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Sharon Forman

Position: School Counselor
School: Rivelon Elementary School
School District: Orangeburg Consolidated School District
City, State: Orangeburg, SC

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Dr. Sharon M. Forman was nominated by her colleague, Marilyn Greene.

Dr. Forman is an educator who has served as an avid elementary school counselor for the past 20+ years at Rivelon Elementary School in Orangeburg Consolidated School District. She is dedicated to the students, their families, the school’s community, and the Rivelon Tiger Family. Dr. Forman has developed a trusting relationship with the students and their parents. Therefore, she has cooperation from the parents when she is working with the students to change undesirable behaviors.

Dr. Forman supports her school’s administration team by counseling the students who need additional counseling after being referred for disciplinary action, attendance issues, and/or everyday life issues. She does individual and group counseling with the students. Dr. Forman is also very instrumental in scheduling programs and events that will further enhance the students’ awareness of issues that they face daily and in the future. Her guidance program is centered on teaching students to make positive decisions, cultural diversity, and character development.


  • Member of the School’s Administrative Team
  • School Intervention Team Leader
  • Serves as assistant school test coordinator
  • Provides individual and group counseling
  • Assists with grant proposals
  • Girl Circle Program

Serves as the chairperson of various school committees:

  • College and Career Readiness,
  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU),
  • Red Ribbon & Bully Prevention,
  • Character Education Initiative,
  • Honors and Awards Program,
  • School-level Coordinator for 504 Plans,
  • McKinney-Vento Act, and 
  • Homebound Students


  • Doctor of Education: Educational Leadership. Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  • Master of Education: Counselor Education. Elementary & Secondary. South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC.
  • Bachelor of Science: Home Economics in Business. Minor: Child Development. South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC.


  • National Board Certification: School Counseling Early Childhood through Adulthood
  • District Counselor of the Year
  • Completion of the Administrative Leadership Academy


  • Phi Delta Kappa International
  • SC School Counselor Association (SCSCA)
  • SC Counseling Association (SCCA)

"I believe Dr. Sharon Forman deserves this award due to her continuous hard work at Rivelon Elementary School, her outreach to the Orangeburg community at large, and her dedication to the children entrusted to her care," said Greene.

Comments (25)

Dr. RENA BOWMAN Posted over a year ago

Dr. Forman is an outstanding educator with excellent leadership qualities. She has great interpersonal skills which makes her able to connect with not only students but her colleagues, guidance counselors, other educators and the community. Through her character education program she makes sure that our Rivelon's students build respect, apathy and pride for themselves, the school, which spills over in the communities. Dr. Forman is a true pioneer and game changer who should be recognized and celebrated as the National Life Changer of the Year 2022-2023. Congratulations!!!

VIVIAN MCWHORTER-HUBBARD Posted over a year ago

CONGRATULATIONS Sharon! Continue to Soar as you to help guide our future Leaders.

Natalie Bolar Posted over a year ago

Congrats & continued blessings of success! Dr. Forman, the impact you make & imprint you leave go beyond school walls. Students, their families & co-workers past & present will always be best & blessed through your tireless efforts, genuine concern & infectious disposition. Your lifetime impressions are truly indelibly life-changing. It's no surprise that your accomplishments have garnered you this prestigious honor by Marilyn Greene, which we all graciously stand in support of. We're so very proud to be represented by you on such a grand scale. The nation deserves you, as you deserve to be National LifeChanger Of The Year 2022-2023. Keep soaring & making your mark. The sky's limitless... !

Teresa Richardson Posted over a year ago

I have known Sharon Forman for over 30 years and her attributes has never changed. She is an advocate for the children and a leader in the community. She has helped so many people throughout her years as an educator. Her dedication and hard work towards her family and her church can never go unrecognized. I can truly say she is a life changer and a pillar to the community.

Michelle Wright-Barrett Posted over a year ago

Dr. Forman is the most dedicated/ caring and selfless guidance counselor whom I have ever met. She goes above and beyond to serve all the individuals who need her assistance. You call on her she is right there with a service with a smile. She is very professional and she is truly a blessing to everyone around her. She deserves everything that comes her way. Bless you Dr. Forman.

Frankie Pinckney Posted over a year ago

We are so grateful to have Dr. Sharon Forman as our counselor here at Rivelon Elementary School! Dr. Forman is committed to making sure that our students receive the support they need and will go above and beyond for them. She is also a team player and will help our colleagues with anything she can. In many ways, Dr. Forman has been a mentor to me during my time at Rivelon. It is a pleasure to be able to work with her for another year.

Mary Ann Taylor Posted over a year ago

I would like to share a few kind words about Sharon Forman. She's a faithful member of St. Mark United Methodist Church who shows support & love for the church family. Her loving spirit, dedication, & devotion is making an impact in our community and church family. Love, Mary Ann Taylor

Jennifer Glover Posted over a year ago

Dr. Sharon Forman is an amazing counselor, mentor, and friend to many people. She is a counselor who cares for , and loves every one of her students at the Rivelon school. She has always gone above and beyond in her duties to serve students, parents, and other school staff to prepare children for rewarding future. Sharon has dedicated over 20 years of service to the Rivelon school contributing to safe and productive place where children and staff can grow, develop, and learn together to a high quality education , and personal experience. It is with great pleasure that I humbly recommend Mrs. Sharon Forman as The Life Changer of The Year.

