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Joseph Burton

Position: Math Teacher
School: North Point High School
School District: Charles County Public Schools
City, State: Waldorf, MD

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Joseph Burton was nominated by his colleague, Holly Dolan.

When students meet Mr. Burton, they know they are in a welcoming and supportive class. They may not immediately realize just how much planning and intentionality they are walking into. Mr. Burton is known for his desire to make North Point an exceptional, inclusive place to learn, as well as his unwavering dedication to being the best teacher he can be.

As the faculty advisor for the North Point High School Academic Eagles, a student steering committee, Mr. Burton works closely with a group of students to promote school pride and ensure that everyone feels welcome when they step into the building. In a school of over 1800 students and 200+ staff members, it would be easy for people to feel like just another face in the crowd. Mr. Burton wasn't willing to let that happen. In his mind, each person is deserving of individual recognition and celebration.

One of the larger projects the Academic Eagles facilitates is the creation of monthly murals on school walls that highlight the names of all students and staff who have birthdays each month. Each person receives a birthday treat recognizing them and their special day, and their place within the larger community is underscored. The Academic Eagles continued this longstanding tradition even throughout the school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"To help students feel connected to school, Mr. Burton initiated a birthday card mailer program that told students that we were thinking of them and wishing them the best despite our distance," said Dolan. "It is often said that greatness comes from small works of the heart. Mr. Burton consistently aims to remind staff and students that they are the heart of our school, and these small gestures have cultivated enormous school pride and community."

Mr. Burton devotes enormous time and energy to supporting the larger school community. However, he still finds the zest to create a math classroom that engages all his learners and aims to provide them with more than day-to-day math skills. Moved to create a space that supports life-long learning, Mr. Burton spent the summer of 2022 reimagining his room to be a thinking space. With the guidance of the text, Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics, Grades K-12: 14 Practices to Enhancing Learning by Peter Liljedahl, Mr. Burton transformed his classes, everything from Algebra I to Advanced Placement Calculus, into spaces where students were not only expected to compute, but engage in collaborative inquiry to construct meaning out of their learning. This space of thinking routines projects students out of the traditional math silo of simply solving math problems into a realm of discussion and analysis of methods. It encourages them to consider the variance that choice creates. In establishing a classroom with this mindset, Mr. Burton has shifted the focus of learning from "the right" answer to an enlightened framework of thinking.

"Most teachers are 'good' at some parts of their jobs, but Joe Burton is great at everything," said Dolan. "He spends his summers immersed in pedagogical research and devising lessons that will help his students grow as learners and as humans, and the results are undeniable. Mr. Burton is the teacher everyone hopes their child has. North Point High School is blessed to call him ours."

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A. Marie Posted 11 months ago

While Mr. Burton wasn't my teacher, he was always an approachable teacher who cared about the North Point High School community. My brother had him, and I saw how much he grew in confidence in Mr. Burton's class. Mr. Burton is a leader at North Point that makes every student feel seen.

Jodi berrios Posted 12 months ago

Best understanding teacher

AJ Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is one of the few teachers that have made an impact on me, even past my high school years. Calculus had never been my strong suit but Mr. Burton helped me understand and respect it. With his help, I gained the confidence to approach other classes and subjects with more confidence, in turn, make progress along my career path of engineering. Mr. Burton was always a friendly face I could turn to for homework help, or even life advice during lunch. When he coached the golf team, his positive attitude and unending support continued, even if I was having a bad day on the course. Without a doubt, Mr. Burton has changed my life for the better and he deserves this award.

alyssa Posted over a year ago

Mr.Burton definitely deserves this award. He’s a very inspiring person. He’s one of the teachers I know that believes in me and believes that I will be successful in life. He’s an amazing teacher. He helped work with me when I had him as a teacher, if i didn’t understand something he would find multiple ways to explain how to solve a problem to me until I got it. Even though I don’t have him anymore I go to his classroom all the time to check in and I know I can always come to him for help. He’s helped me with many other subjects and also my letter to NHS. If any teacher deserves this award it’s him.

