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Deniz Perrino

Position: School Counselor
School: Beddingfield High School
School District: Wilson County Schools
City, State: Wilson, NC

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Deniz Perrino was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

"Mrs. Perrino is always happy and encouraging to staff and students," said the colleague. "If you are having a bad day, all you have to do is stop in her office for a piece of candy and a warm welcome. Mrs. Perrino is always there for the students during the good and bad times. When a student is struggling with something at home or school, they can go to her for help. She is always willing to listen and provide guidance and encouragement on tackling a problem."

She is also there to celebrate when the students have done well. A few weeks before her nomination, she helped spearhead a celebration for the seniors on the 12th day of school for their 12th year. She also cheered on the seniors as they marched around school and ended at the cafeteria for a celebratory breakfast.

Mrs. Perrino also helps with the AVID program and coordinates college tours to show students that college is possible and what college campuses are like. Mrs. Perrino can always be found around the school with her bubbly personality checking in with students and staff for various reasons. She is not one to sit in her office when she could be out in the school, spreading school spirit and encouragement. She also assists with a club sponsored by a local restaurant. Last year, her club sponsored a fun day for exceptional children from Beddingfield and a local middle school.

"Mrs. Perrino is always trying to come up with fun, creative ideas to get the students excited about school," explains the colleague.

Comments (20)

Tawana Ellis Posted 12 months ago

Mrs.Perrino has been such a supportive and encourager towards my kids. She has always been there for them through the good and bad days, she exemplifies what a counselor should be and she genuinely cares for her students. I truly thank her for being the wonderful person n teacher she is!

Rubi Jaimes Posted 12 months ago

Mrs.Perrino is the best counselor ever!! She is always so supportive of her students, she goes above and beyond for everyone. She always tries to help and you can tell that she’s very passionate about what she does! She is what kept me going senior year! No matter what I always knew that she would be there for me and help me the best she could! She will forever hold a special place in my heart!

Madeline Mendoza Posted 12 months ago

I was more than lucky to have Mrs. Perrino as a counselor and a great friend she was always there for me supporting me in any way she could and not only me she's there for any student who needs her help very grateful and proud of her !!

Kenny Posted 12 months ago

Ms Perrino impacted my life she was there for me and was a ear for me when my mother had passed and I appreciated her concern she was worried about my well being she was sweet and listened so I’d like to support her for the life changer of the year

Leo mendoza Posted 12 months ago

Mrs.perrino is a really hardworking counselor. She made my senior fun and I had the opportunity to build a bond with her. She go up and beyond for student and made time for others when she had a lot of weight on her shoulder. Mrs.perrino also changed my view of college and got me to try collage. She helped my senior year feel so easy and even today she helps past graduates.

Priscila Alvarez Posted 12 months ago

Mrs. Perrino has helped me so much even after I graduated high school. I was not sure if I wanted to go to college or what to do if I went. She helped me with figuring out what I wanted to study and was one of the biggest influences on me and still is to this day. I love her so much and i’m very thankful because without her I would not be where I am now.

Lavonte’ M Posted 12 months ago

Always keep pushing never give up it don’t matter if your sick, hurt, in pain or tired keep pushing and always make sure yourself is good #2023BHS

Arnitra Gilliam Posted 12 months ago

Congratulations on your nomination!!!

Trent Mayo Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Perrino is THE BEST! She is always there to celebrate a student's accomplishments, and to encourage and uplift in times of need. She is positive, kind, and generous of time and love for the students. It brings me joy to see such a great role model interact with all of us throughout the school. We at Beddingfield High School are so lucky and proud to have her help us throughout each school day, and really, just to know her. Thank you Deniz for all that you do!

Ayanna Fuller Posted over a year ago

Even though she wasn’t my assigned counselor she treated me like she was. I could call on her for anything and she would always get it done. She always stayed on us but I know it was because she cares! There’s no better place for a person like Perrino than where she is now, helping young adults accomplish their goals! Not to mention she’s super fun & goofy!

Mirical Savage Posted over a year ago

I just wanted to say thank you for everything!!! You always did your best whether it was pushing students to reach a goal , or trying to get them to reach their highest potential!!! I really appreciate everything . Thank you so much for making a difference ??. Continue to be great!

Zachary Heath Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Perrino is a person I can go to for anything. I’m a graduate of Beddingfield High School (Class of 2022) and I still keep in touch to this day. She has helped me through a bunch of tough times. She truly cares about every student whether she’s their counselor or not. And her door is always open for people to talk to her. She also likes the music of a rapper that I’ve been listening to for a while by the name of Big $ Z. We have good taste.

Jyindia Lewis Posted over a year ago

I really don’t think you could ever find a person that warms your heart like Perrino seriously. She always made me feel at home away from home and if it wasn’t for her I don’t think I would have survived high school. Thank you for all you do Perrino we love you!!!

Jyindia Lewis Posted over a year ago

I really don’t think you could ever find a person that warms your heart like Perrino seriously. She always made me feel at home away from home and if it wasn’t for her I don’t think I would have survived high school. Thank you for all you do Perrino we love you!!!

Ashlyn Walker Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Perrino was literally my ROCK through high school I couldn’t have gotten through it with out her! I always knew if I needed anything AT ALL whether it be to listen to me rant or a shoulder to cry on I knew that Mrs. Perrino was ALWAYS and still is there for me!

Chason Galloway Posted over a year ago

I was blessed to have Mrs. Perrino as my guidance counselor. She has helped me from my first day of High School. Rather it was about school or dealing with outside of school situations, to even helping me after graduation. She has always supported me.

Azzire Farmer Posted over a year ago

I met Mrs.Perrino my freshman year of highschool and she has been by my side ever since while i’m currently a senior. She has been nothing but great, I wish I could find the words to describe how great she is but there’s none to describe her. If there was a world full of Mrs.Perrino’s we would all definitely be well taken care of. She’s the most supportive, caring, and loving person ever!

Nicole Duenas Posted over a year ago

Always has a positive attitude! Supports her students no matter what.

Jabria Harrison Posted over a year ago

Mrs.perrino is a literal life changer. She Changed my life and I love her so much for it?? I wouldn’t have gotten through all 4 years without her!

Coral Ochoa Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Perrino is the most supportive person ever and I could not have gotten through senior year without her!