Keoshia Huffman Posted over a year ago

Dr. Forman your love & compassion for the growth of educating the communities around you, especially the students of your beloved Rivelon Elementary is absolutely mind-blowing. The countless hours that you put into your school ensuring a quality educational experience for the students, the parents, and the staff while encouraging the use & connecting of community resources is an ever-proud moment. Orangeburg Consolidated District 5 is blessed to have someone like you; where your hard work & dedication outweighs the title and the position you have at your beloved Rivelon. You have created the utmost respectful, family-oriented vibes with your staff and students. You will forever be a caring gem to your community, and we thank you for continuing the success of our future generations.

Nachelle Sweat Posted over a year ago

It is a well-known fact that children are our future. Dr. Sharon Forman is an extraordinary Counselor/Leader she is the embodiment of confidence, patience, and an observant, yet non-judgmental person which allows her to aid the students in discovering positive ways to fulfill their needs, ensuring them that they can release disturbing feelings in a safe atmosphere, in recognizing their strengths and limitations, and in accepting others and realizing their place within the classroom, family, and in their neighborhood. Dr. Foreman, not only teaches these qualities, she actively exhibits these traits in the community. Dr. Forman, remember, the children that you provide service to are the real winners! you're one of the greatest assets Rivelon Elementary School has.

Deborah Sugick Posted over a year ago

It is with great pleasure to step back and talk about Dr. Sharon Forman who has been my friend most of her life. She is an exemplary individual who has always been dedicated to her family, her work and her community. As a school counselor Dr. Forman has demonstrated a remarkable ability to connect with students and parents. Dr. Forman is intelligent, insightful, and truly cares about helping kids succeed. Dr. Forman is also an outstanding person and a good role model for her students. I know Rivelon Elementary is blessed to have her.

AP Huffman Posted over a year ago

For over 20 years, Dr. Sharon Forman has always demonstrated her commitment to Rivelon Elementary School. She is very passionate about providing the necessary tools that children will need to be successful in life. Her dedication has developed into a relationship of trust and respect from her students, parents and her fellow colleagues. Dr. Forman has always handled her job duties in the most professional manner. I believe Dr. Forman deserved this award because of her love for her job.

Wanda Grimes Posted over a year ago

Dr. Forman is truly a wonderful neighbor and friend. She dedicated and will go above and beyond to help others. Dr. Forman is compassionate about children, family and the community. She is truly a LIFECHANGER!!!!

Wanda Grimes Posted over a year ago

Dr. Forman is truly a wonderful neighbor and friend. She dedicated and will go above and beyond to help others. Dr. Forman is compassionate about children, family and the community. She is truly a LIFECHANGER!!!!

Rosalind B.Edwards Posted over a year ago

Dr. Forman is phenomenal Counselor and person. She goes above her job duties for the students, parents and staff. She is truly an asset.

Linda Corry Posted over a year ago

Dr. Sharon Forman is an Excellent Counselor and Educator. She is intelligent,very smart, loving ? kind, and thoughtful to all of her students at Rivelon Elementary School in Orangeburg, S.C. and to her fellow faculty, staff and Parents. She exposes her students to community leaders, legislators and community members in different Careers. She should be awarded the Lifechanger of the Year. This Award should be awarded to her because It is So Very Well Deserved.

S. A. Hampton Posted over a year ago

Dr. Forman is an excellent guidance counselor and a very good friend. Her dedication to the students at Rivelon Elementary is outstanding.

Stephanie Coleman Posted over a year ago

Dr. Sharon M. Forman Is definitely a life changer. She has positively impacted so many different people from so many different walks of life. She sees the good in everyone and always go beyond to help. She is a great motivator to some and an influence to others.

Sheera Yates Posted over a year ago

Dr. Forman is committed to assisting students and their families maximize their talents, abilities and potential. She helps others without reservation and extends herself advocating.

Reginald McNeil Posted over a year ago

Dr. Forman has a heart for children and seeing them succeed. No matter the situation she always want what’s best for our children in Orangeburg County school district. She goes above and beyond her calling and perfect example for up coming teachers and counselors to follow.

Jacqueline R Sabree Posted over a year ago

Thanks for all that you do to assist in every capacity by going the extra mile to make sure everyone is well. You are much deserving of such distinguish award. May God bless you and elevate you to continue reaching for the stars.

C. Thomas-Hill Posted over a year ago

A very caring,dedicated,genuine and awesome person who goes above and beyond!!

C. Dugar Posted over a year ago

Dr. Forman is the ABSOLUTE best guidance counselor, coworker and friend. She will go above and beyond to help anyone amaze can. Rivelon Elementary is blessed to have her.

Almeda Posted over a year ago

A great individual who care for the children and a hard worker

Almeda Posted over a year ago

A great individual who care for the children and a hard worker