Cohen Porter Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is one my Golf Coaches as well as my current Calc Teacher. He is definitely one of the teachers I have the most respect for and enjoy being around. His positive outlook class and on the course has made me feel like better things are coming if I just keep putting the work even when I feel discouraged enough to almost quit. It's cool that he got this because it really speaks to his attitude towards other people and the impacts he has on their lives. I usually forget most of my teachers because they generally are lifeless, boring, and have zero impact on me and Mr. Burton is certainly NOT one of those teachers. Thanks for being the influential person you are today and being a big part of my high school experience.

Ngegha che Posted over a year ago

The teacher deserves this award so much!

madisyn h Posted over a year ago

i’ve never had mr. burton as a teacher but everyone i see him he’s always smiling and helping students through and through. he’s a really kind soul and should get this award.

Anthony E Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is an amazing person in general! I had his class 2 years ago and was by far, the kindest teacher I’ve ever met through my 12 years of school at that time. I come into his classroom sometimes and every time I walk in, every student is in a good mood and they make the classroom feel welcoming to anyone and anything, and that all reflects off of Mr. Burtons ability to create an awesome environment in his classroom. If any teacher I know deserves this award, he is the one!

Jayden Romero Posted over a year ago

Mr burtons class is definitely an experience, he’s always up bringing and always has a smile on his face no matter what. Mr Burton is a wonderful teacher and a amazing human being

Joseph Hyman Posted over a year ago

Though I have only had the pleasure of having Mr. Burton as a teacher for half of a year now, he without a doubt has earned the Life Changer of the Year award. To put it simply, his devoted service to his students and colleagues brings positive change in everyone he works with.

Amara Gammon Posted over a year ago

As a now college student, Mr. Burton is the reason I decided to pursue a math degree. His dedication to each and every student plus his passion for mathematics continues to inspire high schoolers just like I was inspired. If anyone deserves this award, it’s definitely Mr. Burton!

Lexi Smith Posted over a year ago

I never had Mr. Burton as a teacher, but his class is right down the hall and I’m always hearing great things about him! I’ve been in his classroom a few times to ask questions about north point events and he always has the answer. Mr. Burton is a teacher that will help students prepare for their future while still being a person you can comfortably talk too! Mr. Burton definitely deserves this award.

Taylor Rozell Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton ava’s always been such a welcoming teacher. Whenever i walk into his classroom he has the biggest smile on his face. He is constantly trying to do his best to make everyone happy in there learning event and how he can improve his teaching skills. he is the teacher that made me keep pushing through math. he is such a understanding teacher and will be there for you when you need it. he gives some of the best advice anyone could ask for. He’s the best teacher!

Alayna Metzgar Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is nothing short of an incredible person and teacher. I never thought of myself to be a student that would share genuine conversations or truly take advice from a teacher of any kind. However, it has been different with Mr. Burton. His class is one that I always looked forward to, so much that I took the same class two years in a row. Not only does Mr. Burton recognize each and every one of his students, but he pays attention and takes the time to get to know all of the individual personalities. He cares about his job, his students, his colleagues, and his community. I can confidently say that one of the hardest transitions to college will be saying goodbye to Mr. Burton. He has truly changed my perception on the roles that teachers can play in students lives and and showed our whole community what being a teacher is all about. Mr. Burton has not only changed my life but I know he’s done the same for many others.

Elyssa Posted over a year ago

Though I never had mr burton I’ve had lots of friends who has so I’ve talked to him a couple times here and there. You can tell he cares about his students and that he does his best to be there for his students. Whenever you hear students talking about him it’s always positive and everyone loves him. He’s a really good guy :)

Leilani Mason Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is an amazing teacher, who goes above and beyond for students. It has been five years since I was in Mr. Burton's class, and I still remember concepts that he taught in AP Calculus, because his teaching methods were so effective. You can tell that Mr. Burton truly is passionate about teaching, and his students benefit because of his dedication. Mr. Burton seamlessly wove real life examples and humor into advanced math. Mr. Burton would offer extra practice in the mornings to prepare for tests, and would always assist students during lunch. Mr. Burton was also my senior mentor, and helped me prepare my senior portfolio and college applications. He offered great advice that I still remember to this day. His assistance helped me write scholarship-winning essays, and helped me narrow down my college choice. Additionally, Mr. Burton's work with Academic Eagles impacted all students at NPHS, not only students who were in his classes. Mr. Burton consistently works toward making NPHS a more welcoming environment for all. You don't come across many teachers like Mr. Burton, and any student would be extremely lucky to take one of his classes. Thank you, Mr. Burton!

