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Zachary Bartemy

Position: Engineering Teacher
School: Somerset County Technical High School
School District: Somerset County Public Schools
City, State: Westover, MD

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Zachary Bartemy's nominator would like to remain anonymous.

"I had almost given up the hope that my child would find some connections to school that he enjoyed. Just as my worry and concern were growing in high school, a teacher I had not met before asked questions and built a relationship with my child," said the nominator. "I immediately started seeing a difference in his desire to attend school. He started talking about wanting to join clubs and what he would do in the future. I started hearing him mention this teacher at the tech school named Mr. Bartemy. I was even more impressed when I heard other parents sharing similar experiences."

"My son now feels recognized, and many of his classmates feel the same way. In a student's voice, he says Mr. Bartemy is a cool teacher who roots for his students," said the nominator. "He says that learning is now fun. He shared that Mr. Bartemy has helped him understand other classes he struggled in, such as Math. My son believes he will be successful in the future, thanks to all he is learning in class. That feeling is invaluable to a student's morale."

"Once upon a time, I thought only sports would make a difference in my child wanting to pay attention and show any interest. Here, I realized that somehow, Mr. Bartemy was connecting sports to the children to help them understand," said the nominator. "This teacher is a motivator. Somehow, he has made my child realize that there's more to life than just playing football, but he can learn from the game."

"I now see my child reflecting on his class work and discussing future careers and where he can make a lot of money. To me, Mr. Bartemy is an amazing teacher," said the nominator. "Mr. Bartemy has somehow changed the way my child thinks and acts. He has taught my son lifelong lessons, and I am truly appreciative. I'll be infinitely thankful for the great leader, amazing teacher, and mentor Mr. Bartemy has become to my child. I hope he continues to model for the children the way to build a future."

Comments (5)

Dawn Holland Posted 11 months ago

My son transitioned to public school from private this year and I was not sure how that would go. Well, early on I heard about how great his Engineering class and teacher was. Mr. Battery has a way of reaching these kids and making learning fun. He also wants to make sure they are aware of how to practically apply the skills they are learning and what jobs are available to them. I’m very impressed with Mr. Bartemy and he deserves all of the recognition he gets!

Traci Schneider Posted 11 months ago

Zach is a fantastic teacher who truly cares about his students. Always going the extra mile, Zach motivates even the most reluctant students. Every child should be so blessed as to have a teacher like Zach sometime in their career.

Kristen Towers Posted 11 months ago

Zach I’m so proud of you! I’ve known Zach for about 2 years from serving together and he has a great personality and connects well with everyone! Wishing you nothing but the best! Keep shining.

Connor Cooney Posted 11 months ago

Couldn’t be more proud of the man Zach is and what he has been able to contribute to his school and community. Zach is more than deserving for this award. Congratulations Zach the whole Eastern Shore is proud of you!

Ryon Holland Posted 11 months ago

Zachary Bartemy has been the best teacher I have ever seen in Somerset County. The way he instructs and explains his lessons are second to none. The materials and equipment he blesses us with to use for projects are top of the line. There is no one better !!