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Chris Pribble

Position: Fifth Grade Teacher
School: Emerson Elementary School
School District: Wood County Schools
City, State: Parkersburg, WV

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Chris Pribble was nominated by her principal, Jeanna Plumly.

Mrs. Pribble is insanely active at Emerson Elementary. She tutors and is the fifth grade team leader. She also handles the social studies fair and is part of the One Caring Adult program, a program that pairs at-risk kids with an adult in the building for daily check-ins. Mrs. Pribble is kind and friendly. 

Comments (4)

Jean Worstell Posted 10 months ago

Chris is a natural born teacher. The kids love her! She’s so creative with her fun learning activities. She truly cares about the kids, loves what she does, and it shows in her outcomes!

Jaye Posted 10 months ago

If anyone embodies the true definition of this nomination it is Chris. I have been privileged enough to know her closely for the last 10 years. I see when she leaves for work, when she comes home, and the scattered papers all over the living room in between. She makes sacrifices without complaint but with a graciousness that would fool you into believing that it’s not really a sacrifice. She truly cares for each individual student, past and present. On top of that, I have been honored to be a volunteer judge for her social studies fair for several years. I look forward to this each year for my own enjoyment. But without fail- Each student gleams brightly as they share the support that Ms. Pribble gave them as they organized their project even when it challenged them to go a step farther. As they walk away, each one looks for her in the crowd searching for her approval and finding it with an enthusiastic high five. I own that I am biased in my own respects but I firmly believe that every student would benefit if they had the opportunity to be in her class. Her knowledge, strategies, and genuine desire for their success is unparalleled. I hope that she is aptly considered for an upgrade from nomination to award recipient.

Kelli Holmes Posted 10 months ago

You truly do change the lives of so many students. Every year, you deliver so much genuine, thoughtful and lasting love to your students. On top of that, you are an AMAZING teacher!! We are blessed to have you at Emerson.

Mike Kupfner Posted 10 months ago

Mrs. Pribble is the best!!!