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Matt McIntire

Position: Agriculture Science Teacher
School: Archie High School
School District: Archie R-V School District
City, State: Archie, MO

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Matt McIntire was nominated by his superintendent, Michelle Wityk.

"Oh, you're from Archie…You must know McIntire."

For the past 23 years, Mr. McIntire has been a staple in the Archie School District and community. He teaches agriculture classes at the high school level. His classes are always full, and he has voluntarily given up his free period for several years to open up another section so students won't be turned away. His instruction doesn't end when the school day does. Before and after school, you are likely to find him driving a bus route, refereeing volleyball or basketball, running the clock, driving a bus to sporting events, pulling the Whirlwind equipment trailer to games, or cheering on Whirlwind athletes. Weekends aren't for rest, either. He spends many of his weekends during the Spring at FFA contests. If he's not at a contest, he can be found traipsing through the forest with students identifying trees, traveling to nearby cities to go through greenhouses to identify flowers, or even critiquing a student's speech for an upcoming speech contest.  

His summers are also filled with student engagement. He starts three days a week by volunteering with the summer weights program. Mr. McIntire attends County and State fairs to assist and watch students exhibit livestock. He accompanies students to summer leadership camps, chaperones students at the Washington Leadership Conference, and attends state-wide professional development, where he has been State President and served as a chair or member of numerous committees.  

What makes his classes so popular? Well, for starters, it's his connection with his students. They look forward to his "bad Dad jokes" and endearing nicknames. Secondly, it's his teaching style. He incorporates direct instruction, collaborative learning, hands-on training, vocational skills, subject knowledge experts, and several field trips. Finally, he instills leadership skills and community awareness in each student. He aims to prepare them for "real life" and help them find their niche. He leads by example, and you will often see him picking up trash in the bleachers after home sporting events. In addition, you may also find him putting away chairs, sweeping the gym floor, or literally doing whatever needs to be done. His goal is to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Mr. McIntire has had more than ten student teachers during his teaching career. He has a personal connection with most of the universities in Missouri that turn out Agriculture instructors. Therefore, Archie is a sought-out site for placement. Archie's agriculture program is widely recognized throughout the state. There's hardly a day that goes by that Mr. McIntire doesn't receive a phone call from a colleague who needs assistance with an issue, or has a question they know he will be able to answer. He freely gives his time to mentor other teachers, both inside and outside the District, knowing that strengthening them will strengthen the profession. Because of his vast knowledge and classroom success, Mr. McIntire has served as a mentor for first-year agriculture instructors. He has also presented teaching strategies and classroom management skills at continuing education conferences.  

Mr. McIntire always goes above and beyond for his students and his community. He continuously sets the example of good character and high moral standards, and he displays these in everything he does. Mr. McIntire has high expectations for himself and his students, and they strive to achieve these standards. Through his leadership and willingness to do anything to help the Archie R-V School District, he has made a significant impact on the students and the school's atmosphere.

"Our school would certainly not be the same without him. We are honored to nominate Mr. McIntire for the Life Changer of the Year award, and we could not think of anyone more deserving," said Wityk.

List of accomplishments and awards:

  • Drove bus for 22 years
    • FFA Contests/Athletic Events
  • 10 student teachers
  • MVATA President
  • Building Leadership Team 
  • Referee
  • Book/Clock
  • Pick up trash after games
  • State Champion in Nursery Landscaping
  • 4 State FFA Officers
  • Adjunct professor for UCM
  • Summer Weights Volunteer
  • Chain Gang Volunteer
  • Hands-on classroom experiences
    • Vaccinating puppies
    • Welding projects
  • Blood Drives
  • Track Bull Pen
  • Central District Agriculture Teachers’ Association 
    • President
    • President-Elect
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
  • Missouri Farm Bureau State Committee
  • Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers’ Association
  • Central District President
  • State Executive Committee
  • Area VII Missouri FFA
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Advisor
  • State Career Development Event Committee
    • Committee Chair
    • Committee Secretary
  • Cass County Junior Livestock Association
    • President
    • President-Elect
  • Bates County Fair Board
    • President

List of professional development Mr. McIntire has attended/led

  • Annual attendee of Missouri Association of Career and Technical Education Conference
  • Presented Teaching Strategies To Beginning Teachers
  • Presented Classroom Management Techniques to Beginning Teachers
  • Served as a Mentor To First Year Ag Teachers on Four Separate Occasions
  • Attended Briggs and Stratton Institute For Small Gas Engine Repair
  • Served As A Host Site For Student Teachers on Five Separate Occasions
  • Attended Region IV Association of Career and Technical Education Conference
  • Presented Novel Teaching Ideas
  • Attended National Association For Agriculture Educators Conference 
  • Attended Washington Leadership conference Seven Years
  • Attended Missouri FFA Leadership Camp Six Years
  • Hosts Annual FFA Contest with over 2,000 Students in Attendance

