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Damien Green

Position: Special Education Teacher
School: Fulshear High School
School District: Lamar Consolidated Independent School District
City, State: Fulshear , TX

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Damien Green was nominated by Dr. Deborah Green, a member of his community.

Mr. Green has significantly impacted his school's culture and climate for teachers and students. Mr. Green works in the Special Education Department and is the co-teacher in many subjects. He also teaches Social Studies in the regular education classroom. Mr. Green shows compassion for the students and encourages open communication with parents for the betterment and support of all students.

Mr. Green is very skilled in de-escalation methods and has helped students with behavior issues and students experiencing mental health crises. Students respect Mr. Green, and the parents always speak very well of him and how his presence has positively impacted their children's lives. He welcomes each student and staff with a smile and a genuine interest in their well-being. In an area of Special Education where students have been told that they have limitations due to their disability, whether physical or learning, Mr. Green shows students all things are possible with determination and faith. He also serves as a positive role model for the male students at the school.

"The Fulshear High School Team sees Mr. Green as an asset to the school and the community. He empowers students to do their best and encourages parents to be more involved in their student's education," explains Dr. Green.