Kelsey Swegle Posted over a year ago

The most deserving. Almost 5 years out of high school and I still think about how Mr. Burton has changed my life in more ways than one. Not only was he an amazing teacher who made calculus not only bearable, but fun; he also genuinely cared about each and every student whether they were his or not. He is not only the life changer of this year, but the life changer year after year.

Dailyn Gaines Posted over a year ago

During the past three years, I have had the pleasure of having Mr. Burton as a teacher and mentor. I have had him as an Algebra 2, Leadership 1& 2 and as an AP Calculus teacher. As a teacher, my first interaction with him was over Zoom. Although there were challenges associated with online learning, he still ensured that students fully comprehended what he was saying. As a teacher, he has always gone the extra mile for students and continues to do so to this day. It is impossible to imagine a more supportive teacher than Mr. Burton, both in and out of the classroom. He will ensure that you have understood the content in the classroom, and if you are experiencing difficulties, he will sit with you to ensure that you understand. If it takes him repeating what he is saying 1000 times. Mr. Burton makes it so that you do not have to be uncomfortable speaking up if you need help. He will approach you gently and ask if you need help. In addition to supporting you with school-related issues, he will provide advice and guidance as best he can. It might happen that I come in one morning and am having a bad day, and he will go out of his way to ensure that you are okay. In his role as a support system for others, he is the embodiment of the phrase, "it takes a village". Throughout my time with him, he has provided me with countless opportunities related to leadership. My participation in these opportunities would not have been possible without them. I have learned how to be a confident and rational leader from him because he has been my leadership teacher. Throughout our discussion, he has humbled me and presented me with new ways to accomplish various tasks. Mr. Burton has spent countless hours over the past two years improving North Point's students and staff. This is in order to make everyone feel as though they belong. Mr. Burton is a very calm and reassuring person, especially in times of crisis. It is evident that students are drawn to him as a beacon of light. Despite the fact that I could go on and on about how great he is, there are no words that can express what a great person he is. No matter if he receives this award, which he sincerely and completely deserves, Mr. Joe Burton has changed a lot of lives, but especially mine, and for that I will remain ever grateful. When I grow up, if I could be a sliver of who he is, then that would be enough,

Madyson Ferrer Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is the best teacher! As a person who is not the best at math, Mr. Burton made AP Calculus one of my favorite classes by not just teaching me, but by going out of his way to make sure I understand it. He fosters a very welcoming environment through his bright and lively character, and he makes students feel very comfortable talking to him about just about everything. Mr. Burton was also extremely supportive of his students inside and outside of the classroom. For example, I invited him to my senior chorus concert and he went out of his way to attend. Mr. Burton truly cares about his students, and you can tell the moment you walk in the classroom, as it is decorated with pictures of him and his students- even having a bulletin board celebrating our future, post-graduate plans. Even as a current college student, Mr. Burton is still happy to help me with math if I reach out to him. It’s very refreshing to have a teacher that truly cares about my success, well-being, and future.

Joshua Carson Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is an amazing teacher. As a student, I enjoyed his wonderful attitude and his excellent teaching. Mr. Burton is able to break down the most complex calculus to students of any level. His teaching prepared me very well for the AP exams and helped me save a lot of precious time in college. Thanks for everything, Mr.Burton

Kaylee Secrist Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is one of the best teachers I have ever had. I have known him for two years now and he is constantly someone to bring a positive energy around him. He brings a welcoming atmosphere to his math classes as he is always interested in providing a helping hand. He also brings the same support in his Academic Eagles- Leadership classroom to students who are his own or a part of the general student body. He wants to help anyone, whenever he can. He is devoted to inclusivity and making those around him better. Not only is he someone you can go to in the classroom, he is someone you can confide in. He is one of the few teachers I feel safe to talk through my stressors with. As a senior, the transition to college is hard and I will forever be thankful to Mr. Burton for all of his insight. I will never forget the way I can go to him whether it’s to laugh or to cry, and the way he stands open regardless. He is someone who has truly changed my life.

Sanaya Posted over a year ago

This individual absolutely deserves this award.