Teaching Awards:

  • Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers’ Association Distinguished Service Award
  • Honorary State FFA Degree
  • 30 Minute Award
  • Central District Sweepstakes Award Winner for 10 Consecutive Years
  • Crowder College Runner Up Sweepstakes Award

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Comments (32)

Patricia S Iseman Posted 3 months ago

Matt McIntire deserves this award as he is such an inspiration and advocate in our community. On a daily basis he provides a positive, caring and helpful service to students, facility, parents, and community members. His help reaches far beyond the Archie school and Archie community and he makes a positive difference in the lives of many on a daily basis. This world is a better place due to Matt. I strongly recommend Matt McIntire for this award!

Lori Posted 3 months ago

Congratulations on the nomination, Matt! Archie is lucky to have you and your knowledge that you share with students, staff, and the community!

Michelle Gaddie Posted 3 months ago

Matt deserves this recommendation and acknowledgement more than any educator I know. The impact he has had and continues to have on students is profound. He is a change maker in the lives of students. There is no doubt about that! Congratulations and good luck, Matt!

Mary Crumpley Posted 3 months ago

Mr. McIntire is a legend in Archie and beyond! He is known for excellence at his profession, tireless efforts to reach and engage students, and professionalism in all he does. His students love him, his colleagues respect him, and his peers in the field of agriculture education revere him. Matt McIntire has truly been a positive influencer in thousands of lives!

Bridget Mason Posted 3 months ago

All of "Mac's" accomplishments, development and awards are listed and they are amazing. However, the special thing that can't be learned or acquired is the love Mac has for working with and teaching our kids! He connects with them and makes learning fun while still maintaining the classroom structure; they highly respect him and simply enjoy being around him...that's a perfect set up for learning. We're blessed to have him at Archie and we appreciate all you do Mac. Bridget Mason

Ryan Grimes Posted 3 months ago

Matt has made a great difference in the lives of many students, including my daughter. He is a great leader for the Archie FFA and is very deserving of this award.

Amber Huser Posted 3 months ago

Matt is a valuable asset to the entire Archie School system. His never ending dedication to our students, staff, and community definitely has not gone unnoticed.

Jo Gein Posted 3 months ago

Having known Mr.McIntire as a born leader most of his life, he leads by example and his insightful thoughtful praise is evident both in and out of the classroom and community as a stand up citizen, school teacher, great husband and awesome father of two children. Congratulations Matt on a most deserving nomination as a remarkable Life Changer to so many people!

Bayley Posted 3 months ago

Mr McIntire, or Mac as we called him, was the reason I was as successful as I was in FFA. Without him I wouldn’t have been able to win not only 1 but 2 scholarships to help me pay for my schooling. I made some of my favorite memories while in FFA with him being the reason behind most of them. The knowledge and experience I gained under his leadership is indescribable and has shaped me into the person I am today.

Cassie Diehl Posted 3 months ago

I've seen the dedication, volunteer time and support McIntire has shown our whirlwind community. He is one of a kind and Archie has been blessed to have him for so long!

Jason Dieckhoff Posted 3 months ago

I fully support the nomination of Matt McIntire for LifeChanger of the Year. I am a teacher from a neighboring school district who has worked with Mr. McIntire for the past twenty years and can attest to his dedication to his students and community. Mr. McIntire is the essence of what a teacher should be. He pushes his students to achieve their best and attain their goals, while at the same time showing the needed compassion. Mr. McIntire is a leader in his school district, community, and agriculture. Mr. McIntire is well thought of and admired by many agricultural educators, many of whom seek out Mr. McIntire's advice. One of Mr. McIntire's greatest strengths is his ability to see a need and take the necessary steps to fulfill that need. For example, there was a drastic need for a school in West Central Missouri to host a State Technical Skills Assessment. This event would have approximately 2000 students attend to take a performance-based skills state test. Mr. McIntire gathered resources from his community and from throughout Cass and Bates Counties to pull off this annual event. Mr. McIntire has had a huge impact on his students and community, but also on many beginning teachers. Mr. McIntire is often sought for advice and models of how to operate a successful agriculture program. His students and parents adore and respect him. Archie and the agriculture industry of southern Cass County / northern Bates County are better off because of Mr. McIntire. Respectfully, Jason Dieckhoff Agriculture Instructor / FFA Advisor Harrisonville Cass R-IX School District

Karen S Grimes Posted 3 months ago

Matt McIntire is a positive influence with the students at Archie High School. He gives of himself endlessly and is always there for his students. He is an asset to both the school and the community with his great attitude and good work ethic. I have experienced his selflessness with both of my granddaughters and am grateful for all he does.

