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Elizabeth Jones

Position: World Language Teacher
School: Pocomoke High School
School District: Worcester County Public Schools
City, State: Pocomoke, MD

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Elizabeth Jones was nominated by her principal, Annette Wallace.

Ms. Jones is a true LifeChanger who has demonstrated her leadership through her school’s Project 100 initiative. Project 100 is the goal for every student at Pocomoke High School to get an education beyond high school. This education can be through college, university, trade school, or the United States Military. Ms. Jones serves as a member of the Vanguard team for Project 100, the leadership team for the initiative. She went above and beyond her role on that committee, personally taking on students in order to help them make their dream of college a reality. In Pocomoke, over 70% of students come from homes of poverty, and need a lot of additional support gaining entrance to college and figuring out the financial challenges of attending college.

Ms. Jones takes her personal time to take African American girls on trips to historically black colleges and universities in order to help them make decisions about the best college fit. In addition, she brings in counselors from the local community college to assist with financial aid, and lines up home visits in order to get the paper work needed to help students complete the financial aid. Without Ms.Jones, these students would not be in the position to get an education beyond high school. Ms.Jones is not only a game changer for students, she is a LifeChanger. She changes the trajectory of African American girls' lives, one student at a time.


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Comments (15)

zoe nichols Posted over a year ago

she’s such an amazing teacher, really makes a difference and an impact in kids lives.

Kylie Mohler Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jones is a teacher that gets to know each of her kids personally and takes pride in her job. As she teaches us students, she knows how adapt her plans if we do not get or are struggling with something. She makes Spanish easy to learn even if it is difficult to learn. She truly deserves life changer of the year because she goes above and beyond for each and every one of her students.

Ellen Wallace Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jones changes lives everyday. I have witnessed first had how she goes the extra mile for all her students. She might drive them to visit a college or take them shopping for a graduation dress. She is daily on the phone with students to their college of choice assisting them in accepting the Financial aid or advising them on career paths. She is so deserving of this award..

Matthew Record Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jones is a rock star. She is always there for kids and she helps and perseveres with students whether it's a personal and/or academic problem. She challenges kids to reach their highest potential; she celebrates their successes and she hugs them through their trials . I've seen this firsthand for a number of years . She stays after school, she comes early, she's always willing to help kids out. She is a true life changer .

Melissa Ridgway Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jones will always stand out as one of my favorite teachers because of the environment she created in her classroom. It's not easy for all teachers to keep their students engaged & encouraged to learn but that is one thing she always succeeded with. She continues to build positive relationships with her students that last long after graduation. Ms. Jones deserves acknowledgement for her creativity & passion for educating.

Jenifer Rayne Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jones is a fantastic teacher who makes and maintains wonderful relationships with her students. Her creativity and incorporation of technology in all of her classes engages each and every learner. We are all so lucky to have Ms. Jones at PHS!

Kourtney Press Posted over a year ago

The BEST Spanish teacher ever; very loving, caring, and playful teacher. You could always count on a great laugh and an even better learning experience.

Leah Posted over a year ago

She was one of the most dedicated and entertaining language teachers I have ever had. She made learning Spanish fun.. if only I listened to her in high school when she told us how handy being bilingual would be. She will always be one of the most memorable teacher's I have had.

Holli Smith Posted over a year ago

Elizabeth is the best. When she was young, I taught that sweet little girl swimming. Watching her grow and mature into a role model and excellent teacher is a joy. No one deserves this award more. Congratulations. U have chosen the right educator??

Amy Luppens Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Jones is one of those teachers that make an impact that lasts a lifetime on her students, and she is so deserving of the LifeChanger award. It's been 18 years since I was in her classroom and I can still remember some of her favorite sayings and quotes (in Spanish, mind you). She entertains and challenges her students... a rare, yet essential combination needed to make successful teacher. I completed the highest foreign language level possible in high school because of her influence, and later went on to advanced studies in college and abroad. Some of the most positive and life-shaping experiences took place as an indirect influence of her teaching. I now work for a small nonprofit and I have the privilege of interacting with Mrs. Jones on a professional level. She continues to inspire her students to do more than just study... she pushes them to make a difference in their community and beyond.

Stephanie Hearn Posted over a year ago

Although Spanish is a pretty cool class to take in high school, I'm pretty sure most of us signed up year after year to get daily face-time with Señora Jones. She was always someone you could talk to, ask questions about college, ask for a recommendation, etc. She is certainly someone I would call a LifeChanger!

Ebonie Byrd Posted over a year ago

I love me some Mrs. Jones! She was like my school mom. I had the pleasure of being her student for 3 years and she was my favorite teacher EVER! I've never seen her give up on anyone no matter what the circumstances. I've been privileged to stay in contact with Mrs Jones even after I graduated 13 years ago. This nomination is well deserved.

Kim Nutter Posted over a year ago

Congratulations! So proud of you for taking on the challenge of helping these young ladies further their education.

Brian Cook Posted over a year ago

Ms. Jones is a dynamic educator, mentor, and Life Changer for students in the Pocomoke community. Her impact alters the trajection of students' lives for those she comes in contact. It is a blessing to have her apart of the Pocomoke family.

Terri Batson Posted over a year ago

Elizabeth is truly deserving of this award because she sincerely cares about the future of the students at Pocomoke High School. Even as a single parent, Elizabeth takes time from her busy schedule to help serve on committees, support fundraisers and chaperone field trips for the students at Pocomoke High School. This school year she took a group of girls interested in attending Morgan State University to the college and spent the day attending events with them. She was just as excited as they were when they each student found out on that day that they were accepted to Morgan State. She continued to help each of them with their financial aid information by calling Morgan on several occasions to make sure they had what they needed to attend. All of this while making sure her own daughter was straight to attend college in the fall. She also went above and beyond by helping one of our students shop for her graduation dress and shoes because she was not able to do so other wise. Elizabeth is a team player and one of the most caring teachers at Pocomoke High School!