Julia Rivenburg Posted over a year ago

While I didn’t have the pleasure of having Mr. Burton as a full time teacher, he was a great help to me early on in high school when I was struggling with math. I’ve never been a really strong math student, and my grades were beginning to reflect that. Mr. Burton went out of his way to explain concepts to me, a student who wasn’t in any of his classes, in a different manner so I was able to understand and get my grades up. Without him, I wouldn’t have ended up in his wife’s pre-calc class my junior year. Mr. Burton, you always have a smile on your face, and you’re one of the best teachers out there!

Geneva Burton Posted over a year ago

So very proud of you Joe. You deserve the very best!

Rick Burton Posted over a year ago

Joe is the best of the best. Has worked many years to perfect his craft and offer a classroom where all students can have the feeling of success.

Ethan Martinez Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is amazing both in and outside the classroom. I am one of many former students that no longer hates calculus thanks to Mr. Burton. No one likes derivatives (excluding Mr. Burton), but the atmosphere Mr. Burton creates is both genuine and rewarding. Outside of the classroom, I interested with Mr. Burton through baseball as he was one of my coaches. Thankfully he didn’t bring ‘math’ talk to practice, but it was entertaining nonetheless. “Mr. Burton, National Teacher of the Year”, now that seems fitting. Not only does he inspire his students, he advocates for their understanding and success in life.

Gabriel Alleyne Posted over a year ago

When I first began my term in Mr. Burton’s class, I found his teaching methodology to be unexpectedly lenient. He was always very open to allowing us to have our fun, and knew we would be restless since it was our Senior Year. Naturally, as a kid, I would exploit this kindness for my own entertainment, but I always questioned why he was so willing to allow us to do such things. By the end of the term, however, not only did I perform well in the class and earn an A, but I also performed well on the AP Calculus exam—to my own surprise. And later, when I moved onto college, I found that all of Mr. Burton’s teachings were far from lost on me. Now, rather than questioning why he made such decisions to be so lenient, I find myself questioning why it worked so well. It’s no surprise that Mr. Burton would be among my favorite teachers of all time. He instructed me as a student, but he was also keenly aware of all the strenuous work I was undertaking and the sleepless nights we were often having as Seniors, and as such allowed us to still be kids. By giving us that freedom to enjoy ourselves, planning his lessons around our individual tendencies and attention spans, he garnered our trust. Once a teacher garners trust from their class, they become truly able to control the flow of the period and maximize the potential of each and every student. Mr. Burton took this to the next level by being an exceptional teacher who knew how to effectively teach the intricacies of complicated material in 45 minutes or less. He had a true knack for being able to create engaging class activities that could capture and maintain the attention of each class student. As a cherry on top, he would even use his free periods and after-school to further supplement the learning of students who struggled. However, the real truth lies in the fact that Mr. Burton went beyond the standards of being a teacher. He was incredibly kind, occasionally funny, and very caring. Mr. Burton had an aura that allowed students to freely and comfortably be themselves around him. Albeit unintentionally, Mr. Burton’s genuine kindness touched students like myself on a personal level. I believe this all was very integral towards allowing us to truly maximizing our learning in his class. By being in such a comforting environment and given so much freedom, all of us students were able to be our authentic selves and come into class with high energy and motivation. Additionally, by investing our trust in Mr. Burton, we came to develop the desire to self-govern and even hold each other accountable. I am deeply thankful for being able to learn in Mr. Burton’s class—for without that experience, I doubt that I could’ve been Salutatorian. I can only speak to my knowledge of Mr. Burton as a student, for I was never in his clubs like the Academic Eagles. However, I am entirely confident that he was an exceptional guide and instructor in those spaces as well. When I become a teacher some day, I can only hope that I’ll be able to construct the exemplary learning environment that Mr. Burton was able to. One that does not combat the student, but embraces them.

Jackie Oh Posted over a year ago

I'd like to share my point of view as a parent/guardian to a former student. We weren't close to family, in distance or emotions, so my sisters support system was small... but mighty. As a parent you send your kids off to school hoping they have a great experience. Let me tell you, we were blessed beyond compare with teachers at her school, but most importantly with Mr. Burton. He was always there for her when she needed guidance & support, even when she wasn't in his class anymore. I don't think people realize what a huge impact this has on someone & their family. Truly forever grateful.

yosselin cuadra-torres Posted over a year ago

Mr.Burton was one of my best teachers to have my last year at North Point. He is kind and motivates you to do better. He is so thoughtful of everyone and one the sweetest souls on this planet. He’s incredible and I was lucky to have him as my teacher.

