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Molly Westring

Position: Elementary School Counselor
School: The Lucille Umbarger School
School District: Burlington-Edison School District
City, State: Burlington, WA

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Molly Westring was nominated by Kevin Johnson, her principal.

"To observe the care that Molly Westring gives to students and their families is to watch compassion, empathy, and love in action," said Johnson. "Molly is the textbook definition of the word 'kind,' and I do not mean that disingenuously at all - she is absolutely the kindest person I know. She can connect with traditionally marginalized students in a way that's rare to find in schools."

Ms. Westring is solution-oriented, but not at the cost of losing sight of the individual student she works with. Ms. Westring is the advisor of her school's PRIDE club (in both the elementary and middle schools). The PRIDE club is the most vibrant and active club on campus. She has helped students become advocates for themselves and others in the most equitable ways. A prime example is the PRIDE club wall, which students created to share the definitions of gender and sexual identifications.

"Molly is also often the first to jump at the opportunity to visit a family in need. She's ready to go into action when called upon. We are a much better organization with Molly as a faculty member," said Johnson.