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Rebeka Beach

Position: Project Connect Manager
School: Rising Stars at Vine
School District: Cincinnati Public Schools
City, State: Cincinnati, OH

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Rebeka Beach was nominated by her colleague, Shauna Murphy.

Ms. Beach is pure gold. She serves Cincinnati Public Schools as the Manager of Project Connect, a program that helps children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness. Operating under the federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, the program strives to ensure equitable educational opportunities for students experiencing homelessness by providing advocacy, barrier removal, support, resources, and enrichment opportunities to optimize educational outcomes.

Ms. Beach has been the mastermind behind a team that provides advocacy paired with specialized educational services and enrichment opportunities to decrease equity gaps. Some services provided include assistance with enrollment and attendance; transportation; school supplies, bookbags, uniforms and clothing; summer academic enrichment; parent and caregiver education; mobile wellness clinics; and awareness of educational rights.

Many individuals and agencies support the mission, vision, and work of Project Connect. Ms. Beach works diligently to partner with a variety of organizations, including Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority; Hamilton County Department of Jobs and Family Service; United Way of Greater Cincinnati; Bethany House Shelter; Salvation Army; YWCA Interfaith Hospitality Network; Community Action Agency; Childhood Food Solutions; The Homeless Coalition; Strategies to End Homelessness; The Lighthouse, and Joining Forces for Children.

"Rebeka is often asked to present at state conferences and share with others doing similar work across the state. Because of her ability to lead, manage, and champion this work, I am nominating her as a community LifeChanger for the city of Cincinnati," said Murphy.

Comments (29)

Sarah Soprovich Posted 8 months ago

Rebeka is passionate about helping others and it shows in all the work she’s done to help youth and homeless in her community and beyond, reaching out for aid across US and even up to Canada. Her selflessness is inspiring and I have admired her and looked up to her for years. She is very deserving of this recognition!

Cindy Smith Posted 8 months ago

Rebeka is the most passionate, genuine, selfless and dedicated person I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. She puts forth 150% effort and dedication in whatever task is at hand. She cares for children whether it’s infant to adulthood. She’s a mentor to young adults and helps them strive for great success in their future. For this, Rebeka is most deserving of this recognition!

Logan Brogden Posted 8 months ago

Rebeka simply put is a life changer. Multi skilled, multi talented, and blessed with so much passion, empathy, and understanding for people. Rebeka is one of a kind and nothing short of amazing! Everyone that she comes in contact with is changed for the better, and if it does not happen right away she will not stop until she has moved mountains to bring about some type of joy into their lives. I personally thought at one time I was going above and beyond to serve my community and the underserved, and then I joined Rebeka's team at Project Connect and soon realized that I could and should do more as I watched Rebeka day in and day out work for the betterment of our students and families in Cincinnati. I am thankful to be a part of her team and blessed to be led by her as my supervisor. She has altered the path in a positive way for so many with her selflessness, including mine. I am forever grateful.

Moton Posted 8 months ago

Rebeka has dedicated a lot of time and effort into the development of programming that serves are undeserved urban youth. She is about the actions that gets result for the people she serves and has a relentless attitude to do more and help as many families as she can.

Dunisha Johnson Posted 8 months ago

To no surprise Rebeka has been nominated for this award. She certainly is deserving given her compassionate and genuine leadership and stewardship. Just one example of her compassion that I recall specifically, during the height of pandemic she wanted to assist the essential workers at the nursing home. Rebeka gathered some co-workers, donated and delivered turkeys to the staff during the holiday. Such genuine act of kindness shows the caliber of character that comes so natural for her. While her work is predominantly with youth, her heart to give and help others in general is her trademark.

Tahnya McCloud Posted 8 months ago

This isn't just a job for Rebeka, she has a calling on her life to do what she does-it's the very air that she breathes! Just thinking about the many lives that she has touched through her work and obedience is amazing and puts a smile on my face!!! She is a force to be reckoned with and we definitely need more people like her in this world, I'm proud to call her my friend!

Tracy Taylor Posted 9 months ago

Congratulations Rebeka! You deserve this and so much more! Thank you for all you do to assist children during their time of need. Your work is very necessary and greatly appreciated.

Jamie Christian Posted 9 months ago

Rebeka’s commitment and passion to serve others makes her a great choice for this award. She is a positive role model and mentor to everyone she serves. It is a privilege to know her, work with her, and to call her a friend. She inspires others to strive for the best in life.

