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Erika Copley

Position: Intervention Specialist
School: Caldwell High School
School District: Caldwell Exempted Village Schools
City, State: Caldwell, OH

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Erika Copley was nominated by her principal, Tiffany Speck.

"Mrs. Copley has made a huge difference in the lives of many students in our district," said Speck. "She is a high school intervention specialist, but she doesn't discriminate between students on her caseload and those not on her intervention caseload.  She is here to help any student in need.  She has opened her heart to all of the students and built bonds that so many of them desperately needed.  She is an adult who students can talk to and have for support. She focuses on each student’s mental health and often works with conflict resolution when students are not getting along. She started homework help after school for those students who need extra help. Her primary focus is to provide for the whole child. For example, she knows that food and security are basic needs that need to be met before she can reach students intellectually. She provides snacks in her room to feed students.  She truly cares about every student in the building and goes above and beyond to meet their needs every day.  She pours her heart and soul into her job."

Comments (33)

Mary Yontz Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Copley is very deserving of this award. She cares deeply about learning and always goes above and beyond to help students.

Cathy Posted over a year ago

Thank you Erika for all you do. I’m just a citizen of the community, but I hear of all the great selfless acts you do for our students. Keep doing you. Congratulations on your nomination. You will be our winner no matter the outcome.

Becky Hendershot Posted over a year ago

A wonderful person

Luca M Posted over a year ago

I have known Mrs. Copley for the majority of my life, and when people say she’s the best out there, they’re right. Mrs. Copley had been extremely helpful and understanding to me and other students regardless of who we are. If we need help from her she always does her best to provide it. She is accepting of all people, and was one of the first people that asked me about my pronouns when i publicly came out, which is extremely appreciated . Not only is she helpful and kind to students, but too her co-workers as well. When she and my mother worked together in the past she provided a good friendship that my mother cherishes to this day. Mrs. Copley always makes sure that if you are in need of any kind of help, that it is given to you in the best of her power. Her kindness seems to be limitless, seeing the good and brining out the good in my fellow classmates that others would have given up on. She provides after school homework help by herself, and its helped many peoples grades which includes mine. There is so many good things about Mrs. Copley that if I wrote them all here, it would be a novel. Mrs. Copley is a wonderful person, and none of us would want her any other way than herself. I hope the people who choose who wins this award see how amazing Mrs. Copley recognize that she deserves this award and more. Your amazing Mrs Copley, and thank you so much for all that you’ve done for the school, students, and me.

dillian Posted over a year ago

Mrs. copley is a pretty fun teacher and its nice having her in class she helps brighten your day and she allows looks after the kids she teaches.and she helps and if she wasn't here i would have failed

Andrea Posted over a year ago

Thank you for all of your care and love to all! I appreciate your help with kiddos and learning myself.

Natalie Posted over a year ago

Erika is an amazing teacher, co-worker, and friend. She is immensely dedicated to her profession always going above and beyond. So many students see her as their “school mom” and her classroom is always open to those who need her support along with snacks. She has been invaluable in providing myself and other co-workers support and guidance both professionally and personally. She is very worthy and deserving of this award.

Tad Secrest Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Copley is without a doubt the most deserving of this award. She has welcomed me into this building with open arms just as she does for each and every student that walks through our high school doors. The best way to descibe Erika, is that she has a true passion for education and changing young peoples lives in her blood. She is simply a GEM and she is OURs. Caldwell High School.

Rachel Posted over a year ago

Erika is an amazing educator who realizes that building relationships with students is so important and advocates for all students. This honor is well-deserved.

Abby Crock Posted over a year ago

Erika cares about every student equally. She goes out of her way to make sure no child is overlooked, and has a way of making every kid feel special and important. She goes above and beyond to find out what works for each student, and then she makes it happen. The world needs more Mrs. Copleys ??

Carey Block Posted over a year ago

My dad always told me that the single most important responsibility we have as administrators is to hire an amazing staff. I am always cognizant of this when I interview. I am proud to say that I hired you. You are passionate, kind, relatable, and endearing. You cannot teach these things to someone, which makes you one of a kind. Thank you for being you.

Emalee Laswell Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Copley has also been such a kind person to all. She always has a smile on her face and it going out of her way to please others. Every time I would see her, she would talk to me and ask me how I was. She always told me that if I ever needed anything or needed to talk, I could go to her. She made me feel cared for. She is a teacher that is there for the students.

Jonah Moracco Posted over a year ago

Mrs. copley is a pretty fun teacher and its nice having her in class she helps brighten your day and she allows looks after the kids she teaches.

Bede Lori Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Copley has made a significant impact in my life through my years in high school. Whether it is being there as someone to talk to, or giving you extra explanation on assignments you may not understand, she is always there. I have seen her change so many lives in just a short amount of time. From inside the classroom, or outside the classroom, students talk in abundance about how much she has helped them. Mrs. Copley more than deserves this award!

