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Shavon Lowe

Position: School Counselor
School: Bragg Elementary School
School District: West Memphis School District
City, State: West Memphis, AR

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Sonya R Watson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Lowe not only love her West Memphis School District but she love her church and Church Members (Mt. Zion). Mrs. Lowe thank you for always showing and producing love to everyone!

Story Posted over a year ago

Shavon has the biggest heart. She always goes above & beyond for her students. Her love for children & enthusiasm is unmatched!

Tracy Valentine Posted over a year ago

With tears of happiness for Shavon Lowe for being recognized as a nominee makes me happy. She is more than deserving of this. She mends hearts, feeds the needy, volunteers, plays super hero, and much more. I have come to believe she knows everything about everyone. If you are going through something in a particular moment somehow she knows about it and will call or stop by to lift you up. I cannot wait to see what she has in her future. All I can say is if she is not a part of your life you are missing out on one of God’s angel.

Edwina Bryant Posted over a year ago

Shavon is the true definition of what building relationships can do for any child!!! She LOVES her job and is extremely full of joy. She NEVER has a bad day and gives 1 million percent everyday! Just watch when she wins she’s gonna give you that level of high that takes you to new heights in education! Shavon Lowe deserves this award!

Yvonne Tomlin Posted over a year ago

Shavon exhibits the kind of love, joy and enthusiasm for every child I've observed her around. Her energy is magnetic and spreads through out. I recently observed her loving and caring abilities with a child that followed her as she came to greet me. The child was so attached to her and Shavon displayed a sense of attachment to the child and spoke lovely and kind to the child. Which boost the child's spirit tremendously. Shavon really is awesome.

Pam McCoy Posted over a year ago

Shavon you are awesome. I love working with you, you go hard for your students. Keep up great job!!??

Dionne Harris Posted over a year ago

Shavon is joy to work with and brings light to those in her path. She gives unselfishly and is undeniably a champion for children. She is a cheerleader for her children and a fighter for the underdog. You deserve it Shalowe. I love you!

Candy Vaughn Posted over a year ago

She has been my children counselor, as well as cheering for them at games! I love her energy and cheering with me on Friday nights when we support the Blue Devils.

Erika Thomas Posted over a year ago

Shavon Lowe is the epitome of a Professional School Counselor. When you look up the word school counselor, I see a picture of Mrs. Lowe. Her love for her students is shown daily. She is truly a CHAMPION and ADVOCATE for ALL students in the West Memphis School District!

Sheila Grissom Posted over a year ago

Shavon Lowe is one of the most student centered educators I have ever had the honor to serve students with. Sue is a true life changer!

Veola Cannon Posted over a year ago

Shavon Lowe is the most deserving person I know to be recognized for this honor or any honor acknowledging someone that goes above and beyond. She is certainly a superwoman! She have inspired me in many ways when it comes to working with young children and ways to help them grow and develop. Shavon is a very selfless person and always think of others. She is the most supportive mom and love being supported. When you support her and her nation she will definitely let you know she appreciates it. Shavon is a superwoman and super mom. I know she changes lives in a positive way! Keep doing what you do Shavon! It will payoff! ??

Allison Covington Posted over a year ago

Shavon has been my inspiration as a teacher since day one. The relationships and support and energy she brings into a school cannot be matched. She is a life changer for not only her students, but the teachers and people she encounters every day.

LaTarsha Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Lowe is a bright light in a dim world. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her support of students during school hours as well as after is unparalleled.

Kendrick Barbee Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Shavon Lowe is one of the first people students see when walking into the front doors of the school. She greets them with a smile and laughter every morning. All students who she comes in contact with know for a fact that they are loved. She is more than just an educator, she’s a listening ear to students and adults. It is evident that she enjoys what she does! Thank you Mrs. Lowe for always going above and beyond for students and teachers!

Tamika Burnett Posted over a year ago

This video may not capture what Shavon does on a daily basis at her school; but definitely depicts how she makes her students feel! Remember the famous quote by Maya Angelou, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This quote is why I chose to nominate Shavon Lowe for this amazing recognition. Shavon gives 110% to her students and staff daily. Shavon has four children that are actively involved in school and sports; she provides the same amount of her energy to her own children. After school, she also works at the Boys and Girls Club and energetically pours into those students as well. Her cheerleading is carried over to the weekend while she supports her students at their activities. She is a non-stop professional school counselor! She is always positive, upbeat, encouraging, and motivating. Shavon spearheads awesome school programs that provide uplifting messages to her students. In almost 20 years serving as an educator, Shavon's light has not dimmed! She is an ongoing inspiration to both her current and former students. She is our district's Energizer Bunny!!! And she is most deserving of this Life Changer of the Year award! For those who know Shavon, please express your supportive comments on why she should be selected for this unique recognition. #LCOY