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Brittani Smith

Position: Long-Term Substitute Teacher
School: Socrum Elementary School
School District: Polk County Public Schools
City, State: Lakeland , FL

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Brittani Smith was nominated by her colleague, Teno Dawson.

"She is the most inspirational teacher to both students and parents. She is always uplifting and loving. She is dedicated to educating our youth," said Dawson.

Comments (7)

Lilly taylor Posted over a year ago

I am one of her students she is so amazing when I was in fourth grade I had all bad grades but then she helped me more than I could ever imagine now I have all a’s and B’s she is the best and when someone is crying she pulls them aside and help I love her as a teacher and a friend

Rachel Lancaster Posted over a year ago

Brittani is my niece and such a wonderful person that cares about the difference she is making in her school kids lives! Love you Brittani

Ellarose Wilson Posted over a year ago

Mrs Smith is the best teacher i’ve known in 5th grade! She makes learning fun and exciting!

Nadia trimm Posted over a year ago

Miss smith is one of my teachers and she is the best at teaching! She is super SUPER kind and is super funny!

Starr Fowler Posted over a year ago

I am a student of Mrs.Smith and she is one of the best teachers I have had and she is very kind and she is very nice and she is just the best teacher I have ever had and she is very loving to all and she and she try’s her hardest to make sure that we get a good education.

Aiden Posted over a year ago

Good job mrs.smith

Carla McMillan Posted over a year ago

Brittani is a dedicated, inspirational, and encouraging teacher who cares about her students, co-workers, and families at Socrum. She is a mother who goes above and beyond in her volunteer work. When she is not teaching she is volunteering. She loves what she does and it shows every day.