staff react to him. He's a leader and his first priority is the kids that are in Bogota Middle School and his students that he has mentored in the past.

Andrea Lynch Posted over a year ago

From his first year in the Bogota community, Dr. Alfonso has proven to be a true transformational leader. He holds students to high standards, teaches them the value of growth mindset, and shows them unconditional love. He builds genuine relationships with students and families. Dr. Alfonso promotes a positive, supportive culture among middle school staff. It has been a pleasure working with Erick. This honor is very much deserved- and still only the start of what he will do as a school leader.

Jay Mahoney Posted over a year ago

Erick always puts the students first. He looks for the good in the students. He was extremely helpful to me when I was the basketball coach. He has a unique ability to reach the students that most can’t.

Ruqya-Amira Elouarraq Posted over a year ago

Dr.Alfonso played a critical role in my transition from middle school to high school, and has taught me lessons that I still apply today as a young adult. Not only was his encouragement for achieving my academic endeavors endless, his passion, integrity, and willingness to provide both emotional and educational support to any student in need truly impacted my life substantially.

Marcela Robayo Posted over a year ago

Mr. Alfonso is a passionate professional and a great example to our kids.

Judy Santana Posted over a year ago

I’ve have seen how impactful Erick has been in the life of the young people he serves. His stories and students’ anecdotes show he does his jobs with passion and integrity.

Michael Owens Posted over a year ago

I have been a colleague of Dr Alfonso for over ten years. I was required to shadow an outstanding Education Leader for my masters class. Dr. Alfonso was the first person that came to mind. He was generous with his time and shared his knowledge. The experience of learning from a true leader was invaluable.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

LIFE CHANGER of the YEAR The first time I met with Dr. Alfonso I was immediately impressed by his sincere interest in my perspectives and experiences. I quickly recognized his knowledge, candor, and genuine respect for me as a staff member. Dr. Alfonso immediately drew me into the school community by introducing me to key faculty and facilitating strong and lasting relationships with necessary support staff, my educational team, and closest colleagues. Dr. Alfonso expressed interest in my personal and educational development. He directly supported my professional development in the Wilson Reading Program. He is currently facilitating my completion of the Level Two training by establishing an in school and after school program for student educational development using the WRS reading program and strategies. In addition, Dr. Alfonso has exhibited a strong interest in my doctoral program, and dissertation which focuses on the value of Social Emotional Learning throughout school communities. In addition to valuing the dissertation content, he has expressed a desire to utilize this knowledge base for the benefit of Bogota Middle School. He perceives a great value in my own personal interests and is willing to provide me with opportunities to share and grow as an educator. Right from the start, Dr. Alfonso has consistently indicated a complete and respectful trust in my professional judgment and has completely supported me in the development of my own educational program and classroom operations. He has a strong respect for my personal talents, unique qualities and interests and previous experiences both in and out of the educational arena. In particular, Dr. Alfonso has relied on me and my professional judgement for the operation and development of the Wilson Reading Program, and 6th grade classes. Dr. Alfonso has been a stalwart supporter of my teaching and personal development. His efforts have produced massively successful results for me as an educator in areas of motivation, self-efficacy, and positive attitude. He has renewed my drive, passion and commitment to my school, my students and education in general in a way that I have not experienced before in my many previous educational employments. Above all, Dr. Alfonso is all about communication, follow through, and leading by powerful example. He holds the same high expectations for himself that he holds for others. He has a strong commitment to personal education and development as evidenced by his own continued attendance in professional development, his attainment of his doctoral degree and continued education through a master’s degree program. Dr. Alfonso immediately struck me as a unique individual in the way that he values and supports his staff on a personal level. As mentioned previously, Dr. Alfonso has demonstrated the ability to unite his staff under a common goal and vision, by developing our unique talents and abilities, by motivating us to do our best and break out of our comfort zones and invest time and energy back into the school community. Dr. Alfonso maintains an open-door policy despite his busy schedule and truly embodies the characteristics and qualities necessary to be a successful, charismatic, and transformational leader in our school and community at large. I am so proud to be a member of Dr. Alfonso’s Bogota Middle School community.