Michael Toschi Posted 3 months ago

Mr. Mcintire is one of the most positive role models and best teachers Archie has. He has positively effected countless students and teachers lives with his giving nature and instruction inside and outside of his classroom. He is always the first to lend a hand, volunteer, and help in anyway he can and never asks for anything in return. I was blessed to work with Mr. Mcintire for 11 years and he should receive this award. I cannot think of anyone else I know in the teaching profession, more deserving. Archie is lucky to have Mr. Mcintire.

doug snodgrass Posted 3 months ago

What more could be said? He is the Best of the Best. I say Amen and Amen.

Erik Guthrie Posted 3 months ago

Mr Mcintire you are truly an inspiration to a countless number of kids that have benefited from you guidance. Regardless if they choose a career path in agriculture or not. You still empower them with the attributes to be a positive person in society and to always strive to be the best they can be

Emma Thompson Posted 3 months ago

Mr. McIntire is truly one of the best! I was lucky enough to be on his state championship nursery and landscaping team, and there is not way we could’ve achieved that without him. He had cuttings of every plant in the green house for us to study. He drove us to countless greenhouses and extra contests. He gave up tons of his time to make us study guides and practice tests. He truly gives his all to not only his students, but the school and the entire community. Without him I truly do not think I would have been so active in the FFA, but with Mac it’s always a great time!

Kaitlyn Posted 3 months ago

Honestly one of the most influential people in my life always has a good story and great lessons to listen to.. great at his job and brings joy to the classroom wouldn’t want a different ag teacher

Marilyn Yoakum Posted 3 months ago

Matt has always been such a positive influence to the students at school and to anyone that knows him. If you ever need anything done, he is there to help, always with a smile. Archie School has been so fortunate to have him in our district. Matt is a perfect candidate for Life Changer of the the year!

Chad Andrews Posted 3 months ago

I’ve yet to find a teacher that is able to positively influence every student, regardless of stature, the way Mr. McIntire has been able to do so. He has the ability to make the important topics relatable. Not only do the students look forward to his class but they bring home the topics and teach friends or family members. Matt McIntire is the type of teacher that should be used as the perfect example for other teachers.

Kevin Cameron Posted 3 months ago

While I could mention multiple stories of times Mr. Mcintire pushed me beyond my comfort zone at area FFA events, or had me participate in activities that I would have never thought of, I think it’s best that I write a brief note about his character instead. During my freshman year, I was working with an other club to raise funds for children battling illnesses. As part of the fundraiser, Mr. Mcintire selflessly put on a chicken costume and danced all around the cafeteria during lunch, to raise additional funds for the cause. Again, if he’s not pushing his students to new heights, he’s actively embarrassing himself, to support other great causes!

Cheyenne Ames Posted 3 months ago

McIntire was my Ag teacher all 4 years of high school, and taught me a heck of a lot during those 4 years. He was passionate about Ag, anyone who knows him knows that, and passes that passion onto his students. I didn’t know if I was going to like FFA, and I stuck around all 4 years. I was an officer for our chapter during one of those years, freshman year I got to do horse evaluation and go to state with it. Even after I graduated, he let me come back and teach horse evaluation to teams which was an awesome experience. He always made lessons fun, you never really felt like you were in class learning. There was always some crazy adventure you were going on whether it was learning how to weld or banding goats. He always had these sayings, I’ll never forget the first time he said RTRL my freshman year and everyone stared at him blankly, so he had to explain it, then by year two everyone had caught on. He made the school environment positive, he’s changed lives with the ag program. He took kids who have never been around the agriculture world and got them to love it. He made my school experience amazing, he’ll forever be one of the favorite teachers I had. He deserved every ounce of recognition for the impact he has had on the Archie school district, he has changed lives with his program. I’m lucky and beyond grateful to have been one of his students.

