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Richard Montgomery

Position: Behavior Interventionist, Grades 3-5
School: Kenneth Gardner Elementary School
School District: Williamsburg County School District
City, State: Kingstree, SC

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Richard Montgomery was nominated by Berlinda N. Mack, his principal.

Mr. Montgomery's job duties include working with students to eliminate disruptive and harmful behaviors and replace them with positive behaviors and actions. He works with the students to develop targeted strategies to reduce problematic behaviors and encourages productive behaviors through positive reinforcement. Mr. Montgomery provides ongoing assessments of progress, conflict resolution, and crisis intervention. He goes above and beyond the scope of his duties to ensure that the students have the support they need to eliminate and reduce negative behaviors in school.  

"Mr. Montgomery is very dedicated to his job and the profession, and he gives so much of himself to our school community," explains Mack.

Mr. Montgomery arrives to work early every morning dressed in his starched shirt and necktie to assist with bus duty. He is the first person that students see when they exit the bus. He is there to offer encouraging words and support, which motivates students to start their day off on a positive note.

"As they get off the bus, you'll hear him say, 'Have a good day,' 'I know you can do it,' and other words of encouragement," said Mack.

Mr. Montgomery is the last to leave every day as he serves on afternoon bus duty. He is there until the last bus leaves. He assists with ensuring students are loaded on the appropriate bus and communicates with the drivers any concerns that may be helpful to ensure a safe trip home and to de-escalate unnecessary behavior issues.
Mr. Montgomery is a role model in his school. He is very easy-going and soft-spoken, yet this gentle-natured man has the respect and admiration of every student in the school, especially the male population. Mr. Montgomery has a manner in which he relates and communicates positively with them. Mr. Montgomery is active in the community, serving as a long-time coach for the local high school and county recreational football teams. His former and current players respect and regard him as a man of character and integrity. Mr. Montgomery is a leader in his community and church, as well as a devoted husband, father, and grandfather. 

What makes Mr. Montgomery stand out from the others is that he began his career in the school as a custodian. He worked his way up to head custodian and then transitioned as the Behavior Interventionist for the school. During his time as custodian, he built a strong relationship with the students and provided the support and mentorship many of the students needed. Then, he was recruited as a school-level mentor, eventually becoming chair of the Man Power Boys Club. His work with this program paved the way for his hiring as the Behavior Interventionist for the school.

"This brings us to why we're here," said Mack. "I could go on and on about Mr. Richard Montgomery, but this award speaks for itself. A LifeChanger is someone who 'has an effect that is strong enough to change someone's life.' Mr. Montgomery has certainly changed the lives of many of our students throughout his time at Kenneth Gardner Elementary," said Mack. "He has a way of working with students and people in general, and everything about him shows that he has a genuine love and concern for helping people. We have seen students move from displaying very violent behaviors to becoming class leaders and honor students. This work is reflected in our school-wide discipline data and student achievement levels showing academic growth."

Mr. Montgomery is hardworking, trustworthy, and dedicated.

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Mary Montgomery Posted over a year ago

Mr. J. Richard Montgomery is a true leader at home, in the community and at work. I have the privilege of his leadership skills in all aspects and commend him for his gentle but firm nature/nurture. He is a true believer and lives his life in a way that makes it easy to follow him as the head of our household. A great Son, Husband, Father, Pa-Pa (Grandfather), Brother, Deacon, Employee, Mentor, Friend, and Coach (football). He is truly the apple of my eye and I am proud that he means so much to others. CONGRATULATIONS on this nomination sweetheart. I am so proud of you. Go ahead and take your bow! #MyHighSchoolSweetHeart

Sophia Gamble Posted over a year ago

He is a kind, respectful, and dedicated employee for WCSD.

Tyvrianna Myers Posted over a year ago

Uncle Richard as I normally calls him, but today Mr. Montgomery you deserve this and more. Your smile lights up a room and your strong and firm tone stops movements. I wish you the very best and Congratulations again!

Brian Smith Posted over a year ago

Mr. Montgomery is always a positive force in our kids lives. He is constantly encouraging them to be great.

Sheronda Evans Posted over a year ago

Thanks for everything that you do! I may not know of you personally, but reading this touched me! This definitely painted a picture of who you are and the impact that you're having on both the students and staff. I applaud what you're doing and again Congrats!!!!!

Lerlisa McCollough Posted over a year ago

Mr. R. Montgomery is an awesome leader at Kenneth Gardner Elementary School. He is always positive and expects the best from his students, and the faculty at KGES. The kids love him! He is well respected by the kiddos. The kids look up to him as if he were their dad or grand-dad. Submitted by: L. McCollough (Teacher)

Jarvese L. Johnson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Richard Montgomery, It is a pleasure to work along with you. Each day, you tirelessly labor to provide support to us educators as we maintain a wholesome, nurturing, encouraging, engaging classroom environment that is conducive for learning. Thank you for being a wonderful team player. Without any questions and/or reservations, you are most deserving of this recognition. ???? Congratulations, Mr. R. Montgomery!! ???? Educationally yours, Mr. J. L. Johnson

Donna Palmer Posted over a year ago

WOW! NO one is more deserving of this honor than Mr. Montgomery! He is a mentor, father-figure, and coach for every child who could really use a listening ear, encouraging word, or comforting pat-on-the back. I had the privilege and honor of working with Mr. Montgomery for four years. During that time, He was a champion for all children. Doing more than leading by example, Mr., Montgomery chose to take the high road, even with children who had many challenges. This is a unique opportunity to speak volumes about someone whose warm smile, gentle but firm nature, and sincere respect quietly catapult Him to excellence. I am honored! CONGRATULATIONS! Donna

Stevee Scott Posted over a year ago

Job well done! Mr. Montgomery is a phenomenal person who aims to make a difference. Keep shining!

Kimberly Carraway Posted over a year ago

Mr. Montgomery is a life changer to all that embrace his presence. Mr. Montogmery, I genuinely appreciate you being yourself and allowing God to work in you. You are a positive change and a breath of fresh air to Kenneth Gardner Elementary School. Continue to allow your heart to lead. Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to allow me to vent.

Valerie Cooper Posted over a year ago

Your dedication to our team hasn’t gone unnoticed. You have made a great impact in our students lives.

Quintina Fulton Posted over a year ago

Mr. Montgomery hats off to you. May your work will speak for you. You are great person to work with, also you give great inspiration words. Keep up the great work that you display.

Crystal C Salters Posted over a year ago

Mr. Montgomery is a great person! He is a true example of a leader. He supports the teachers as well as helps our students.

Angela Whittington Posted over a year ago


Desmond Collington Posted over a year ago

Mr. Montgomery is a breath of fresh air. He is always the same person even when he is having a bad day. The kids adore him and the staff really respect him.

Bridgette Rodgers Posted over a year ago

To a wonderful person and leader, Congratulations!