Ildalina Garcia Posted over a year ago

Mr.Alfonso saved my life. He was the person the universe knew I needed! I met Mr.Alfonso when I was in the fifth grade, and ever since he’s took me under his wing and been the father figure I needed. Erick Alfonso changed my perspective on life and is the reason I’m growing to be the woman I am. No matter what district, how far away, how long it’s been.. Alfonso has ALWAYS made an effort to be there for me and I’ll never forget that. He’s the reason I went from being the kid who was on the verge of getting kicked out of an arts integrated school to a full time student & worker, working towards graduating high school with both my diploma and my associates. Alfonso changed my complete environment along with my mindset and he never fails to prove that he is always one call away. And what I admire most is that he treats ALL his students the same way, he’s been a sense of comfort & escape from reality for so many students. Alfonso never leaves a place or person the way he found it/them. He creates change in every room he steps in. He will forever be honored by his Union City students and his name will forever hold a place in our district and my heart! It feels great to know after every accomplishment I make, I have someone who truly cares, notice it and motivate me to keep pushing forward.I pray everyone has the opportunity to encounter a soul so pure and genuine like Alfonso’s.

Christopher T Pelletier Posted over a year ago

Erick is extremely dedicated to his students and staff. He cares immensely for everybody and is seen throughout the school talking with the students, building relationships. He is a great example of a leader in every sense of the word.

Olivia Rosado Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso came into the Bogota School District my senior year. Though he wasn’t there throughout most of my highschool career, especially since my senior year was cut short because of COVID, I can definitely say he had a positive impact in my life. He was a strict enforcer of the rules while simultaneously presenting himself as someone you could always trust and go to if you had any sort of problem. I know that I, and many of my peers, held him in high respect because of this. He was an inspiring vice principal, and I wish I could’ve had the chance to have him as an administrator for longer. I hope the middle schoolers are aware of just how lucky they are to call him their principal. I’m so proud of you and all you have achieved, Dr. Alfonso!

Margaret Mulder Posted over a year ago

I have subbed in many buildings and Dr. Alfonso is the Best Administrator I have ever worked with. Caring , helpful and kind are just a few adjectives I can use to describe him. He cares about and treats all the students like they are his own children .So many former students come back to visit and talk with him is a testament to his caring understanding and compassion for them . He wants the best for all his students. Yes he is strict and runs a tight ship but it is only because he wants everyone to achieve their best. He treats his staff as professionals and is always willing to help and jump in when needed. He knows every student's name and greets them with a smile every morning. He can relate to the middle school students like no one I have ever seen. He works long hours to try to give the students the best. The staff , students and Bogota are so lucky to have a one in a million principal like him in their corner.

Aesel Chang Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso is great! He know every child's name. As a parent, you couldn't ask for a better principal. Thank you for all your hard work.

Ana Reynoso Miranda Posted over a year ago

As principal of Bogota Middle School, Dr. Alfonso exhibits the characteristics needed to be a true leader in the school community. He takes time to get to know each student and empower them. He believes in their potential and works diligently to encourage hard work. Dr. Alfonso is fair and consistent. Students, teachers, and family members know what is expected and trust his leadership. He is a great role model for our children.

DAYSI Fabijanczuk Posted over a year ago

I have yet to meet Dr.Alfonso ,but in a small town like Bogota, NJ you hear everything and all I have heard of this principal is great things . And what a wonderful job he is doing in the middle school.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Having known Erick professionally for the past four years, I can attest to the fact that he has a substantial impact on both students and faculty alike. Not only does he go the extra mile in getting to know all of the students in his building, but he also builds lasting bonds that reach far beyond our school walls. As for his staff, he not only supports but assists in building the capacity of each team member. All are encouraged to take on leadership roles and contribute their strengths for the betterment of our entire school community.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Having known Erick professionally for the past four years, I can attest to the fact that he has a substantial impact on both students and faculty alike. Not only does he go the extra mile in getting to know all of the students in his building, but he also builds lasting bonds that reach far beyond our school walls. As for his staff, he not only supports but assists in building the capacity of each team member. All are encouraged to take on leadership roles and contribute their strengths for the betterment of our entire school community.

Idalia Alvarez Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso, you are such a dedicated educator who strives on a daily basis to help our students more, being a positive role model, not only as a principal, as a teacher, but most importantly, as a friend. Your guidance and help is always provided to your staff and every single student you come across with. Being The Middle School Principal has served as your stepping stone giving you the opportunity to achieve educational goals within The Bogota School System and you continue to reach as an exemplary leader when it comes to working with our students, their families, and reaching out to the community in order to get everyone to succeed. Congratulations on your nomination as a LifeChanger of the year, truly well deserved!!

