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Seth Whitehead

Position: Physical Education Teacher
School: Sims Middle School
School District: Union County Schools
City, State: Union, SC

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Mr. Seth Whitehead was nominated by his district's Director of Administration, Eric Childers.

"Seth is one of the best employees we have in Union County," said Childers. "Over the years, he has distinguished himself as someone who constantly puts the needs of students first in his decisions and actions."

From a climate and culture perspective, Mr. Whitehead brings a positive attitude and a cheerful disposition each and every day. He exudes kindness and leads by example, which makes students and staff gravitate to him. He builds such a strong rapport with students and staff that they look to him as an example to follow. 

Mr. Whitehead currently noticed a need within his district for additional staff trained in ESL services. He has taken it upon himself to return to get this certification added to his professional certificate.

"In terms of moral and ethical high ground, there is no one I put above Mr. Whitehead in our entire district. He is an exemplar for professional conduct," explains Childers. "Mr. Whitehead is a game changer for Union County Schools, but more importantly, he is a game changer in the lives of the students with whom he comes in contact."

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