Katarina Buckley Posted over a year ago

It cannot be understated the impact that a teacher can have on a student’s life. When it comes to Mr. Burton, this is no exception. I remember struggling a lot with my confidence as a learner. I was incredibly hard on myself to be perfect and never miss a mark. It takes a particularly exceptional teacher to be in tune with their students and cultivate success in a way that reaches each individual. The tough moments I had in college and now in my career bring me back to a quote he helped me believe for myself. “You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” (Winnie-the-Pooh)

Param jhala Posted over a year ago

Mr.Burton was easily the most calm and welcoming teacher you can come across , he taught in a way that made everyone fully understand and would make sure you thoroughly knew a topic. He put up with a lot of unruly kids including myself for a whole year and never complained , he truly has had a positive impact on my life.

Mariam Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is very supportive and understanding. He analyzes his students and what they might need in order to succeed in many aspects not just in Calc. It is my pleasure to be his student.

Donzel Roach Posted over a year ago

I’ve only been in Mr Burton’s class for a year but so far I can definitely see why he’s been nominated for this award. He’s amazing at connecting with the kids here, he’s always the one teacher everyone’s visiting just to say hi or just chill in his class and it’s a very different and more open environment than any other class I’ve been in. He also seems to be a good source for the people here to just talk to about what’s happening. I’ve seen multiple people here speaking to him about what’s going on or troubling them and they always seem to be at least a little better by the time they leave. Mr Burton is definitely deserving of this award seeing how great of a man he is and a friend to me and all the other students he’s met in his years of working here.

Alyssa Posted over a year ago

As a student in Academic Eagles and AP Calculus, I see Mr. Burton every school day. Throughout the school year I’ve noticed that not once has he neglected to greet his students warmly or take care of their needs. He treats all students equally and does his best to create a welcoming environment in which all students can feel comfortable.

Ibrahim Aslam Posted over a year ago

GOAT TEACHER. Always positive and understanding. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a bad mood.

Maxwell Posted over a year ago

Whenever I think of a teacher prepared to aid and assist his students in any way, I think of Mr. Burton. Mr. Burton doesn’t stop at the classroom, and it would be easier to find him talking to his students about the work they’re doing from their other classes, how they felt about their physics tests, and their weekend plans before you even get to the amazing command of content he has. No question is a stupid question, and he never fails to commend his students for using their prior knowledge to solve problems in new ways. I couldn’t imagine my senior year without Mr. Burton, and North Point High School is made all the better by him.

Jason herrera Posted over a year ago

He the best teacher

B. Wingate Posted over a year ago

The best calculus teacher that has ever existed. Man's patient with his classes, makes sure we understand the content, and would always be positive.

Chloe W Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is an amazing teacher! He is very kind and willing to keep explaining things so that I can understand them. Although AP Calc is very hard, thanks to Mr Burton I thoroughly enjoy the class. (:

Heavyn Posted over a year ago

I have had the amazing opportunity of being a student of Mr. Burton my sophomore and senior, and i couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Mr. Burton is one of few teachers that i have encountered that takes into consideration of his students feelings and mental health. I have never had a day that I dreaded coming into this classroom. There has been times where if i’m having a bad day or not feeling well, Mr. Burton shows his sentiment for us, and treats us like normal people. Just the other day i was telling him how I was feeling and things that were on my mind, and he talked them out with me, which was so considerate of him. Mr. Burton makes it known that he cares about us and that we matter. I feel like part of being a good teacher is also about being connected with your students. And that is what Mr. Burton does. When it comes down to teaching he does it very well. If you’re not following what the lesson is, he will break it down in a way that you understand it. Which also plays in the fact of knowing your students on a connected level. If someone is struggling, Mr. Burton will find a solution for that student to be able to understand better. Since Mr. Burton makes his room a comfortable place for his students, we are not afraid to come up and ask for help, because we know we won’t be judged. We have a lot of respect for Mr. Burton because he respects and cares about us. I am proud to be one of Mr. Burtons students through the years. I don’t think Mr.Burton understands how much his students truly care about him. I believe he has made me better as a person.

