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Matthew Colantonio

Position: Principal
School: O’Donnell Middle School
School District: Stoughton Public Schools
City, State: Stoughton , MA

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Matthew Colantonio was nominated by Robert Howard, Jr, his assistant principal.

"Mr. Colantonio provided me with an opportunity that I had long given up on," said Howard. "I am now an assistant principal after 26 years of teaching 8th grade math. I looked students in their faces telling them if they dream big and have faith, then they can overcome any challenges that come their way."

Mr. Colantonio is known in his community for being a great person. He always try to help those in need when he can.

"He interviewed me and hired me within a week's time," said Howard. "The cool thing is that he let me know that it was because of my credentials, not my skin."

Mr. Colantonio holds people accountable. He pushes people to be the best version of themselves.

"I nominate Mr. Colantonio because he changed my life, along with the lives of many before and after me," explains Howard. "It's clear that every day, he strives to be better, to believe, to build people up, to empathize, and to seek greatness! It's inspiring! Mr. Colantonio is very deserving of this award. He has a positive effect in many people's lives."

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Alicia Tilley Posted over a year ago

Mr Howard, I completely agree with tou about Mr Colantonio. Mr C always goes above and beyond. He takes the time to get to know everyone within his building. He knows all the staff but he also gets to know all of his students within the building. This is a challenge for any principal but with only three years to get to know his student body, Mr Colantonio excels. Not to mention the challenge of COVID with everyone wearing masks but Mr Colantonio can still acknowledge students by name when many of us were still struggling. Mr Colantonio finds the positive with every person and with every situation. As for being the principal of a middle school that could be challenging each day but this occurs genuinely with him. He can call a student out on a behavior situation with positive corrections which allows the students to self correct it or rethink this situation. Mr Colantonio makes the O'Donnell Middle a positive place to work, educate and strive for a better tomorrow for all who have a privilege to be within his building.