Ashley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Copley is one of the best people to have as a co-worker. She is always willing to lend a listening ear and step up to help not only our students but her colleagues as well. She goes the extra mile and serves on committees and offers her advice and help at the most needed of times. I can't imagine having a more helpful or reliable teacher to work beside.

connor barnes Posted over a year ago

Mrs Copley is really helpful and nice if you need something she was it if you need help she will help you. She is nice unless you make her mad and she will call you out no matter what

Lexi Posted over a year ago

Erika Copley is a phenomenal teacher who goes above and beyond for each and every student in our district, whether they are on her caseload or not. She fills the needs of these students by standing in as a "school mom", counselor, mentor, and more. The students light up when they see Mrs. Copley in the hallway and rarely pass her without saying (or sometimes screaming) hi to get her attention. She returns their smiles and greetings with her own and her presence makes the school brighter. There are few educators who make such an impact on their students, and Erika Copley is certainly one.

Charley Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Copley has been there for me my whole life ever, since I was in Kindergarten. So growing up with such an amazing person to her being my teacher in high school has been the best thing. She always puts the kids first before her and does not hesitate to help someone. She has helped me through the years with struggling with school or just home struggles. Mrs Copley will always be the number one teacher I go to when something is wrong. I am so proud of her for this, I think she really deserves it.

Hannah laswell Posted over a year ago

She always helped me a lot when I was stressed and anxious. She is awesome

Toby Warner Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Copley is a very inclusive teacher, she takes an active roll in her students lives and cares for all of us. She treats us as her equals rather than her subordinates and she's one of the best teachers to have an actual conversation with. Mrs. Copley takes time out of her own days to help her students with whatever they may need, which we are all grateful for, and she has made an impact on not just her students, but everyone around her.

Chris M Posted over a year ago

Mrs.Copley was my teacher for a brief time, during that brief time I was going through one of the hardest times in my childhood. She was a beacon of grace, and light for me and so many other kids during that time. I know she still is. I looked forward to her classes everyday, they were my escape from the reality I was living in at that time. From her Friday journals, to our group reading, to current events. It was always fun in her room. There was always a creative escape. She actually cared too. She read through the lines of fictitious journals and could see when something was actually wrong. She would sit down with us and let us know she was there and that she was a safe space for us to open up. She provided outlets and resources, and extra help on work that we didn’t understand, and she was just there. I have never forgotten her. I am incredibly lucky now as a 27 year old adult to have her as a friend. It is inspiring to see her still doing what she does and giving back to kids in her community. Thank you, Erika!

Rachel Posted over a year ago

You have been fabulous for our son and his girlfriend. You’re always there for them and have given them another trusted adult to go to when they need someone. In a situation where a lot of people would turn their backs, you’ve faced them with love and understanding and are helping them progress. This means more to us than you’ll ever know. Thank you a million times over for your compassion.

Diane Glidden Posted over a year ago

We are a small town. I am a grandparent/mom who is generations away. I'd like to tell you all Erika does for every child but it's easier to say how much my young man likes her. How many times he talks about how he appreciates her help. How she tells me when he needs caught up. Erika goes above and behind!

Gloria Posted over a year ago

God put you we’re you are most needed.The children can trust an respond one on one.They all need love and at there level ,the lord picked you. God.bless

Stacy Holmes Posted over a year ago

Erika is deserving of this. Her huge heart and passion for her job are the main reasons why. She truly cares about her students and goes above and beyond to help them learn. Amazing job!

Anne Watson Posted over a year ago

Erika advocates like no other. She is a constant in many kids lives who so need that. Erika facilitates success through true individual intervention. She helps students achieve goals they and their parents can see. She sees the value of every single human. This district is beyond blessed to have her service.

Marcella Swaney Posted over a year ago

I worked with Erica when she worked in Marietta. She was dedicated to her students and worked hard to give them the supports they needed. She was easy to work with and always had the students best interests in the forefront of all decisions she made.

Whitney Schoeppner Posted over a year ago

I have never known a teacher who goes above and beyond like Erika does. Every single student she comes in contact with knows she truly cares about them. She makes sure she cares for all aspects of the whole child everyday. So many students remember her and want to say hi years after they graduate. She truly makes a difference for every student in her school.

Missy King Posted over a year ago

Erika is a lady that has a story to share that can change a person’s life. Most people choose to keep struggles to themselves, but Erika will share her story to help others. In a world where positivity is a hard thing to come by, I feel that Erika is a positive in many peoples life’s.

Jamie McAfee Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Copley has been such an amazing teacher/support for my child. She’s become someone my child trusts and values and knowing my child has somewhere they can go during school hours when needing support and a caring ear means so much to me as their parent.

Kristi Posted over a year ago

Mrs. Copley is one of the best there is!

Eli Svercek Posted over a year ago

Erika, Congratulations on your nomination! Working with you has proved that there is no one else more deserving of this award. A simple “thank you” is not enough for everything you do for Caldwell High School! Keep doing this amazing work!

Liv Posted over a year ago

Your the best teacher