Kristine Alvarez Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso is truly and asset to our community. The Middle School students are truly blessed to have such a dedicated educator in their lives. They will realize this every day and even more so as they continue their education in the future. He is preparing them in so many ways for the future. Again so lucky to have such a dedicated principle.

Sam Chiang Posted over a year ago

It's been a pleasure working with Erick and seeing him work for the staff and students day in and day out. He is always learning for ways to improve the quality of education in his school and is a great human being. Well deserved.

Elaine Margarita Mendez Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso is truly an incredible human being. We met during a Leadership cohort. Every meeting, he brought such positivity and advice. I learned so much from his experiences and was highly motivated by his energy. He leads with love, kindness, and integrity. He’s a role model and a friend. He is 100% a life Changer.

Aaron Salazar Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso is a amazing leader and mentor to the children of Bogota. It is a pleasure to see what he does every day for the success of his staff and students.

Maha Tadros Posted over a year ago

Being my principal as a first year teacher, I will never forget Dr. Alfonso's support and encouragement. He is undoubtedly dedicated to his profession. His verbal greetings to staff and students on a daily basis makes Bogota Middle School a home away from home. He has worked and continues to work countless hours to build our new Middle School and it has come a long way! Dr. Alfonso is truly deserving of the LifeChanger of the Year nomination! Congratulations!

Jeannie Rosado Posted over a year ago

I have the pleasure of seeing Dr. Alfonso at work every day. I love how he interacts with his students in a way that makes him not only their principal, but a friend that they can trust. He is very well-respected and an inspiration to his colleagues as well as the students. I know if I’m ever having difficulties he is right there there to help me. I enjoy school so much more knowing that I have his support. I am proud to see him being recognized for all of his amazing work. Congratulations on your nomination!

Sherry Solomov Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your achievements Dr. Alfonso. You are a true leader and mentor and your love for your profession and dedication to these kids shines everyday. Bogota is so blessed to have to. You add more value than you’ll ever know. We love and appreciate everything you do for our children and community.

Tanya Alarcon Posted over a year ago

Dr Alfonso has been an important asset to our community, our children love him and have strived because of his leadership!! Thank you for all you do !!

Tats Posted over a year ago

I got so much to say about Dr. Alfonso (or Mr. A as we knew him). He was our PE teacher and everyone’s favorite teacher. We had it rough at home. My mother was a single mom workin always and we still was broke. Mr. A saw that me n my siblings were showing up to school starving and not even chewing the cereal they gave us in school. He ended up asking my older brother if we were eating at home. My brother told him that my mom worked at night and we wouldn’t have dinner some nights. Mr. A call our mother to ask if it was was true. After she said yes he asked if it would be cool to send us home with food sometimes. For the next two years Mr. A was ordering food for us twice a week for us. Not having known my father, I can’t really say how a fathers should or shouldn’t be but Mr. A became was the closest thing to it. I hope he knows how much of an impact he had on my life and my family still talk about him. He had it rough to and was cool with telling us about himself and connecting with us. Mr. A was a role model for us and a great example of how teachers should be. So happy to see him doing big things. You go Mr. A! You got this

Chris Hernandez Posted over a year ago

Dr Alfonso is an extraordinary educator, leader, and mentor. He has made a true difference in the lives of the students he works with. He is compassionate and nurturing while still being firm in his guidance of our children. I feel so very fortunate to have Dr Alfonso as my daughter’s educational leader. Dr. Alfonso is a true life changer!

Joan Frey Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr. Alfonso on your nomination. You are an excellent role model for the children of Bogota.

Dr. Gerald Fitzhugh II Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso is a trailblazer in the field of educational leadership. He stands tall as it relates to providing supports to staff and students. He is truly a life changer in every sense of the word!

Domenick Panfile Posted over a year ago

Dr. Erick Alfonso has been very important in my career. His knowledge of education along with his love of children is incredible. I have worked with Erick in multiple schools in New Jersey. He has been a mentor to me and I’m a better teacher because of him! Whether it be EPCS or Hoboken, Erick has been terrific to work with and will continue to do great things in the future! Thanks Erick! You’re the man!

