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Mandy Stock

Position: Homeless Advocate
School: Polk County Public Schools
School District: Polk County Public Schools
City, State: Bartow, FL

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Mandy Stock was nominated by Jenn Jordan, her colleague.

"As a homeless advocate, Ms. Stock spends her days talking to families experiencing homelessness so she can identify them under the McKinney-Vento Act," explains Jordan. "She listens to their stories so she can give information about organizations that may be able to help them. She sends book bags, school supplies, hygiene packs, and uniforms to students so they are equipped and able to attend school."

Ms. Stock also provides documentation to the schools to help remove the educational boundaries faced by students experiencing homelessness. She has contacted different organizations to partner with "The HEARTH Project" of Polk County Public Schools to get more needed items for these students. These items include bicycles with helmets for students to use as transportation to get to school, shoes, clothing, food, and more. 

"Ms. Stock does a lot for the community. She is very deserving of this award," said Jordan.

Comments (7)

LORI M DIXON Posted over a year ago

Mandy, your love for these families shows in every part of your job! Well deserved award!

John Allan Posted over a year ago

Mandy is an amazing person who makes everyone she meets feel important and loved.

Emily Virts Posted over a year ago

There are absolutely no words to fully describe Mandy Stock! She is a beautiful human inside and out. She continually goes above and beyond not only for her students and families but her colleagues too! I have only know Mandy since I started with The Hearth Project in August of 2023 and she has already made a lasting impact on my life. She is a world changer that encourages and teaches others how to do the same! She is more than deserving of this nomination. We love you!

Jenn Jordan Posted over a year ago

Mandy, you are such an amazing person who gives your all to help our families in need! You always see the bright side and do everything in your power to get our families what they need whether that is phone numbers and connections to organizations that can help, food and clothes, or just positive words and hugs. You make everyone around you realize their potential and their worth. You are important!! Keep up the great work you are doing!

Jenn Posted over a year ago

Mandy, you are amazing!

Jamie Tew Posted over a year ago

Congrats Mandy!! You are an amazing person and very much deserve this award!

jenna Cottrell Posted over a year ago

Congratulations Mandy!!