Jhaveair stevenson Posted 9 months ago

Thank You For Changing My Life And Believing In Me When I Had No One, I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am Today Without You!! This Is Pass Over Do You Deserve This! Thank You

Monica McKay Posted 9 months ago

I can’t think of a more deserving person for this award! Rebeka always goes above and beyond for the students, families and CPS community!

Logan Probst Posted 9 months ago

Rebeka’s dedication to the youth and families of Cincinnati is unprecedented as she wholeheartedly embodies what it means to serve, especially those most in need. As a leader, Rebeka is supportive, encouraging, and caring as she operates with genuine compassion and integrity. Rebeka IS a life changer.

Leslie Touassi Posted 9 months ago

She is a powerhouse. She is compassionate and empathetic, she is able to form real connections and empower all of us to make a positive difference in the community. She is also strategic in forming partnerships with individuals and organizations. She works in a way that is sustainable and beneficial for families for the long-term.

Reuben Dunbar Posted 9 months ago

Way to go and continue to be a beacon of light in the community!!!

Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer Posted 9 months ago

What a perfect person for a title like this; Rebeka consistently puts the community and - most importantly - the children served by her program FIRST. She extends herself to support others. She's a champion for kids. She's a tireless advocate for homelessness awareness. She exudes kindness in every circumstance, even when the situation is tough. She inspires me. She always comes from a place of "yes we can" and stretches a dollar to do more for kids and families to meet their self determined goals!

Keevin Davis Posted 9 months ago

It’s no surprise that Rebeka would be nominated for this public service award . She has always been highly committed to her community while establishing equitable educational opportunities for our young people. There’s no one else as deserving of this prestigious award than her because of the greatness she brings every single day.

Ricky Snow Posted 9 months ago

I've only been with Ms. Beach for the 22-23 school year thus far, but she truly is an amazing manager! She leads by example, is always willing to lend a hand, and thinks ahead to make sure the "game" is in Project Connect's favor to help our families. In my short years as a School Social Worker in CPS, Ms. Beach is hands down one of the best, most professional managers I've ever worked with.

Christine Rice Posted 9 months ago

Well deserved. You are a hard, determined worker and put your all into everything you do. You don’t simply “clock out”.

Mark Gooch Posted 9 months ago

I have the privilege to work for Project Connect for a few weeks each summer and have done so many years. Prior to Rebeka taking the helm the program seemed to be a necessity mandated by the federal government and not fully supported in its vision. This has changed in no small effort due to Rebeka’s drive, motivation and tireless commitment.

Amy Randolph Posted 9 months ago

Rebeka is such an inspiration to many. She goes above and beyond to support our students and families. Her leadership has created many partnerships and opportunities for our students. Rebeka is a blessing to our district and our city!

Otrice Gibson Posted 9 months ago

I see your dedication to the youth all the time. You are very appreciated. Very deserving nomination!!!!

Mom Lorraine Posted 9 months ago

You deserve this and you have my vote anytime!

Gerald Posted 9 months ago

Just want to say where would this world be without people like you. You make such a difference in these people lives. Wish there was many more like you!!!!

Leniese Fuqua Posted 9 months ago

Rebeka deserves this award because she has always put the needs of others before herself. She continues to put the needs of the children at the forefront of her work. She is such a positive force in working for others

Sarah Yeary Posted 9 months ago

Rebekah is so deserving!

Danielle Rains Posted 9 months ago

Rebeka Beach is an extremely kind and giving soul, which is why she has dedicated so much of her time to assisting students experiencing homelessness. She is keenly aware of the inequities that many of these students face and works diligently to reduce barriers to promote equal access to education. It’s a privilege working alongside her on this mission.

Gail Syberg Posted 9 months ago

Rebeka has a true servants heart. Her work serving children and families experiencing homelessness is not a job, it is her passion and calling. She is very deserving of this award.

Destiny Eiland Posted 9 months ago

This was amazing to read !!!

Sherrun Ellison Posted 9 months ago

You deserve everything coming to you. This nomination was perfect for you! Good luck!

Doryan Beach Posted 9 months ago

My mom since I have been a baby has always had the most powerful impact on my life, to impact others. Since I was a baby I can’t think of a time where she wasn’t doing something to help someone in need. From having us serve food at food banks every week, to running a non profit organization to dramatically change the lives of all children experiencing homelessness in CPS, to giving the clothes off her own back in the winter time to someone who was on the street. My mom is a true representation of someone who should win this award. I can assure you that even if she wins this award she wouldn’t even keep the money, rather she would donate it to a non profit or her own non profit. She should win this award.