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Helene Coccagna

Position: Dean of Studies
School: Bard High School Early College
School District: Bard High School Early College
City, State: Baltimore, MD

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Helene Coccagna was nominated by an anonymous colleague.

"I have worked with countless educators throughout my lifetime, and I can confidently say Dr. Coccagna is one of the most understanding, compassionate, and critical-thinking individuals I have ever met," said the colleague. "She has a way of making you feel heard and validated, even if she may not agree with you. It is clear that Dr. Coccagna has found her passion and life's work in education. She relates to students in a way that feels approachable yet is still authoritative. She navigates our school community well and works tirelessly to 'right the ship' every day. She is the best supervisor I could ever ask for. I will be leaving my school at the end of this school year; I can only pray I have an administrator as supportive, ethical, compassionate, and astute as Dr. Coccagna."