Luna Posted over a year ago

First arriving to Bogota I felt out of place like I don’t belong. When I stepped foot on school. Dr. Alfonso welcomed me with open arms. I can’t say i’m not the perfect kid but he helped me through thick and thin. When I would get in trouble he wouldn’t just yell at me. He would change my perspective on the situation and helped me change for the better. Dr. Alfonso is a welcoming really understanding principal and person that will help you through whatever you need. And help you overcome any challenge you face during the time in school. He is truly a life changer!

Gianna Dos Santos Posted over a year ago

I am very happy for Dr. Alfonso. He is a very caring,loving,supporting,bright, and outstanding principal. He is always there when something is not going well. He is a very good listener and always knows how to make you feel better no matter what the problem you are dealing with. The Middle School is very lucky to have him as their principal. He is always ready for a new day and always positive about the day. He is always happy and cheerful and sure knows how to make a Monday feel like a Friday. I am very happy that Dr. Alfonso is one of the many Life Changers. Every Student he meets he will treat them like they are his kids which would always make you feel safe all the time when you are with him.

Janaya Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso lights up people's day when they come into school upset or anything like that. Dr Alfonso is a great person but not only that but a great principal

Keydee Rodriguez Posted over a year ago

I’m more than proud of Dr. Alfonso. I graduated in 2021 from bogota high school. Since then Dr. Alfonso and I still keep in touch. I had trouble opening up to anyone in school about my personal life but he made it a safe space for myself alongside all students in bogota to open up in a judge free zone. I wish I had met him earlier in life but I feel blessed to know him at all. My senior year I found out I was going to become a mom, it was the happiest yet most terrifying moment of my life. He made sure I didn’t feel judged but supported during it all. We would talk for hours on the phone, he explained to me my options. I decided to keep my babygirl and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Juliana loves him, you deserve this and so much more pa!

Bill Scarnaty Posted over a year ago

I have been a public school teacher for thirty years. In that time, I have had the pleasure of working with some very good Principals and Administrators. This past year I was honored to work with the BEST. Dr. Alfonso has had a tremendous positive influence on his students and his staff. Dr. Alfonso is always present and committed to both his staff and students. He treats his students as if they were his own children, and his concern for their well being is unparalleled. Dr.Alfonso was given the responsibility of a new Middle School last year. He accepted that responsibility in the only way he knows; giving all of himself. This included painting every classroom by himself the summer before the school opening. He wanted to be certain his students walked into a “new and beautiful” school on day one. I have witnessed Dr. Alfonso’s compassion in helping students who were having difficulty adapting to school. As a result many of those students enjoyed a positive school experience both academically and socially. Our public schools need more people like Dr. Alfonso. People who truly care and work tirelessly and selflessly to make the lives of our children better. I’m honored to know, and work with, Dr. Alfonso

Kathleen Molina Posted over a year ago

Congratulations on your nomination Dr. Alfonso!

Marta Posted over a year ago

Always the hardest worker in the room!! Blessed to have worked with Erick. He’s kind, generous and fair. I’m happy for all the great things coming his way!

A. Cacioppo Posted over a year ago

Working with Dr. Erick Alfonso in Hoboken Public Schools was an impactful experience: his leadership and ethics created environments of success for each pocket of public education he directed. Daily interactions with students cultivated a student body that felt seen and respected. As colleagues, it was clear he had never lost touch with the purpose of teaching: caring for the youth. He genuinely supports his teachers and aids in life changing experiences for those in his school. “Life changer of the year” is shy of truly honoring Dr. Alfonso’s continually growing legacy in public education, “life changer of a lifetime”.

Anonymous Posted over a year ago

Dr. Alfonso is, by far, the best administrator in the entire Bogota Public Schools district!

Lynn Demetrakis Posted over a year ago

So happy & proud of Dr. Alfonso for his nomination to LifeChanger of the Year. The words expressed in the nomination ring true. Dr.Alfonso strives to create an inclusive and welcoming for all at Bogota Middle School! Congratulations, Dr Alfonso!

Bob Calleja Posted over a year ago

Eric is a highly capable, highly energized, highly motivated, connected, sensitive, effective, hard working, moral, people person and administrator, who is inspirational just to be around~