Nikki Posted 3 months ago

Matt gives so much to the Archie Community !! Nobody more than Matt deserves this

Karen Famuliner Posted 3 months ago

Matt McIntire is an amazing asset to the Archie school district and the true definition of an outstanding role model. If there's an activity going on, you can guarantee that he's assisting in some way. Both the faculty and students have great respect for Mr. McIntire. I've seen Matt interact with the students in FFA activities and school activities in general and he definitely leads by example. Matt McIntire is very worthy of this nomination, as he truly is a life-changer!

Rachel Grimes Posted 3 months ago

Mr. McIntire has changed the lives of countless students since his career in Agriculture Education began. Walking into his classroom for the first time was nothing short of life changing. Everyday he pushed me towards the success I was hungry for. Without his guidance and support, I know without a doubt that I would not be as qualified nor would I be confident in my abilities. Somehow, he saw potential in me and never let gave up on the hope he had for my future. I owe a great deal of my accomplishments to him and without a doubt would I look back at my high school career and be so fond of the memories I made. Mr. McIntire is the best there is in education. I have had the opportunity to travel the state and visit with other educators, while there are many good teachers, I consider Matt to be one of the greats.

Melinda Yoakum Posted 3 months ago

McIntire started teaching Ag my sophomore year of high school. He is still the same guy he was then. Always there for his kids and his community. He always has a friendly smile and hello. Certainly one teacher I will always remember having.

Heather McCoy Posted 3 months ago

Matt not only taught my husband in high school, but has also taught all three of our children. All four of them love him. Our youngest child is high functioning autistic and has a passion for animals. Matt has been by her side every step of the way as she has gotten into showing and raising her own goats and beef Cattle. As a sophomore she has already accomplished so many things in FFA and in her our agricultural journey. He has spent hours outside of school during the weekends and summer teaching her and attending shows with her. He has been more than patient with her neurodivergent tendencies and never once made her feel any different. Our oldest child graduated during the COVID pandemic and Matt drove to each Senior FFA member's home and gave them each a gift because they wouldn't be getting their annual end of year banquet and recognition. He really is the guy that you wonder, "how the hell will we ever replace him" when he retires. There's no doubt in my mind that he has impacted so many lives and I've seen it first hand with my own children. He's truly one of a kind. One who would never ask for recognition but deserves far more than he gets and without a doubt deserves the Life Changer of the Year Award

Austin Ray Posted 3 months ago

Couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than Matt McIntire! Wouldn’t be where I am today without him and I strive everyday to be half the Ag Teacher/FFA Advisor he is!

Hannah Marie Schilling Posted 3 months ago

As a former student of Mr. McIntire, I can say that he truly cultivates an inspiring, impactful, and hands on learning experience for each and every student.

Brenda Jurgens Posted 3 months ago

Matt McIntire has shown Pat and I over and over, how wonderful it is to know if you need anything, you can count on Matt's help. He never does these acts of kindness loudly or for attention. He acts as though it's nothing, but we know better. One of the best people we know.

Tamara Stroud Posted 3 months ago

Matt McIntire supports our school K-12 even though he is a secondary teacher. He invests a great deal of time outside of contract hours to make our school be the best it can be. Mr. McIntire’s dedication, humor, and solution driven attitude are all traits that make him one of the best educators that I have worked with in over 20 years. Mr. McIntire helps develop student leaders. He also has a knack for helping students find strengths they didn’t realized that they possessed. Matt McIntire is #ArchieStrong!

Clay Ogle Posted 3 months ago

So proud of Mr. McIntire and all of his accomplishments. I was a student during his first couple of years, and could see then that we had something quite special. His passion, energy, and drive were evident then, just as they are now. I have children in the school district now, and they look forward to the days of Mr. McIntire driving their bus, or coming to the county fair to watch them show. A very fitting award for a very deserving man.

Kayla Harris Posted 3 months ago

I have three children who attend the Archie school district, and though none are yet old enough to have a class with Mr. McIntire, you better believe they know exactly who he is; and they have since beginning preschool. I am not sure there is anyone at our school who has worn more hats than him. I personally attended another school within Cass County, but had the opportunity to get to know him as he helped my school’s competition teams train before events. He also helped on a panel to elect our FFA officers as well as shared a bus to and from events many times. It was very clear to me then, even as a student from another district, that you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more devoted to agricultural education than him. That was in the early 2000’s and the only thing that has changed is his devotion to the well being of the entire district, and the students within it has grown deeper and deeper. Nominating him was an obvious move on the districts part, but choosing him amongst the other incredible nominees would be rewarding an incredible teacher and man for his dedication and hard work, as well as showing our students that leading by example is simply the right thing to do.