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Monique Badal

Position: School Counselor
School: Central Avenue Elementary School
School District: The School District of Osceola County
City, State: Kissimmee, FL

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Monique Badal was nominated by Wallene Kingston, her colleague.

"Ms. Badal is one of the school counselors at Central Avenue Elementary," said Kingston. "She helps students develop coping skills and positive attitudes. During the school day, she organizes small groups. When she's not doing groups, she's encouraging students to be at their best. She is very deserving of this award!"

Comments (15)

Paul Mears Posted 12 months ago

I have known Monique all her life and her work as a school’s counselor is the manifestation of her childhood dreams. In fact, I think her formal education only gave her the ‘coupons’ for her to practice her gift of connecting with others and influencing alternative thinking. I am truly pleased to see her using this gift and harnessing her developed skills to guide young minds. I am more pleased that her passion for the students of Central Avenue Elementary School. I remember her excitement when she was offered the position and the enthusiasm that she entered her role. It was such that had this old teacher wanting to work alongside her. I really cannot think of anyone that is more worthy of the life changer of the year award. I concur with the recommendation that Monique Badal be affirmed in her commitment to change lives at Central Avenue Elementary School.

Allain Etienne Posted 12 months ago

It was only a matter of time before Ms. Badal was recognized in such a way for her continued efforts! Though I’m finding out about this nomination later than most, I’m far from surprised. She continues to go above and beyond for her students and her team, putting herself aside and I’m honored to be able to contribute to this endeavor in recognizing Ms. Badal. I don’t know anyone who could be more apt and and suitable.

Shakuanda Holt Posted over a year ago

I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Badal at Central Avenue Elementary School. She goes above and beyond everyday to make sure her student's needs are met as best as she can. Ms. Badal works tirelessly for CAES. Her students know she keeps an open door policy and is always available to hear their concerns or news they come to share. She is a team player and is very committed and dedicated to the school. I could not think of a better educator for this nomination!

Ajai Johnson Posted over a year ago

Through her attention to detail, patience and keen gift to encourage and inspire, Monique has exceeded the qualifications and descriptions of what it means to be a School Counselor. Often times, our youth may not have access to someone with the capacity to hear and see them and Monique does that and more, selflessly. She appeals to their needs and opinions through tone, posture and presence, all while considering previous discussions or the youths personal history to better appeal to them in the moment. She follows up, asks questions, is innovative in her skillset (coping strategies, activities for her students, how to be better involved with teachers and parents etc.) and can do her job in her sleep. The students of Central Avenue are beyond blessed to have a gift like Monique as she's truly found and is pursuing purpose through them. Monique if overdue for such a prestigious award as her impact speaks for itself. Her qualifications, her experience and the feedback given speak to her character, that will lead to her presence being unforgettable for the rest of their lives. Go Monique!

Natasha Posted over a year ago

Thank you for your kindness towards everyone you encounter. There is always a gentle spirit when you enter a room and never waivers. A great counselor to all.

Madeline Brown Posted over a year ago

Ms. Badal creates and maintains meaningful relationships with every student at our school. Every student know Ms. Badal is there to help them with whatever they need at that time. She works to make sure all students feel supported and capable of meeting their goals.

Amber Dewar Posted over a year ago

An effective school counselor plays an important role in the lives of students by guiding them through challenges and experiences. However, Ms., Badal is much more than a school counselor to our students. She is a role model, leader, and most importantly a safe space for our kids. Her effective communication skills, empathy for students, and knowingness of when to act in situations makes her detrimental to the success at Central Avenue Elementary. Students gravitate to her warming and inviting demeanor. Students know that they can count on Ms. Badal to be there through the good and bad. There is never a dull moment in the day for Ms. Badal whether she is counseling our girl mentor groups and meeting with students and parents individually. It is for this reason that Ms. Badal deserves the Life Changer award.

Dawn Kinder Posted over a year ago

Ms.Badal is a very compassionate and sympathetic counselor. In addition to this, she has unconditional regard to her engagement with clients. She puts her clients first and always makes sure to maintain relationships even after the students have moved on to the next grade and have made great progress.

Eva Scarlett Posted over a year ago

Monique was always able to relate to children of all ages. Monique’s caring, loving, and protective traits make her a great person and a great school counselor. Monique calls me every evening on her way home from work to talk about her day, and as I listen to her I can hear the love and affection she has for her children. Her students’ well-being is always her top priority. She is very understanding of each student’s individual needs and is always empathetic towards them. She creates bonds with her students by listening to them and allowing them to express themselves. She has a strong relationship with her students. Monique, I am so very proud of you and the person you are. You are very deserving of this award!

Ms. Cepeda Posted over a year ago

Thank you for all the support and caring attitude with all my students. Your kindness and professionalism had been of great impact at our school.

Charisse Posted over a year ago

There is no one more deserving of this nomination. I love the dedication and passion you put in to counseling your students. I have first had seen the amount of work and time you have put in to hone your craft. You are a extreme asset to Central! Please keep up the amazing work!

Lissette Bonilla Posted over a year ago

As my colleague, they could not have chosen a better person for this award. She is dedicated, honest, and advocating for our students is ALWAYS her priority. She goes above and beyond for our families looking for the well-being of our community. She deserves that and much more. I learn from her daily. Count my vote for Life changer of the year.

Chevaughn Posted over a year ago

Ms. Badal has a heart of gold and truly has a passion to bring out the best in others. Exemplifying encouragement and compassion are just a few of her characteristics that she exudes to her students on a daily basis.

Nicole Harris-Lord Posted over a year ago

Monique has always been compassionate and determined to impact the lives of students . Her hard work and dedication as a school counselor has initiated mental health awareness , education initiatives to support all levels of learning and most of all provided a safe space for students to express their concerns and challenges . Monique is beyond deserving of this award and will continue to impact the lives of others !

Marla Matos Posted over a year ago

I am so grateful to be your colleague and your friend. You are an amazing school counselor that goes above and beyond for the students that you serve. Your dedication, kind words and support is what our students need. I am so proud of you and your hard work!