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Cybil Askew

Position: Case Manager, Attendance and Re-engagement
School: John F. Kennedy Middle School
School District: Palm Beach County School District
City, State: Riviera Beach, FL

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Cybil Askew was nominated by Richard Brown, her supervisor.

"Since the effects of the pandemic, Mrs. Askew has been tasked to locate and support numerous students who missed anywhere from two months to two years of breaks in their education," explains Brown. "She has worked tirelessly doing home visits, making phone calls, sending emails, and finding resources to help these students get back on track with their educational and mental health pathways."

She has changed the lives of several students and families that otherwise may not have had the opportunity or knowledge on how to do it on their own due to the pandemic. Mrs. Askew has even worked after hours to assist some families that were homeless to ensure that they had the needed resources to be successful in their re-engagement process. 

"It is with great honor that I nominate Mrs. Cybil Askew for LifeChanger of the Year," said Brown.