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Sandy Womack Jr.

Position: Area Superintendent - Region III
School: Columbus City Schools
School District: Columbus City Public Schools
City, State: Columbus, OH

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Dr. Sandy Womack Jr.'s nominator would like to remain anonymous.

Dr. Womack Jr. is known as a "school transformation expert" and often referred to as the "Prince of Public Education." This 30-year seasoned educator-administrator is one of the foremost critical thinkers in urban (public school) education today in America when it comes to producing creative concepts and proven strategies that have transformed urban schools across the country from failing to successful schools.

Dr. Womack Jr.'s unmatched "magic" has equipped thousands of teachers with the knowledge of how to better resonate with school-age children inside the classroom. He has accomplished this through his informative books and inspiring, insightful presentations, one of which was introduced by the U.S. Secretary of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona. He continues to empower countless children with the possibility of what they can achieve through education, discipline, and confidence in themselves. 

Few words can offer a better understanding of who Dr. Womack Jr. is and all that he has accomplished than an article published on him in the nationally-read Black EOE Journal in 2022. Click here to read the article: Dr. Sandy Womack Jr. – 'The Prince of Public Education' | Black Employment & Entrepreneur Magazine (

"No figure in public education today has a greater impact upon children, fellow educators, and parents-guardians at the grassroots level than Dr. Sandy Womack Jr," explains the nominator. "He is a loving father, a supportive role model, a husband, a fearless administrator, and a compassionate advocate for children in public education systems. Dr. Sandy Womack Jr. is truly the 'educator of educators.'"

Comments (17)

Jeani Thomas Posted over a year ago

As a fellow student in Ashland’s EdD program, I was fortunate enough to work alongside Sandy for 3+years. During that time I observed his passion towards educating young minds as well as increasing their abilities to become positive members of society. I am more than thankful others have nominated Sandy for a well earned and deserving award asa LifeChanger!!

Mrs. McDowell Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr. Womack, on your nomination!! This is just one step on your journey as you continue to touch the lives of some many.

GPope Posted over a year ago

Years ago, I met Dr. Womack to help work with the children at ParaLee Comptom Elementary School in Canton, Ohio. The state agency where I worked had an Ohio Reads program. The program allowed employees to volunteer their own time to tutor the students with reading. Dr. Womack was on board immediately. Free volunteers to help his third-grade students struggling with reading. Win-win! Dr. Womack was a hands-on principal, who took an interest in the educational success of his students. He would reduce or remove barriers necessary to help provide a comfortable atmosphere of learning. Whatever resources, he tried to ensure they were available to the students. In that depressed area of town, I witnessed the teachers supply area for clothing and/or snacks to ensure the students were not ridiculed by others. Their dignity was important at Compton Elementary. Dr. Womack was very motivated to ensure the third graders at the school did not get lost in the cracks or become a statistic. He was concerned about the individual student and/or the wellbeing of the family. The students loved Dr. Womack. As he walked the hallways, the students were on alert and attuned to his caring and gentle encouragement and respect. Their faces would light up and have the brightest smiles. He and his teachers worked together to meet the needs of the students in the community. It is not often that you are able to see a person operating within their true calling. Dr. Womack has a focused passion and an exceptional insight for students in the public school system. Based on my observation, he genuinely wants to provide an atmosphere of successful learning. What an opportunity to work with someone with such unique qualities. Of course, behind every good equally strong and beautiful wife. We love you, Monica. Congratulations on the well-deserved nomination! Keep moving forward and setting the example!

Ms. Gardner Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Dr. Womack, The Best Is Yet To Come! ~Ms. Gardner Champion MS.

Donald Delco Posted over a year ago

Most deserving as a nominator for public school education.

Amari Posted over a year ago

After meeting Dr. Sandy Womack through a program with the SCCAA, in 2018 July; I left that day with so many new perspectives and ideas, he painted such a vivid picture of his life and presented us with a prime visual of what it looks like to be a rose that grew from concrete. At the time I was just 14, slowly starting to feel like it was only small city dreams I could obtain due to me not having the resources within my life and community. Dr. Womack restored a lot of hope I had for myself and that there are no limitations in this life when something is truly for you. Everyday I live my life thinking about his teachings and everything he shared with myself and the students at the program that keep me going, and doing better in the most genuine way possible. I am so blessed to have met someone like Dr. Sandy Womack. He poured so much life into us and that is one thing I will never forget.

Andrea Ramsey Posted over a year ago

Dr. Womack is a highly skilled educator who shares himself, his story and his God-given gifts with everyone. He is compassionate and caring and does not mind telling the truth in order to effect change. I had the pleasure of serving as an assistant principal under his leadership at Hartford Middle School in Canton, OH, where he worked tirelessly to turn the culture and academic achievement around with great success. I learned a great deal about administration and how to put people first, and it did change my life. I can attest to the fact the he is driven to make change for children and families and he is willing to say and do what needs to be said and done to get results. He is an excellent educator and leader who goes above, behind, and beyond to leave things better than he found them, and he consistently positively impacts the lives of others every place he goes.

Sierra Fannin Posted over a year ago

Dr. Womack was my elementary principal at Lathrop Elementary. I still remember the dedication he had for his staff and students. He always was appriachable for the kids and always a friendly face. He helped inspire my own love of learning from a young age!

J Townsley Posted over a year ago

My guy from elementary and up Well deserved ?? Much love and respect

Damon L Reed Posted over a year ago

Akron, Ohio, and 1040 Graduate. Super proud of this brother. Dr. Wamack is truly a man of his word and an advocate for our students. This nomination is well deserved.

Cheryl E Turner Posted over a year ago


Johari Mitchell Posted over a year ago

I have only talked to Dr. Womack, in passing, a few times. But for me, the times I meet people but they don't know a thing about me are when I learn to understand who they are. One time colleague (another TOSA) and I were cleaning up materials from some PD prep work we were doing. Dr. Womack came to check out the room we were using, which he was reserving for a meeting. We were packing up boxes and so forth, and he greeted us politely, then circled BACK to ask if we needed help with the boxes. We both noted this, and it spoke volumes to us. I suspect for most people, hierarchies would speak more loudly than opportunities to serve--but not Dr. Womack! That one gesture actually made our day. :-) Since then I've heard many things about his character and his it's only fitting that he is being recognized. Congratulations!

Whitney Chester Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mr.Womack noone deserves this more then you.

Judy L. Johnson Posted over a year ago

Thank you Dr. Womack for your leadership in Region 3. It's a pleasure to work for you because of the support I receive. You are a true advocate for students, but most all you support the work we do as principals. Continue to be who you are, keep doing what you do, and know I appreciate what you bring to me in Region 3.

Ricki Studer Posted over a year ago

Congratulations of course for the recognition AND for your leadership and service benefiting Columbus students and others across the country

Kelvin Watson Posted over a year ago

Congratulations!! An honor well deserved. Such a powerhouse with a heart for the betterment of others. Continued success. Grateful for your leadership and friendship. Stay the course!!

Edmund Baker III Posted over a year ago

It has truly been a honor and a pleasure to work with Dr. Womack. His passion for students and willingness to serve the community do not go unnoticed. For the short time that I have known him, I have witnessed him pour into children and adults by sharing his life experiences, providing opportunities for students to gain experience and exposure to opportunities that have truly been life-changing. This nomination is well deserved.