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Blair Wulfekuhl

Position: School Counselor
School: DeSoto Trail Elementary School
School District: Leon County Schools
City, State: Tallahassee, FL

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Blair Wulfekuhl was nominated by her colleague, Chelsie Needham.

"When I first heard of LifeChanger of the Year, I immediately thought of my closest colleague, Blair," said Needham. "In the first few months of getting to know Blair, she reunited two foster children she cared for and adopted a student whose current caregiver could no longer support him."

At school, Mrs. Wulfekuhl teaches every single student through Guidance lessons. She focuses on emotional regulation, kindness, anti-bullying, coping strategies, etc.

"It's been an incredible experience to see students laugh and smile after a guidance lesson. It's been even more amazing to talk with struggling students and hear them tell me about the Mountain Breathing techniques (and others) Blair has taught them to address their distress," said Needham. "These students have learned how to regulate themselves when they have big emotions, and it's incredible to watch. When I see teachers implementing coping skills with students, I know we've succeeded! Guidance has become an even more important part of our school's curriculum post-pandemic. The pandemic has changed some of our children's ability to socialize and work as a team. Still, Blair's guidance lessons have focused on ways to be a collaborative and impactful part of our school's community."

A parent sought out Mrs. Wulfekuhl to tell her how impressed she has been with the new Guidance class lessons and how needed they are. Mrs. Wulfekuhl has provided a safe place for children to express themselves and feel heard, supported, and loved.

"Learning to deal with big emotions as a child is life-changing, and we have Blair to thank for that," said Needham.

Before becoming a school counselor, Mrs. Wulfekuhl worked in child welfare for 12 years in various roles, including as a Social Worker. She's additionally worked at one of the local hospitals in the child's behavioral health unit. Mrs. Wulfekuhl and her husband decided to become foster parents after she had a hysterectomy at 27. They've always wanted more children and, knowing how many foster children needed their help, decided to open their doors to 11 children, who were reunited with their families. Many children do not get reunited, but Mrs. Wulfekuhl and her husband made it a point to work tirelessly with the families to make reunification possible.

"My heart burst with empathy and love when I learned they were adopting a student at our school. Blair said his infectious smile sealed the deal," said Needham. "Two weeks after meeting him and deciding to adopt, he lived with them full-time. Blair has changed this young man's life forever. It is without a doubt that Blair is a LifeChanger and continues to make the lives of those around her better."

Comments (5)

Naomi Harris Posted over a year ago

I may be a little biased being her aunt, but Blair is an amazing woman. Selfless. Caring. Loyal. She has accomplished so much and opened her heart, family and home to many foster children. She makes them feel safe, loved and understood. As a foster parent, their goal is always to help unify the fosters with their biological family. We all welcome the kids as part of our extended family, and it’s been hard to have to say goodbye. But, we know Blair and her family make every effort to give the children a new foundation of love, consistency and safety. It’s been a pleasure to watch her grow from a young high school student into a wonderful woman. I am so proud of her and of this nomination. It is extremely well deserved.

Belinda Heys Posted over a year ago

Blair has changed so many lives through advocating for all her kids she comes into contact with. She is amazing and deserves this title for sure.

Melissa Olson Posted over a year ago

This is such a well deserved nomination!! Having met you during pre-planning, I knew I was going to like you. As this school year has progressed you have stepped into a role that was overflowing with needs and responsibilities. Yet you stepped in and took it on like you had been doing it forever! You are always willing to help out, cover, encourage, and just listen. Hearing about your life outside of school has left me in awe. You pour so much into your school family and our sweet kiddos. Yet, when you walk out the doors you pour your heart and soul into your personal family. Your heart for others is a truly inspiring thing to observe. The joy you have for reunification even when your heart is heavy is moving. You don’t hesitate when you see a need. You open your heart to all! I’m so happy you chose DTES and even happier to know you!!!

Amy Williams Posted over a year ago

I could not think of anyone more deserving than Blair for LifeChanger of the Year! I am forever grateful to her for how she has helped my 5 year old overcome many big emotions and even trauma. From the moment she met Blair, I could already see the bond starting, Blair has a gift when it comes to children! She is truely passionate when it comes to helping children and it is so reflected in the look of the kids faces when they see her! Our family feels completely blessed to know Mrs. Blair and will always have a special place in our hearts for this special woman! Thank you for all that you do and continue to do for these kids!

Julee Blackstock Posted over a year ago

Her compassion and love are beyond words. The way her heart reaches out to all those in need in any and every way she can is incredible.