Toni Paylor Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is without a doubt one of the best teachers I've ever had. I'd heard about how great he is over the years, but I only had him as a teacher my senior year. I have him for AP Calculus and Student Leadership, and it is very apparent that he has a genuine passion for teaching and building relationships with his students. Overall, I believe Mr. Burton is befitting of the LIFECHANGER OF THE YEAR AWARD!

Kaylee Secrist Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is one of the best teachers I have ever had. I have known him for two years now and he is constantly someone to bring a positive energy around him. He brings a welcoming atmosphere to his math classes as he is always interested in providing a helping hand. He also brings the same support in his Academic Eagles- Leadership classroom to students who are his own or a part of the general student body. He wants to help anyone, whenever he can. He is devoted to inclusivity and making those around him better. Not only is he someone you can go to in the classroom, he is someone you can confide in. He is one of the few teachers I feel safe to talk through my stressors with. As a senior, the transition to college is hard and I will forever be thankful to Mr. Burton for all of his insight. I will never forget the way I can go to him whether it’s to laugh or to cry, and the way he stands open regardless. He is someone who has truly changed my life.

Madison Parker Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is always so delightful to be around, and I look forward to attending his class because his infectiously joyous attitude always cheers me up. His innate joy translates in the way that he teaches, as he is always so thorough and ready to assist his students. Mr. Burton has changed my life and so many others in that he has somehow made AP Calculus enjoyable and has fostered more positivity within me. So, I feel utterly blessed to have had him this school year, and I believe that he is more than deserving of this opportunity.

Laron Davis Posted over a year ago

One of the best teachers I’ve had. He makes sure everyone is doing great ALWAYS

Erika Urrego Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton has been one of the most supportive and welcoming teachers I’ve ever had. As one of his Academic eagles and AP calculus students, he is always engaged with the students and gives his own advice for certain things. He is there for everyone in the classroom and is always encouraging us to do better in not only his class, but other classes as well. Mr. Burton is one of the most impactful and inspiring teachers at North Point High School and I would highly recommend him as the life changer of the year.

Hooria Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton’s approach to teaching is unlike any teacher I’ve had before. He enforces a safe space and teaches the material in an engaging way. He always tries new methods if the class isn’t understanding something. His kindness, positivity, and knowledge is unmatched.

Jahlil Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is an amazing teacher and supporter. He cares about each and every one of his students and does his best to help us succeed. Whether it be a question about calculus or advice on life, Mr. Burton is always willing to lend a hand.

Victoria Middleton Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is the nicest teacher I have probably ever had. He is truly a great guy and has shown me how to turn everything into something positive, especially during my senior year which is very stressful. He deserves this award because he knows how to cater to his students, and he will definitely leave a mark on me.

Caitlyn Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is a wonderful teacher and supporter. I have only had him for this school year and he has made my days brighter. Mr. Burton’s room is a safe and inviting place for all students. No matter what you’re going through he will be there for you. He encourages us to push ourselves everyday, allowing us to reach and exceed our goals. I would highly recommend him as Lifechanger of the Year.

Talia Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton was my Algebra II teacher my sophomore year and he is my current AP Calculus teacher. He finds different ways for interaction in the classroom and is patient adjusting to his students learning styles.

Kasandra Posted over a year ago

Mr Burton is a very understanding teacher. He’s very fluid with his teaching style and is always happy to give any sort of help. He’s one of the few teachers I feel genuinely comfortable with.

Samara Cross Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is my Ap Calculus AB teacher for the 2022-2023 school year. He has been very patient and supportive with our lives and our studies. He is a great educator and much more !!

Savion Williams Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Not only does he have a good heart but he strives for the growth and progression of his students.

m Posted over a year ago

My favorite teacherrrrr!!!!!!

Julianne Tinana Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton has encouraged me to be curious and to ask questions! He always finds a way to make math, a normally monotonous and boring subject, fun, engaging, and easy to learn! I loved having him as a teacher!

Charlize Posted over a year ago

Mr. Burton has been a great influence on me throughout my highschool career. He wasn’t even my teacher, but he helped me out significantly in understanding what was happening in my classes. He brings joy to everyone around him and we are really lucky to have him!

Nathan Hill Posted over a year ago

A wonderful teacher that enables the creativity and personality of his students while also effectively teaching the course material regardless of its level of challenge.