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Kimberly Allen

Position: School Secretary
School: The Academy for Urban Scholars
School District: The Academy for Urban Scholars
City, State: Columbus, OH

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Kimberly Allen was nominated by her colleague, Lamar Thompson.

Ms. Allen is the heartbeat of The Academy for Urban Scholars (AUS), and she proves it daily with her positive and infectious attitude toward the staff, students, parents, visitors, and everyone who encounters her. Ms. Allen will always leave people better than when they came. She has proven to make a difference in the lives of all through a hello, an email, a phone call, and serving breakfast and lunch, all while helping the entire school and letting her students and staff know it's no big deal. Ms. Allen has a proven performance of excellence, and she produces a nurturing atmosphere.

Below are a few heartfelt messages her colleagues and friends shared. These are just a few of the many people Ms. Allen has impacted. No job description adequately fits all that Ms. Allen pours into AUS daily. Ms. Allen becomes everything to everyone so that she may keep the school running, and it does not go unnoticed. 

"Ms. Allen is always there with a kind word. She cares and asks how I am doing every day and if I need anything. I truly feel like she is the hub around which we all communicate and work," - J Stephens.

"Ms. Allen is God's love realized for all of us! She's meticulous at her profession, and her spirit is refreshing," - D Lee.

"Ms. Allen always helps when needed and always acts as though it isn't an inconvenience," - A Clarke.

"Ms. Allen has been very kind and welcoming since day one. She always asks how my day was and ensures I'm well-fed. It's like Ms. Allen never has a bad day, which motivates me (and the scholars) to be more positive when I feel drained. She's very caring, and we need people with those qualities around us every day. She ensures our supplies are fully stocked, so we don't have to worry about spending money. In my opinion, she is a teacher, a mentor, a mother figure, a counselor, and more. I hope she gets all the flowers she deserves," - an anonymous student.

"Miss Allen takes her job very seriously, but her demeanor is almost always lighthearted and upbeat. I love coming to work in the morning to see her beautiful smile. Scholars like to talk to her – she is a kind, positive influence for many (including me). A day at AUS without her is not as sunny as it should be," - A Hatter.

"She wears multiple hats and executes at a high level," - E Avery.

"I visit Ms. Allen's desk every morning without fail because of her sweet and gentle spirit. She always greets me with a smile, and I'm not sure she knows how much she affects not only the scholars, but the staff as well. She's a true gem and a tremendous asset to the Academy for Urban Scholars' culture," - D Burton.

Comments (9)

Kyndal Smith- BA, MS Posted over a year ago

I cannot think of another person who deserves this more than Kimberly Allen. When she walks into a room, her spirit is contagious. Her willingness to help out wherever and whenever it is needed shows her commitment not only to her colleagues, but also to the young scholars. I have been present on multiple occasions where scholars simply thank her for her positivity and the light she sheds. The unconditional love she has for the kids is amazing, something that cannot go unnoticed. She is the backbone of AUS and deserves to be recognized at the highest level.

Ashlee Prater Posted over a year ago

Ms. Allen has to be by far one of the most amazing people I know. Her spirit and energy are infectious. You can not have a bad day when you are around her. Life Changer is just a small piece of her big heart.

Latricia Henry-Dunkin Posted over a year ago

I want to start off by saying congratulations to Kimberly “Kim” Allen for such an amazing nomination. Ms. Allen is exactly what we want our educators to be. Ms. Allen is not only professional, but exceptionally organized. Ms. Allen takes pride in her work. Ms. Allen demonstrates a strong work ethic on the easy and difficult days. Ms. Allen has a compassion in working with her students. Ms. Allen pushes her students beyond their limits and encourages them to do better and make positive choices and decisions. Ms. Allen’s work goes beyond the typical work day. Ms. Allen reaches out to community resources when her students need help beyond the classroom. Ms. Allen is well respected by her students and peers. To Ms. Allen her work isn’t just about collecting a paycheck, it’s about the lives she is helping to change daily!

Theresa A Bush Posted over a year ago

I knew this role of Office Manager was perfect for Kimberly Allen! She is a strong, fearless woman of God. Ms. Allen takes care of everyone that comes in her presence. She makes everyone feel welcomed and does her job well. The school and students would be lost without her. Ms. Allen believes in doing her job well no matter what. She stands in integrity even when she's faced with problems. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Charlene Draper Posted over a year ago

To Whom It May Concern, We congratulation go to Ms. Kimberly Allen for being dominated for Life Changer of the Year. Kimberly Allen is the most professional person I know. She is well organized and planner. We know that Kim already has a plan for the money that would be given if she is dominated. I know the care she has for the students and parent will be well trusted. We trust her character she very unique individual, because whatever should she put her mind to she will make sure it is carried out. Supporter and Co-Pastor Charlene Draper

Dana Lavender Posted over a year ago

Ms. Allen is kind, loving, and has a heart of gold. She brightens the day for everyone she contacts with! Our students love her and she is a pur joy to our school.- Dana Lavender

Erika Simmons Posted over a year ago

Such a pleasant colleague! How awesome!

Abdulrahman Adam Posted over a year ago

Ms. Alleen! There is no one more deserving of this award honestly. There's never dull moment when you're around. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. You're truly appreciated!!

Lamar Thompson Posted over a year ago

Ms. Allen reminds me, every day, that God is real...and Love is unconditional. Cooper