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Kayla (@sassyin2nd)

Position: Kindergarten Teacher
School: The Amazing School
School District: The Best District
City, State: Awesome Town, MA

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Music that Describes Kayla

Kayla was nominated by an anonymous friend.

Kayla is a teacher every student dreams of having. The best word to describe her classroom is magical. Her creativity keeps her students engaged and excited to learn. Even though her students are only five and six years old, she educates them on important topics like voting. This year, she created an election where her students went to the poll to vote for either play-doh or pop-its.

She arrives early to school every day to make sure her classroom is up to date and aligned with every season. This month for Thanksgiving, she made a poster listing 15 things she is grateful for. Each number was a student’s name and her favorite thing about them. Kayla ensures every student feels special and loved. 

Outside the classroom, Kayla runs a teacher TikTok account (@sassyin2nd), where she films “a day in her life” videos and shares fun lessons, crafts, and decoration tips. She has gained a large following and created a community for teachers all over the world.

Kayla has impacted so many students and teachers. She is a bright light of positivity and deserves to be recognized!