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Latrice Stokes

Position: Principal
School: Brightwood Elementary School
School District: Guilford County Schools
City, State: Greensboro , NC

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Latrice Stokes was nominated by her colleague, Aeriele Rivers.

"Be the change you want to see" is one of Ms. Stokes' favorite quotes, and she lives by this statement. Ms. Stokes is the proud Principal of Brightwood Elementary! She is passionate about changing the lives of her students and community. Each morning, Ms. Stokes greets students with a smile, individually by their names. She gives students encouraging words and creates a nurturing atmosphere when they walk through the school doors.

"She believes in building relationships and making a difference, which helps our students connect with her and the staff at Brightwood," said Rivers. "Our school is a Title I school, and there are times when we have a lot of transient students. She is an advocate for those in need and a voice for students or parents who feel they don't have a voice."

Ms. Stokes supports not only the students, but the parents. She is a shoulder to lean on when parents are crying and don't know where to turn. She is the voice of reason when there may be a frustrated parent, student, or staff member. Her passion drives her extraordinary leadership in the Brightwood School community. She listens to the students and staff and implements programs in her school to help them bond.

"Our theme this year was "A Game Changing Year," and through her leadership, the students and staff have changed how we teach and connect," said Rivers. "Through this connection, our staff and students will continue to grow and challenge each other to meet and exceed our goals."

The phrase, "principals wear many hats," is often used, but this statement is true for Ms. Stokes. She serves her students, staff, and community in many capacities. You may see her at car duty, serving food, teaching a classroom lesson, going on a home visit, or taking food to needy families. Her leadership and commitment to Brightwood have helped the school grow academically and emotionally. She has many gifts and encourages everyone around her to develop and enhance their gifts.

"Our school has changed so much because of her, and I know we will continue to grow and excel. Thank you, Ms. Stokes, for all you do for our school and community. Keep being the change we need in the world," said Rivers.